“Ah, you know, I’d like to do …… Aaahn, is that a no?.”

Ahhn huh….If we were at home, we could still do it at 100 steps. But we’re outside.

Please don’t look at me with expectant, puppy-dog eyes.

“Hmmm, I understand. Okay, then, here I go.”

If we are going to share, I put as much of the beef stew on the spoon as possible so that you can taste the goodness of the menu I ordered, and I put the omelette on the side I haven’t touched yet together with it.

“Touka…… ahn.”

As I said this, Touka slowly opened her mouth.
Her face is reddish and shy, and she is about to turn over, but she manages to hold it in and gradually brings her face closer to mine.

I also put my hand with a spoon into the mouth of the approaching Touka. For some reason, my hands began to tremble as I felt the sexiness of Touka, who was still shy as she approached her mouth.

“Hummmm …….”

When I put it in Touka’s mouth, maybe because my hand was trembling, the spoon hit her teeth for a moment, but somehow I managed to finish it safely.

It was only a few seconds, but to me it felt longer than an all-nighter.

“…… delicious. This is delicious.”

I’m glad. At that moment, I was shocked when I saw Touka, but when I saw Touka’s smile, it subsided.

“Then, Maa-kun, you too …….”

Ehh, …….

I ate the omelet rice covered with demi-glace sauce while being treated like Touka.

Delicious. Touka looked happy and I was happy too… But what I was doing was just like an idiot couple, so I couldn’t really look around.


After that, we proceeded with our meal as usual and headed to the movie theater.

“Is there anywhere you’d like to see the movie?”
“Well, not anywhere ……, in the middle, not in the front, not in the back, anywhere of these would be fine.”

Fortunately, the movie theater was not far away, so we were able to have a conversation without any awkwardness.

“I’m going to go get the tickets, can you wait here for a minute?”
“Okay, thanks. Then I’ll wait for you at this pillar.”

I left Touka and went to the ticket machine to buy tickets.

“I did Aahn with Maa kun. But it’s important from now on. If I do it once, the rest will depend on my efforts, and it should be a breeze!”

While Masaki was going to buy the tickets, Touka was remembering the couple’s tempestuous behavior earlier.

“You ate with that spoon a few times before you ahh’ed at me, didn’t you, Maa-kun ……? And he kept using that spoon even after I gave him an ahhn.”

Touka’s cheeks began to turn red again as she realized something.

“I did an involuntary indirect kiss ……. It’s kind of like the first time we hugged.”

When she hugged Masaki for the first time, she was not aware of him as a member of the opposite sex.
And this first indirect kiss went without her being conscious that it was an indirect kiss.

“So it’s not that the ‘ahn’ action itself is embarrassing, but rather because ‘ahn’ is an indirect kiss?!”

While Masaki was going to buy tickets, Touka was analyzing “ahn” with her own unique way of thinking.

“I’m sorry, I made you wait a bit. The next show is in 20 minutes and I couldn’t get a good seat. It’s a little to the left of the center, is that okay?”
“I’m totally fine with it! Thanks for going to buy them. Oh, the money is……”

She took her wallet out of her shoulder bag to give me some money. I offered her an exchange “I’ll take care of this and you can buy me a drink later,” and made her quit giving me the money.

With two M-size drinks in hand, Toruka and I moved to the theater where we were going to watch a romantic movie.
We waited for the movie to start.

Eventually, the advertisements ended and the movie began.

The movie was about two people who are in love with each other but are about to be forced into a political marriage due to family reasons.

“Would you like some of this soft serve ice cream?”
“I’ll have some, too. ……”
“Yes, ahh.”

“They are doing it…”

There were people in the theater who were excited not by the performances in the movie or by the actors’ performances, but by the mere act of “aahn”

“I wish I could’ve enjoyed it more too. ……ahhn with Ma-kun.”

She muttered quietly to herself so as not to disturb the people around her who were watching the movie seriously.

“Maybe I want to eat one soft-serve ice cream …… with Ma-kun.”

Some of the people around them might blush due to the performances of these actors, but the only one who blushed for any other reason was Touka.

The movie is about to reach its climax when the scene that makes Touka blush again appears.

“Hnn, I can’t take it anymore.”
“The proof may be insufficient,……, but I can’t stand it either!”

The leading lady jumps to her feet and the two embrace and kiss.

“Ah …… kiss!”

In retrospect, she was disappointed because neither the first hug nor the first indirect kiss was satisfactory to her now, but Touka showed her relief and determination at the same time as the movie was showing that there was still something important left and that she would make sure that it was the only one that would be satisfactory to her.


“Touka, are you sure you want to go home? We don’t need to go for a walk around or relax a little more at a café?. ……”

After I finished watching the movie, Touka suggested that I go home, so I’m on my way home holding hands just like when I came back.

Perhaps Touka was not looking for a date after all, but just wanted to watch a movie? If it was a date, I would have thought we would have done something after the movie.

“Umm, yes, I’m fine. I just want to stop by the neighborhood park at the end.”

The neighborhood park that Touka mentioned is probably the park where Touka and I used to play the most.

It was dusk when the sun started to set and it was just me and Touka in the park.

“Can I take a …… picture to preserve the memory of today?”
“Of course.”

There were a lot of things, but I had a fun day today, and I thought it would be nice to leave memories in a form.

Then there was no reason to refuse her wish.

“Then ……”

Touka sets up her phone to take a selfie, and twirls her arm around me.

Pasha. (Camera)

Unexpectedly, I was so nervous because I didn’t expect to be in such close proximity to her that I made an awkward smile.

“Did you say something?”
“No, thanks for today!”
“Thank you too! I had a great time.”

And so the date-like outing ended

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