“I’m free.”
“I’m finally done!”

In just two days after the summer vacation started, Touka and I were able to finish all of our school assignments, except for the ones we had to leave behind for the tests to be given after the summer vacation.

“The only thing left to do now is to study for the test after the vacation before the first day of school. Thanks for your hard work for the past two days, Touka.”
“Thanks for your hard work, Ma-kun! It’s finally summer vacation!”

We stretched out together to stretch out our bodies, which had stiffened from sitting and studying while we worked on each other.
I raise my arms toward the ceiling. At the same time, Touka stretches her arms as well.

When Touka stretches her arms, I don’t say what it is, but I can see something shaking, so I quickly turn my face away from Touka.


Touka seemed to have built up fatigue due to excessive tension over the past two days, so she collapsed onto my bed without breaking her stretch pose and closed her eyes.

I thought she was relaxed because she did not look like she was in pain, so I quit trying to force her to get up.

I don’t know if she is sleeping or not, but I left her lying there with her eyes closed and turned up the temperature of the air conditioner a little so that she wouldn’t catch a cold.

In order not to wake up Touka who might be sleeping, I can’t play video games, and since I’ve become bored, I decided to go by Touka’s side.

“like a lover …….”

I think objectively about my current situation while gazing softly at Touka.

I’m in a relationship where I can play the boyfriend wig because Touka says she likes me.
That’s why I don’t want to be a boyfriend of such a pure Touka in such a state…..Maybe, but I have not offered to go out with Touka, and in my mind, me and Touka are not lovers.

“If we are going to be together not only for work but also for private life, I would like to proceed with things in a steady manner and start by confessing my feelings and going out with her, even if it is just a polite way. If that happens, I need to tell Touka that the permanent job thing was a mistake. ……”

As I look at Touka, I mutter to myself into the void.

“Touka, I wonder if it will hurt you……Isn’t that overly self-conscious? No, but she says that she likes me that much…if I tell her the truth, she might get a shock. ”

“Touka, you’d better get up soon. If you take too long a nap, you won’t be able to sleep at night.”

I wake Touka up after a not too long nap.

“…… nn, thank you.”
“Tomorrow is a real vacation, right? I’m going to go somewhere tomorrow as soon as I can.”
“I guess so,……, we’ll decide again.”
“I don’t know, you don’t seem very excited. Are you still sleepy?”
“No, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired. I think I’ll go home and rest today. Thanks.”

It was obvious that Touka’s tension seemed to have dropped, but was it my imagination?

Before going home, when she greeted her mother, she also seemed somewhat gloomy. ……

(TL/N : Masaki wtf did you do)

As soon as she got home, Touka went into her room, held her knees up on the edge of the bed without turning on the room light, and sat in a triangular position.

“You’re lying ……, aren’t you? No, it’s not a lie, right? Ma-kun …… really? You’re lying when you say that getting a permanent job was a mistake, aren’t you? You’re not lying when you say you want me to get a permanent job, are you?”

Touka was not sure about the fact that she had just found out.

“Ma-kun, he probably said it because he thought I was sleeping. What should I do? …… Finally, I was going to do a lot of things on my summer vacation now, but I can’t do that anymore. Do I want to tell Ma-kun? Or do I wait like Ma-kun said? What do you mean permanent job was a mistake? What do you think of me, Ma kun?”

Touka spent the day in a daze, unable to resolve her questions on her own. As a result, she couldn’t fall asleep at night when her eyes were too bright.

“In any case, now I have to do my best to make Ma-kun aware of me and to get Ma-kun to confess his feelings to me. ……”

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