Today I am supposed to go see a romantic movie with Touka.
We decided on a meeting time and place in Laiso, so we started getting ready accordingly.

“If we’re just going to go see a movie like we have been, I don’t have to get all dressed up, just a normal pair of sweatshirts and some comfortable pants, right?”

I chose clothes that were easy to wear without being dressed up too fancy, and headed for the slanted curve mirror between my house and Touka’s house that we had decided on as our meeting place in Laiso.

“As a man, I can’t keep her waiting, so arriving fifteen minutes before is just fine, right?”

We are supposed to meet before noon, so that means we haven’t had lunch. We had also decided in advance that we would eat lunch together.

While I was waiting for Touka, I played with my phone to narrow down the list of good places for lunch so that I wouldn’t get lost in choosing a restaurant and lose my schedule.

“Both I and Touka like it, and there’s a shop near the movie theater that’s not too expensive–“

“Sorry, did you wait?”

Although I haven’t completely narrowed down the candidates yet, I could hear a transparent voice from next to me when I had some clues.

“I’m not waiting at all. I just came here, too… Touka, you’re so stylish.”

When Toruka arrived at the meeting place, she was wearing a thin but not transparent cloak and pants that looked like a long skirt but were pants? She was wearing a thin but not transparent cloak and pants that looked like a long skirt but were more like trousers.

“You look like a college student. Although I don’t know what kind of clothes college students wear.”
“I-is that sp. Do you think it looks good on me ……?”

She asked me what I thought of her, flipping her hair, which resembled a ponytail but also had a mass like a dumpling.

“I think it looks good together with the hairstyle.”

Although I don’t know the name of the haircut.

“I see, good. ……. Let’s go, then.”
“Oh, Touka. Should we have lunch first and then watch the movie, or should we have lunch after the movie and finish it lightly? which one do you prefer?”
“I think I’ll eat first. Is that okay with you, Ma-kun?”

If so, I showed her the restaurants I had my eye on on my phone.

“This is the restaurant that I have already picked out, hamburger steak, omelette rice or ramen. These are the ones that we both like and that were close to the movie theater. Which one do you like? If there is something else you want to eat, I can find it for you.”
“No, I want omelette rice. Thank you, Maa-kun. Shall we go?”

Shall we go? At the same time as saying that, Touka’s open hand reached out towards me.

This is when I noticed something. I realized that Touka might not have asked me out just to see a movie, but might have asked me out as a date. ……

Her eyes were shining as she reached for my hand, and I could see that she was determined to enjoy the day to the fullest.

“Okay, let’s go!”

I grabbed her outstretched hand and looked into her shining eyes.

I can’t possibly put an end to Touka’s excited smile, who has been dressed up, so I had no choice but to hold hands with her.

“….I-It’s a beautiful day today, isn’t it?”

The sky is cloudless and clear, just as Touka said, but she didn’t mean to say that, but it was probably just a way to start a conversation to clear up the silence that has been created since we held hands.

“Toruka, let’s talk normally. Just talk as usual, okay? We’ve crossed arms before, remember?”
“Awww……, I’m pretty sure we did that too.’”

Naturally, Touka couldn’t hide her face with both hands because she was holding her hand. It seemed like all she could do was hide her face with the hand she wasn’t holding and turn her head to the direction I wasn’t.

“Well, do you know the synopsis of the movie we’re going to see today?”

I talked to her about the movie we were going to see today, which was probably a date.
Including the idea that if Touka knows the plot, it might be a good idea to ask her about it as part of the conversation.

“Soooo, haaaa …… I haven’t actually looked into it much.”

Touka took a deep breath before turning to me and answering my question.

“I only saw the title too, so that means we both have zero prior knowledge…. that sounds interesting too.”

We can talk about our impressions after the movie if it’s a movie with a surprise twist if we’re both watching it for the first time. That’s a good idea.

“Sure. ……”

We walk side by side, holding hands not in a special way, but in a normal way, holding on tight so that we don’t get separated.

Wait a minute. If you don’t know that much about the synopsis, why did you say you wanted to see this movie? Is the movie just a pretext? If that’s the case, it’s looking more and more likely that she asked me out as a date. ……


While talking and thinking that it must be a date, I arrived at the restaurant I wanted to go to.

The store was probably recently built, and the exterior was clean and unblemished.

I and Touka let go of our hands and went inside the store.

“It seems to be empty and we will be able to get in soon.”
“Even though it’s lunchtime.”

Even though it was noon, the inside of the store was large and there were many seats, so I was able to get to my seat smoothly after entering the store.
“Which omelette would you like, Touka? I’m thinking about this beef stew omelet with fluffy eggs.”

I opened the menu and the beef stew omelette was the first thing I saw, so I decided immediately that this was the one.

“Well, which one should I choose? ……. I think I’ll have the omelette rice with a thick and fluffy demi-glace sauce.”
“Beef stew and omelette with demi-glace sauce. Okay, I’ll order it.”

Rather than reading the menu as it was written, I made a simple abbreviation of the menu and placed my order.

“M-Ma-kun. That omelette looks delicious. ……”

Touka doesn’t touch the demi-glace sauce omelet placed in front of her and looks at my omelet with great interest.
Is this …… perhaps waiting to share?

“Touka, You want?”
“Y-yeah. …….”

Huh, you don’t want ……?

“Ah, you know, I’d like to do …… Aaahn, is that a no?.”

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11 months ago

It’s only 6 chapters but my boy right here is already winning in life