Two days have passed since I made a roundabout proposal
I woke up early today so that Touka could come over to my house in the morning.

“If I’m going to build a relationship with Touka, I want to start it off again in a proper way, and I’ll have to tell her the truth at some point, right? But what’s the best way to tell the truth so that it doesn’t hurt. ……”

Even though it was a mistake, it is true that I said such a thing. But even so, Touka might be surprised to hear that she was suddenly engaged. I’m not ready yet either.

I like her of course, as a childhood friend.
That’s why I wanted her to work with me from now on and support me in my work when I take over the company.

“I want to work with her, too, and I don’t want to break this relationship. Therefore, I don’t want to say that it was a mistake by hurting Touka. What’s the right thing to do ……”

I still don’t think I like Touka as a love interest, and it’s insincere to try to move forward to marriage in this state, and I don’t want to respond to Touka’s feelings in such a half-hearted way. ……

In the first place, I wonder what Touka thinks about me.
Is it because she originally had a high liking for me that she was happy to be told she was getting a permanent job? 
Or is it just because I said it to her like that that she developed feelings for me to the point of increasing her skinship?

I put my thoughts out of my mouth while clearing my head and changing into my uniform. I even looked like I was twisting my head in the mirror.

“Let’s go downstairs for a while, shall we~”

I finished getting ready, so I left my room earlier than yesterday and decided to go downstairs to the living room.

“Morning, Mom.”
“Ara, you’re up early today. Good morning.”

I wondered if Touka was coming over today, and I saw my mom cooking steadily in the kitchen.
No, that’s not lunch, but breakfast and dinner preparation,…….

“I’m going to go wash my face.”

When I got to the bathroom, I splashed water on my face two or three times to wake me up, to take care of my skin, and to shake off the distractions.

After washing my face, I ate breakfast and brushed my teeth.
I woke up early and got ready early, so I had a little extra time.

“It doesn’t look like Touka is coming, so I’d better get going.”

I thought she would be here every day. ……
I had some time to kill by watching TV in the house, but I still had a lot of free time, so I decided to leave the house earlier than usual.

“I’m off!”
“Ah, …… yes, go ahead. Oh yeah, can you buy lunch at the school store today?”

My mother seemed to want to say something, but when she checked her phone, which rang with a notification, she said go away as if nothing had happened.

I always pass by Touka’s house on my way to school. Today was another day when I was passing by her house.

“Mom, I’ll never wake up if you don’t wake up. From tomorrow, if I don’t wake up, you must wake me up. Breakfast? Bread? Okay. I’ll eat while I go. I’m off..!”

As I was passing by the house, the door of the house opened and out came a student who appeared to be wearing the same high school uniform.

“Ah, …….”
“Yeah. …….”

The girl in front of me was a high school girl with a loaf of bread in her mouth, the kind of girl who fits the description of the main character in a girl’s comic book.

“G-good morning. Touka.”
“Awa, awawa ….G-good morning. Ma-kun.”

I wonder if she was embarrassed to see me come out of the house with bread in her mouth, Touka turned her back on me and turned her body towards the house she just came out of.

“I’d like to go with you,……, but I don’t know about walking around eating bread, so do you want to eat that bread at the park we pass on the way to school?”
“Y-yes,……. I’ll do that. I want to go with you.”

In this way, I avoided the “I’m late” event.


“I see. You were up late at night, so you couldn’t get up today like you did yesterday.”
“I’m sorry. I promised to make it today, but I couldn’t make it after all. ……”

Just like yesterday, Touka and I are sitting side by side on the rooftop bench and eating lunch.

By the way, I’m eating the bread I bought.

Touka was feeling down, but I didn’t want her to go through the trouble of making a bento.
On the contrary, I want you to put yourself first, not for me.

“For better or worse, we are still in high school. If you count the summer, fall, and winter of my sophomore year of high school, and the entire year of my junior year of high school left. So for now, just for now, I want you to spend more time on yourself, not on …… me.”

It’s also that I haven’t …… yet met Touka’s feelings for me.

“Then I want to use my time, but will you listen to a request…?”
“A favor? Sure!”

Touka got up from the bench and started to walk slowly step by step in front of me.

“I have a lot of friends that I’m pretty good friends with, but we’re not that close,……. I have a movie I want to go see, but it’s hard for me to invite them. So I don’t have anyone to go with. ……”

You want to go see a movie. Are you sure you want to spend time for yourself like that?

Touka turns her body round and stares at me.
Is this a pattern that I have to say something?

“Do you want to go see the movie with me?”
“Yes, is that okay? Is tomorrow around noon free for you?”
“Tomorrow is Saturday. I don’t have plans either. Okay, let’s go tomorrow!”

I said yes without asking her what movie she wanted to see, but it’s not like it’s some weird movie that makes it hard to invite her friends, right?

The afternoon between classes was taken up by a mobile class and other things, so as we walked out of the school, I got to talking with Touka about the conversation we had just had.

“What genre of movie?”
“Ah, let’s see… …… Right. I didn’t say anything about it, did I? …… is a normal romance movie, is that okay?”
“A love story. It’s totally fine!”

I’m glad it wasn’t an invasion movie where some weird creature comes out and takes over Japan. I can’t watch that kind of thing because it’s too grotesque.

“And ……, can we skip the study session today?”
“Oh, okay. I’ll say goodbye here then.”

I arrived in front of Touka’s house, so I waved to Touka as she entered the house and returned home.

go see a movie huh……? We’re just going out like we’ve been doing.
Did she start talking in a reformed manner like that because she wanted to watch a romantic movie? No, she talked in a formal way because of the flow of the conversation.

“This is a date, isn’t it? It’s far-fetched, but I read on the website that it’s one of the ways to ask for a date. …… Since the movie was an excuse for a date, I didn’t think anything of it, and on the spur of the moment I said a romance movie, but I wonder what movies are playing right now.”

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