“Ahhh~, what am I going to do after I graduate from high school?”

My childhood friend, Todo Touka, is next to me, staring at her application form and running her fingers through her hair, muttering to herself

It was a short break between classes. I was consulting with Todo about her problems.

“Aren’t you going to college or something?”
“Ummm, if Maa kun is going, I’ll go too, but you’re not going, are you?”

If I go to college, so does Touka ……?

“Yeah,……, I was told to take over the company right after I graduate from high school.”
“Well yeah. What should I do ……? What do you think I should do Maa kun?”

what should she do huh……? Ah yeah, why don’t I ask her to come to my company?
Touka is smart and understands me well. Wouldn’t it be great if she could serve me as a secretary?
I wonder what I should ask her to do. Why don’t you get a lifetime job at my place ……. Hmmm, is there a better way to put it? 

…… Ah, I’m pretty sure there’s a word for permanent employment, isn’t there? It sounds better than lifetime employment, so yeah. Let’s go with that.

“If you’re not sure about your career path, why don’t you get a permanent job at my place? If it’s Touka,…… no, it’s Touka, so I want you to stay by my side (as my secretary).”
“Eh!? Maa-kun…… are you serious about that? If it were me, I could support Maa-kun (as a wife)?”

Hearing my words, Touka blushes.
Were you happy? Well, in fact, it’s as if someone got a job offer without going to college.

“Yes. I’m sure you can support me (as a secretary).”
“I’m sorry …… Maa kun-kun. Can you tell the teacher that I’m home because I’m feeling feverish today?”
“A-are you okay? Do you want me to go to the infirmary with you?”
“I-IiiiI’m fine!”

I could only watch as Touka hurried out of the classroom.


“That’s what permanent employment means, right? That’s for sure, isn’t it?”

Touka was thrilled to finally be in a relationship with Nakayama Masaki, a.k.a. Maa kun.
She had not expected him to ask her to become his wife, skipping the lover stage, but she no longer cared about that.

“I didn’t think my wish would come true. I have to act with the awareness that I’m going to be Ma-kun’s wife from tomorrow…. Since when did Ma-kun look at me like that. Ehehe… What should I do? , I might not be able to sleep today”


The Nakayama family, in Masaki’s room–

“Permanent employment used to mean that a woman married and became a housewife in Japan?! It was called this because a woman would marry into a company and work there as a housewife for the rest of her life?!”

Does that mean I was proposing to her in a roundabout way?

Back at home I learned for the first time about the common usage of permanent employment.

(TL/N : I’m tired of degenerate act so I would like to translate a pure wholesome story)

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