“After all, Ma-kun fell asleep, didn’t he?”
“Yes. I couldn’t overcome sleepiness. …… I wanted to get up and continue.”
“I would have woken you up if you had been next to me.”

After school, the direction from school to home is roughly the same, so I’m going home with Touka as usual.

“Let’s have a study session today!”
“Okay, then, Maa-kun. Let’s review English and math today, shall we?”
“Oh, I can teach you English, so you can ask me anything you want. I fell asleep in class this afternoon, but I’ve recovered and I’m fine.”

English and math are the two subjects that both of us are good at.
Although we haven’t had them in the past few days, our after-school schedule is filled with study sessions that used to be almost a daily routine.

“Which house do you want to study at today?”
“Well, I’d like to study at Ma-kun’s house today.”
“Roger! Shall we go there after we buy snacks for break?”

I hope Mom won’t do anything unnecessary.


“…… yeah, it has to be a noun to go in there, so transform the verb into a verbal noun.”
“Oh yeah, verb-nouns. I always forget.”
“You get used to it, don’t you? …… Ah, there~? Since the problem has if and would, you can understand the subjunctive method. What does that mean?”

I can speak English better than most of my classmates.
This is because I was raised gifted so that when I became a manager, I would be able to do business smoothly in English.

“Yay, I’m done with the English review questions–“

Without any embarrassment, Touka let out a sexy voice mixed with sighs and stretched her eyes out.

“I’ll have to review the review again, though.”

I was so nervous at her gesture that I quickly dropped the subject.

“Next time, before the test?”
“Yes. There will be other lessons, and we’ll have to review the new lessons, so it’ll be good to review here a little later.”
“Okay. ….Uwaaa”

Since Touka is yawning after stretching, I decided to suggest a break.

“Thank you for your hard work, Touka. Shall we take a break then?”
“…… I guess so. I’m going to eat the snacks I bought.”

She moved the set of study tools to the edge of the desk, and put the potato chips she had prepared without opening them in the middle of the desk.

“Well, I’ll go get the juice I bought.”
“Yeah, okay. …… what should I be doing?”
“You’ve probably used your head solving problems, so you can take a break. You can rest and have a snack first.”

I took out a 1.5 liter Coke that I had put in the fridge as soon as I got it.

“I’m glad my mom is out of the house today.”

Up until now, she never interfered when me and Touka were doing something at home.
But after what happened this morning, I’d like to avoid leaving Mom and Touka alone as much as possible from now on.

I poured a glass full of Coke, put the bottle back in the refrigerator, and returned to my room with the juice and a wet wipe to wipe my fingers when I ate the potato chips.

When I opened the door, I found Touka looking over the problem book that she had put to the side a while ago.

“You could have taken a break, you know?”
“Uh, yeah. But I thought I’d look through it one last time.”
“You’re very diligent. …………. but now we will take a break. Until you run out of potato chips. Taking breaks is necessary to maintain concentration.”
“Hehehe, that’s right. But after the break is over, it’s your turn to review math.”

Her smile was so cute when I praised her, that my cheeks broke into a smile for a moment, but when I heard that she was going to review math, I felt my face turn sour.

We eat chips, drink Coke, and chat.
At first, we talked about nothing else, such as whether there was any subject other than my best subject that I had recently become good at, or what my latest boom was.
Gradually, however, the topic of conversation changed.

“…… umm, why did you suddenly say those things to me?”

That thing…… it was probably a ‘permanent job’ thing, that’s for sure.
What should I do, if I honestly say that I was wrong, Touka might get hurt. Will I lie about it?
Without telling a lie and without hurting her……

“Let’s see, because Touka was unsure of her career path,……?”

Yeah. I didn’t lie, and I didn’t say anything hurtful.

I’m sorry for Tohruka, but for now, let’s continue this relationship.

Until I found a way to put things together without hurting Touka or telling lies.

“I-I see. Hehe, because I was los……” crunch crunch crunch.

Red-faced Touka rapidly accelerated her hand eating potato chips.
In a blink of an eye, the potato chips in the bag are gone.’

“…..H-huh, Touka-san?”

By the time Touka realized it, the potato chips were already gone.

“Oh, sorry,…….”
“It’s totally fine. I ate well too. Well then, let’s resume studying after drinking cola. …it’s mathematics.”
“I’ll do my best to teach you!”

““Arithmetic geometric mean requires memorizing the formula and how to solve the template first…but once you do, you should be able to understand it easily.”
“Wow, ……, that’s going to give me a headache.”

Touka suddenly jumped on my back and grabbed my arm from behind me.

“Wait! W-WWhat are you doing?!”
“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

She grabbed my arm and started to write something in a notebook with my hand holding a mechanical pencil.

“Can you read out what I write with your hand, Ma-kun?”

I was not able to do so because of the soft breasts of Touka against my neck area. But I managed to keep my reason and read out what Touka wrote.

“a+b binary equals 2 roots …… is this the formula you used earlier?”
“Yes, yes. If you remember it with a strong impression like this, the rate of memorization will increase.”

I-I see… even if you don’t hit your chest.

“Well, then, let’s try to solve one question at a time.”

I don’t think I’m going to be able to handle it. ……

Somehow, today’s study session ended successfully, and it was time for Touka to go home.

“Maa-kun, you know, again, remember what you did today and review it.”

Perhaps I am embarrassed now that I was so close to her.
My face turned red and I was at a loss for words. 

“Yeah….I’ll do my best.”
“Absolutely. There’s still time until the regular test, but I don’t want it to be a remedial lesson.”

Touka’s house isn’t exactly next door, but it’s very close by, so I didn’t take her home, but I saw her off from the spot until she was out of sight.

“Skinship ……? If the relationship continues and we end up getting married, I’m sure there will be more and more of that kind of thing …….”

Touka, she’s trying her best to move the relationship forward, right? I didn’t do anything… I’ve had lunch made for me, and the physical contact is from Touka.

But I still don’t have the guts..
“Let me think about it.”

After Touka’s figure completely disappeared, I muttered towards Touka’s house.

“W-W-WWhat am I going to do? Did I come on too boldly? suddenly got close like a back hug…”

Touka, who returned home and entered her room, was confused by her actions.

“B-But if you marry Ma-kun, things like that will increase. I think this was a step forward as a fiancée. yes”

By affirming that her actions were right from her current standpoint, Touka tried to remain calm.

“I’m sure I hit him in the chest, right? Maa-kun also kept his composure halfway through, but he was surprised at first, right? It Was cute. But did I overdo it…? Maybe he thought I was an easy woman. After all, I can’t say no to that story, right?”

–I was in a state of emotional instability.

“……I wish I could have taken a picture of Ma-kun in that nervous state.”

Touka thought that it would have been better if she had taken a picture of Masaki who was surprised when he was hit by her chest.

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