When only the streetlights and moonlight illuminate the area, the time is already around 24:00 and the lights in the house are beginning to fade.

In the midst of all this, there was a high school girl working in her room with the lights on.

“A picture of Ma-kun. Fufu. …… I’m so lucky that I never thought that my mother-in-law would give me a picture of Ma-kun.”

Touka agreed to get a printout of the photos from Masaki’s childhood that still had data on them on the day she went to make his lunch.

“Ma-kun suddenly asked me if I wanted to get a permanent job, I was able to get closer to Ma-kun smoothly, and I have plans to add a new Ma-kun to my album. ……”

She was so excited that she thought her life was in easy mode.

“If things are going so well, I’m afraid some big obstacle will appear, but that’s not true, is it?”

Touka flips through the self-made photo album containing many photos of Masaki, and organizes them while looking at them.

“I haven’t opened it recently, but I’m sure there will be a lot more pictures from now on, so organizing them is necessary. ……”

She shakes her head, suppressing her thoughts as much as possible, and returns to her work.

“I don’t know if it’s better to set them up in a way that they grow from front to back. Or should I separate the photos by type?”

Whatever the case may be, Touka decided to take out all the photos from the album first before deciding on the layout.

“Ah, this is the one from the first time we played pool in Ma-kun’s yard.”

The photo was of Touka and Masaki holding hands in the family pool, and each of them holding a piece with the other hand.

“I wasn’t aware of Ma-kun as a member of the opposite sex at that time. I was obviously making up a fake smile while Ma-kun was smiling and posing for the camera.”

Touka mutters, “It’s so cool~,” while avoiding the pool-related photos to the side and turning the page.
“This one is from our first trip to the amusement park with Mar-kun’s family and ours. I was so surprised when Mom gave me this picture.”

The photo that Touka is looking at shows only Touka and Masaki, no one else. If it was taken as a memory of the child, there is nothing unusual about it. However, what is surprising is that Touka and Masaki are hugging.

“How did I forget about this? I heard that Ma-kun hugged me because I was crying because I was scared in the haunted house at that time. …… It was my first hug with Ma-kun, but it was a memory from such a young age, when I didn’t see Ma-kun as an object of my love yet. I’m not sure if I’ll ever forget it,…….”

The next hug will definitely be one that I will never forget, she said enthusiastically as she turned the page further.

“The seaside school when I was in elementary school….”

It was the most numerous photo of the event in the album, and the one she remembered the most.

“This is when I fell in love with Ma-kun. That’s why I bought 130 photos for sale at the school event. ……”

At the photo sale after the seaside school, Touka bought 130 photos, including the one with herself and the one with Masaki.

“My mom got mad at me for buying too many, and I promised to pay for them with my allowance. ……”

She looked through the many photos with nostalgia.

“Then the next… is it already this time?! Will I be able to wake up right after sleeping? I don’t want to stay up all night and see Maa-kun, I just need a little sleep and I’ll recover. I’ve already told my mom to wake me up if I don’t wake up on time.”

Touka carefully put away the photos on the desk once in the drawer next to the desk and decided to go to bed.

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