You want to be a normal girl, huh?

It’s true that the life of an idol is demanding. If she is as popular as Shiho, her schedule must be even more demanding.

I don’t know what has happened to Shiho up until now.

But if Shiho’s wish is to “become a normal girl,” I want to help her.

But I wonder if that is Shiho’s true wish. And Ichinomiya-san looks like she wants to say something.

At that moment, Shiho’s phone rang with a ringtone.

The melody sounded familiar.

“The seventh song from Carnival of the Animals ……, ‘Aquarium’?”

Shiho said in surprise, “You know it well, don’t you!”

What’s more, I know not only cooking, but I also know a lot about classical music ……! Well, even more than cooking, though it’s hardly a popular hobby …….

Shiho looks at the screen of her phone and her expression clouds over.

The screen showed Lettie Portman.

She is a very popular actress, Shiho’s mother.

“Yes, this is Shiho. Yes, yes …… I’m fine. Nothing …… . Onii san would never do such a thing……!.I’m fine without you, as long as onii san is here!”

Shiho hangs up the phone with an angry look on her face.

I-Is she rebellious ……?

After all, Shiho doesn’t seem to get along with her mother very well.

There is something else that has been bothering me.

“What was that call you just got ……?”

“It’s nothing.”

“You were told to come back to your mother, weren’t you?”

The way Shiho was talking, I had a feeling that was the case.

Shiho looked down

When she first came to this house, Shiho said that we would be living alone together. And that it was her parents’ intention. She said it was because stepchildren are a hindrance to couples who have remarried.

But, aside from me, Shiho should be Lettie’s pride and joy. As a very popular idol, she has lived up to her mother’s expectations.

I don’t think she would let her daughter live with a man her own age.

“I’m going to stay here.”

“Why? Is it Shiho’s decision, not my father’s or Shiho’s mother’s?”

“Don’t you want to stay with me, …… onii san? If it bothers you,…… I’ll leave.”

Shiho stares at me with slightly damp crimson eyes. it.

That’s a tricky way to say it. If you ask me that, my answer is already decided.

In fact, Shiho’s presence was not a nuisance, but rather a joy. Of course, living together with a beautiful girl who is a very popular idol is something that every boy would love to do.

But for me, the important thing is to have an honest and cheerful roommate who eats delicious meals with me.

Shiho’s face lights up.

“Thank you!”

Shiho looked happy. However, her first question was dodged.

In other words, Shiho came here of her own volition. Why on earth would she do that? Was it just rebellion against her mother?

Then Ichinomiya-san interrupted.

“I’m sorry Komaki-kun, but I’m against it. Shiho is an idol, so she shouldn’t be living alone with her brother.”

“It’s none of Mina’s business.”

Shiho said so without hesitation. Ichinomiya-san’s face turns red.

“It’s my business! I am a member of Etoile Sandrillon! aren’t you too, Shiho?”

“I’m an ex-member, aren’t I?”

“Even if you are, you’ll be in big trouble if the press finds out about it. Being under one roof with a boy is ……T-they will think you’re in a naughty relationship ……”

Ichinomiya-san blushed and said.

Shiho, on the other hand, seemed calm.

“It’s not forbidden for former members to fall in love. No, A-after all, mOnii san and I are brother and sister, and we are not in a romantic relationship…”

“The world won’t think so.”

“Well, then, we should make a news story out of it.”


Ichinomiya san looks stunned. I was surprised too.

Shiho is going to say what?

“Onii san is living with me…a-and I’m making people think that I’m his girlfriend.”

Shiho said with a clenched mouth.

I knew exactly what Shiho meant.

In other words,……,

“If I do that, even if the office, sponsors, and my mom are against it, there is no chance that I will return to being an idol,”

That’s probably true. Idols are not allowed to fall in love.

If she breaks that rule, she can stop being an idol.

But …….

Ichinomiya-san raises her eyebrows.

“That can’t be tolerated! Does Shiho care what happens to Etoile Cendrillon?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Lies. Shiho is always selfish. …… Just because she’s number one doesn’t mean she’s allowed to do whatever she wants!”

Ichinomiya san’s face turned bright red and she spoke in a fierce tone.

She seems quite angry.

Shiho’s expression doesn’t change much either, but I think she is becoming emotionally stubborn.

If not, she wouldn’t have said she was going to pretend to be my girlfriend.

“Please go home, Minna. This is my problem.”

“I will never move from here until Shiho says she’ll come back to Etoile Sandrillon.”

Shiho and Ichinomiya-san sparked with their bachi-bachi glances. It’s powerful when popular idols fight with each other. ……

This is not the time to think like that. I’m also a party to this.

Like a man? I’ll have to be a man and mediate. Maybe I’ll figure something out.

Shiho turned to me. Her cheeks turned bright red and she looked me up and down.

“Onii san, will you be my lover?”

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Julian Robert
Julian Robert
8 months ago


8 months ago

This wouldn’t be a big deal if Idol fans weren’t just of bunch of annoying pieces of shit. A girl in love is much cuter than a damn show-off that can’t be you’re anyway!

8 months ago

Ichinomiya is quite over the line lmfao, that “you’re not allowed to quit” mentality only shows she doesn’t care at all for Shiho.

And guess we got another novel showing us how shitty the whole “idol” industry can be.

8 months ago

Ichinomiya is well over the line here lmfao, the whole “you’re not allowed to quit” mentality only shows she doesn’t care for Shiho at all, despite portraying herself as Shiho’s “friend”.

And guess we got another novel showing us how shitty the “idol” industry can be.

8 months ago

(Apologies, it errored when I sent my first comment so I retyped it, it seems it sent both…)

8 months ago