It’s Monday morning after the weekend.
Outside, the rain and wind were howling and the windows were rattling and shaking.

With the possibility that school might be cancelled, I went downstairs to the living room unprepared.

I walked down the stairs and into the living room, but of course Toruka was nowhere to be seen. In the kitchen, which I could see, I could only see my mother

I turned on the TV to find out what would happen at school. As expected, there were heavy rain warnings, flood warnings, and storm warnings.
My high school is closed when a storm warning is issued, because those who usually ride bicycles or take the train to school may not be able to come to school.

“Yes, no school.”

I told my mother that there was no school and went back to my room to sleep.

But then the intercom rings.

My mother was working on something, so I decided to answer it.
It was raining and windy, and I felt sorry for the person on the other end of the line, so I opened the door without knowing who it was.

“Yes, Who is it…… Touka?!”
“Ma-kun …….”

Touka was standing in front of the door, holding an umbrella.

“Why did you come? It’s raining and windy and dangerous.”
“But I wanted to see you. ……”

To Touka, am I the same as a drug that causes withdrawal symptoms?
“J-just come inside.”

Even though She was carrying an umbrella, it didn’t have the versatility to completely withstand the rain, let alone on a windy day like today, the umbrella’s functionality would be further reduced, so the Touka was very wet.

“You’re pretty wet. If you go home like this, you’re going to catch a cold, and I don’t want to send you home in this weather. …… I mean, didn’t aunt stop you?”
“I made sure my mom went into the bathroom, and then I ran out. I told her I was going to Maa-kun’s house.”
“Seriously, ……?”

I try to keep Touka from catching a cold, while thinking that she can use that energy elsewhere.

“I’m going to go get a towel, so you just stay here for a little while,”

I left Touka at the entrance and returned to her with a towel after heating the bath.

“Here is the towel. I’m boiling the bath now, so go to the bathroom, wipe yourself off with the towel and go take a bath. You can put the clothes you’re wearing in the washing machine if you want.”
“Yes, …… but if I walk around like this, I’ll soak the floor.”
“Even if you wipe and then walk, it will still get wet, and you don’t want to wipe your body in the doorway like this,”

After urging Touka to do so, I looked around for something Touka could wear.


“Did he hate me?” ……

Touka can spend a day without school with Masaki. She came to Masaki’s house thinking so.
However, Masaki’s thoughts were different from her desire to see him, and he was concerned about her safety.

“You are always so kind, Ma-kun. I wonder if it was okay for me to be your fiancée. …… There are better people ……. Haa.”

Touka let out a sigh and wondered if Masaki and she were a good match.

“T-touka …… change, can you wear my clothes?”

Masaki called out to Touka who was taking a shower through the bathroom door.

“Ah, yeah. Thank you.”
“I’ll leave them here for you. And the clothes you put in the washing machine, my mom said you can have them back by tomorrow.”
“Thank you.”

The sound of the bathtub heating up made her turn off the shower and soak in the bathtub.

“It’s warm.”

After warming herself sufficiently, Touka got out of the bathtub, wiped herself with a different towel and put on Masaki’s clothes.

“Ma-kun’s clothes. It means that they are clothes that Ma-kun has worn before, right? They smell like Ma-kun’s. I wonder if I can take them home with me if I tell him I’ll wash them properly and return them to him since I wore them.”

As if to say that her earlier worries had gone away, Touka was excited about Masaki’s clothes.

“Hey, what should I do about underwear…?”

“T-Thank you for the bath, mother. It felt soooo good.”

Touka changed into my clothes and came to the living room to thank Mom.

My shirt is too big and hides her legs a little. Is this what you call a “boyfriend shirt” ……?

“I’m glad to hear that. But you mustn’t go out in a typhoon. Masaki is not going anywhere. Right? Masaki.”
“Ah yeah”

The external aspect is getting completely filled up. …… I’m losing more and more chances to say it out.

“Well, we’re going to my room.”
“Touka-chan. I’ve called your mother. You can stay with us for the rest of the day.”
“T-Thank you very much.”
“I’ll make you a nice lunch. I’ll call you again when it’s lunchtime.”


“Touka, what are we doing?”

I was going to sleep twice before Touka came, but when I saw Touka came to my house with an umbrella, my sleepiness was blown away.

“Well, anything with Ma-kun is fine……”

Clothes that weren’t originally three-quarter sleeves have become three-quarter sleeves because Touka wears them.

“Touka, is that shirt okay? Any other shirt is fine.”
“I-I’m fine. In addition, I wore this shirt and pants, right? Can I wash them and return them after tomorrow?”
“You don’t have to do that.”
“Can I wash them and return them?”

I felt a tremendous pressure from Touka to wash them.

“Yes, but…”
“I did it …….”

I wonder if being able to wash my clothes made her so happy, Touka laughed clearly.

It’s okay if you’re happy.

“Let’s play a game. Maybe a puzzle game.”
“I’m fine with that.”

My father used to be a video game enthusiast, so he never hesitated to buy a video game console, and I have a full lineup of video game consoles in my room.

Touka and I have a 50/50 score in the puzzle game. I keep winning and losing.

“You’re fast at putting them together, Ma-kun.”
“That’s why it’s so messy.”
“If I put this here, then I have four chains.”

Touka was the first to make a move.
If only I could get some more green to fall, I would be able to make it.

“Oh, I’ve got a green one, but it’s in the place I wanted to put it. ……, but it should still be able to survive.”
“Two chains, two chains.”
“Ah, ……

The first game, I was beaten without a second thought.

After that, I won and lost several times, and then it was lunchtime.


“I’m going to the restroom for a bit, so go ahead and eat.”

Before Masaki took his seat, he said a few words and headed for the restroom.

“Touka-chan, I’m going to be frank with you. What are you doing with your underwear now? You didn’t have any spare underwear, did you?”
“I’m not wearing any …….”

After much thought, Touka had decided to spend the day without underwear.

“I’m sorry, my head wasn’t in the game. By the time I realized it, you had already gone to his room. …… Do you want to use mine if you want?”
“No, it was originally because I came here so recklessly, so please don’t apologize. And it went smoothly, and somehow I started to feel better.”

This silence continued until Masaki came back from the restroom.


The rain and wind had become enough to make going out possible, so Touka went home.
Of course, Touka was scolded for going out, but that was not the case.
“I put on Mar-kun’s clothes directly. Hehehe. Me in Ma-kun’s clothes.”

Pasha. (Camera)

“I said I’d return it after tomorrow, so I think I’ll sleep in these clothes today. ……”

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