Episode 16 – Summer vacation for two, first appointment



“Touka, Is she okay? ……”

I felt that Touka, who left the house a while ago even though the summer vacation is going to start in earnest tomorrow, seemed to be in the most low spirits these days.

“I’ll invite her to go somewhere tomorrow,……, but where will we go?”

Tomorrow is a bit of a rush, so let’s go somewhere relatively close by. …… I mean, Touka, is she free tomorrow? I think she said she was free, but I’ll ask her just in case.

“Touka, are you free tomorrow? It’s not like we have anywhere If you don’t want to go.”

I pick up the phone on my desk and send a message to Touka, who is at the top of my message app history.

“Yeah, I’m free. But what shall we do?”

The reply came rather late for Touka.

Well, it’s not like she’s always free, so it’s nothing to worry about.

But, what should I do ……? A movie, perhaps? No, I’ve been to the movies recently, and even if I haven’t, it’s not like there’s a movie I want to see. What should we do then? It’s summer vacation, so buying something for the summer vacation is a good idea.

“Why don’t we go to the mall?”

As soon as I thought of it, I sent a suggestion to Touka about where to go tomorrow.

—But there was no immediate reply from Touka.


“What to do what to do what to do …….should I tell him where I want to go?. It is said that it is not good to leave a lot of things to the other party, and since Ma-kun invited me, I should have shown my behavior this time. …… But I don’t know where I want to go.”

Touka is flustered without time to be pleased with the message from Masaki. Since Masaki has already taken action once, she has to take action next time. She is even more panicked.

“Do I think about where Ma-kun wants to go? Or do I choose a place that will make Ma-kun conscious of me? If I were to make a suggestion, which would be better?”


The screen of my phone, which I had been holding earlier but once I put it on my desk at the same time I was worried, glows.

“Eh……, could it be Ma-kun?”

Touka, who had been worrying that she should take action, looked fearfully at the glowing screen of her phone with a bad feeling in her heart that no way.

“Do you want to go to the mall or something?”

There was a message from Masaki with a suggestion for tomorrow’s destination.

“Ah, I made Ma-kun suggest ……. Is this where Ma-kun wants to go? Or is it about me? How should I reply? If Ma-kun doesn’t like me as much as I thought he did, it’s not a good idea to reply with too much flirtation.”

If it had been Touka up to now, she would have replied, “Anywhere is fine with Ma-kun,” but now she is not inclined to reply in such an optimistic manner.
“It might be better to think about it calmly once before replying. Ma-kun, I’ll give you a proper reply later.”
She put her phone on the desk to cool down and went out of her room to take a bath.
“I haven’t heard back from Touka. I’ll just wait and see.”

I’ve been staring at my phone and waiting for Touka’s reply, but it seems like a long time, so I decided to resume my studies on business management, which I’ve been slacking off on due to studying for tests and such.

“Oh no, now I feel like studying for school would be easier ……. This is the kind of stuff that accounting and other people deal with. Being ignorant…… isn’t cool either.”


I was quietly going through my father’s study on management, when I heard a sound from my phone, which I threw on my bed as I started my study.


I sat up in bed and stared at the screen of my phone as I spontaneously muttered Touka’s name.

“Okay, I just had something I wanted to look for too, so the mall’s good!”

I felt that my choice of destination was right on the money when I heard from Tohruka that she just had something to do.

“Is the time around 10:00 a.m. ok?”

She continued to send me a message.


“I have to keep calm and feel happy about myself at the shopping mall… That’s right!”

Touka thinks about it and comes up with a plan that naturally connects the promise to go to a place where she can appeal to him.

“It’s okay, I just wanted to look for something too, so the shopping mall is good!”

“If I told him I wanted to go with Ma-kun after I told him I wanted to buy a swimsuit, he would be aware of it. Even if it’s not when we’re at the mall,…… yeah. I’m sure Ma-kun will definetly keep his promise too. It’s not wrong, and I’m sure he’s thinking about it calmly.”

Touka was in no condition to assure that she would be able to make a calm decision after taking a bath, as the hot water in the bath made her think of the ocean and the pool.

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