“Ma-kun, good morning!”
“Good morning, Touka!”

Greetings on the way to school have become a routine. Touka greets me in a more energetic and lively voice than usual.
Her steps seem to be a little lighter than usual.

“You look happy,”
“Because it’s summer vacation starting tomorrow, you know. I have some assignments to do, but as long as I finish them, there’s nothing but fun waiting for me.”

I’m not saying that I’m not happy that summer vacation is starting, but Touka was so excited about it that she didn’t seem to be a high school student.

“Let’s do lots of things and have a good summer vacation, shall we?”
“Of course.”

I was sure that she would not be opposed to making good memories with me, and since I wanted to make memories with her, I naturally agreed with her.

“Oh, by the way, is Ma-kun’s father coming back too?”
“That’s right. He said he’s been out of work for a while and that he has some things he wants to talk about.”

He has not been home for a long time, but it seems that he will be coming back during my summer vacation, and my mom is very happy about it and was making plans.

“Well, Ma-kun, you have to make some memories with your father, too,”
“I haven’t asked him how long he’s going to be for, I don’t know.”

While discussing about the summer vacation, we went through the school gate for the last time before the summer vacation.

I walked through the school gate at about the same time as usual, but there seemed to be a lot of students around me. Perhaps they are all feeling excited about the summer vacation and can’t wait for it to arrive.

The shoe locker, where I usually can easily change my shoes, was also crowded to the extent that I felt.

While talking, we arrived at the front of the classroom, but before entering the classroom, Touka was called by the teacher, so she entered the classroom first and took her seat.


“Todo-san, may I have a word with you?”
“Yes! It’s okay.”

Touka came to the staff room as she was taken, thinking it might be about the university.

“Todo-san, I’ve picked out a few universities that have departments that might fit your needs. Some of these universities have open campuses during the summer vacation, so how about going there?”
“Thank you very much. If there is a day that fits my schedule, I’d like to go there.”

Touka enters the classroom behind Masaki, carrying the materials she received, and sits down at her desk.

“The future of being Ma-kun’s wife has been decided, so it’s also possible to broaden your knowledge. I need to behave in a manner that is not rude, and I also need knowledge to support Ma-kun.”

She puts the materials she received in her backpack and heads to Masaki’s place.


“Ma-kun, what shall we do during summer vacation?”

I guess she had finished her business, because Touka came over to my seat and immediately started talking about summer vacation.

“What shall we do?”

Just as I was about to answer her, the chime for SHR rang.

“Sorry, Touka, see you later.”
“Okay. …….””

She looked a little sad and went back to her seat.

Just as Touka took her seat, the teacher entered the classroom and the SHR began. 

The SHR ended with a talk about how to proceed with the opening ceremony, cleaning, etc., and proceeded as it had on previous end-of-term days.

“It’s over~”
“Finally, it’s summer vacation now.”

The fact that the ceremony was over and it was after school made both me and Touka feel like we were released.

Getting ready to go home, but it doesn’t take that long, I talk to Touka while preparing to go home.

“Ma-kun, I was thinking about something to enjoy the summer vacation to the fullest. …… How about we finish our summer vacation assignments together in the first two days?”
“Finish in two days? We have a lot of work to do.”
“T-that’s okay. If we work hard together, we should be able to finish it. …… If we don’t finish it, I’ll still be with you.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch the last part of what you said.”
“N-nothing. I’m just looking forward to it.”

Touka seems to be looking forward to completing her summer vacation assignments so quickly. Touka is really looking forward to it, so I have to do my best to create good memories.

We went through the school gate for the last time before the summer vacation, and Touka and I headed home.

“Then tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, let’s work hard on our assignments. It’s okay at my place, right?”
“Yes, can we start in the morning?”
“Fine, I’ll be ready and waiting. Shall we focus on humanities subjects tomorrow and finish them first?”
“Yes, that would be more efficient.”


After arriving home and parting with Masaki, Touka was filled with joy for the first time since Masaki asked her to get a permanent job.

“I’m going to study with Ma-kun to spend time with him. The usual study sessions were more for studying, but this time it was to make memories during the summer vacation, in a sense, a study session to spend time together …… ehehe.”

In Touka’s mind, studying to finish her assignments was transformed into studying to spend time with Masaki.

“Come to think of it, I need to think about coordinating my open campus schedule with my plans to hang out with Ma-kun again.”

Touka took out the university information from her backpack and compared it with the information she had researched and written down.

“The campus where the department I want to go to belongs to is closest to this university ……. But I think the major in the economics department of this university might also be useful for Ma-kun. …… What day is the open campus for this university? Does this university require advance reservations?”

After Masaki told her once, she stopped thinking about it, but this time, she was even more worried about which university to go to.

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