I Was Dumped by My Childhood Friend and Served a Home-Cooked Meal to My Step-Sister, a National Idol

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Tsukasa Kirishima is a freshman in college.

Komaki Kouichi, a high school student who loves to cook, is harshly rejected by his childhood friend for being “Girly”

When a heartbroken Koichi returns to the apartment where he lives alone, he finds Hashiro Shiho, a high school girl who is a very popular idol, sitting uneasily on the sofa. Shiho has become his younger sister as a result of their parents’ remarriage, and Koichi cooks for her.

But as a result, Shiho says she wants to quit her idol career and marry Koichi. ……!

It’s a romantic comedy about two people living together, him with his idol stepsister, cooking together, going on a secret date in the city, taking a bath and bed together (!?!), and so on.

1st Course Yokkaichi Tonteki

Episode 1 – I was dumped by my childhood friend!

Episode 2 – My house is an idol’s house!?

Episode 3 – live together as a family

Episode 4 – Quitting Idol?

2nd Course Salt Bean Soup

Episode 5 – Shiho’s situation, my situation

Episode 6 – I wake up to a very popular idol

Episode 7 – Please make miso soup for me every morning ?

Episode 8 – Childhood friend is coming over?

3nd Course Center of Beef

Episode 9 – The Souvenir is olive oil

Episode 10 – Nice to meet you the second time

Episode 11 – I can’t refuse my stepsister’s request

Episode 12 – Do we look like a couple?

Episode 13 – Idol-Ichinomiya Mina

4th Course Chilled Candy

Episode 14 – There’s only one shining star

Episode 15 – A silver-haired, blue-eyed idol barges into my house.

Episode 16 – Onii san’s a cheater!

Episode 17 – Two idols

Episode 18 – First time cooking together?

Episode 19 – Ordinary girl

5th Course Towada barayaki

Episode 20 – Pretend lover?

Episode 21 – Is it a silver-haired idol or a childhood friend who lives with you?

Episode 22 – Finally, just the two of us

Episode 23 – We’ll take it slow together