After I said it, I regretted it.

It would be a scandal if it became known that I was taking an idol to a man’s house.

Even if she was not an idol, bringing a girl of the same age to a man’s house would be a danger to herself and others.

Ichinomiya san’s reaction, however, was unexpected.

“Eh!? Are you sure? Honestly, it’s really helpful because it’s so hot…..!”

Her eyes sparkled.

I was confused by the idol’s expression.

“Of course it’s fine with me,……, but is it fine with Ichinomiya-san?”

I was so worried about her that she giggled.

“It’s a little late for that, isn’t it, since I’ve come to the front of the apartment building? I’m wearing a disguise. Besides, coming to a member’s house is not going to be a problem.”

“But I’m the only one here now.”

“W-well, yes,…… but you’re Shiho’s brother, and since Shiho attached to you so much, I don’t think you’re a bad person,…….”

Ichinomiya-san’s eyes swim.

Although she was angry at Shiho for saying she was on a date with a man, she felt vulnerable and worried.

Now that I think about it, I think there is something rather naive about her going out of her way to change schools in order to bring Shiho back. 

However, it’s just me who said it, and if things continue like this, I’m going to get heatstroke.

I made a decision and opened the auto-lock door.

Then we both get into the elevator side by side.

“This is a very luxurious condo. …..”

We got off at the top floor, the 38th floor, and Ichinomiya-san looked around with a wry smile.

The view from the hallway is pretty good, too, so Ichinomiya san’s face lit up with a “wow.”

“I wonder who is building these amazing apartments? Do you know?”

I shrugged at Ichinomiya-san’s question.

It’s something I wouldn’t have said if I hadn’t been asked. ……

“This whole mansion belongs to the Komaki family.”


It’s not owned by Teikyu, it’s owned by the Komaki family’s asset management company, Komaki Estate.

The rental income from this place alone would be enough to live on playing around with for the rest of our lives. However, this is only a small part of the Komaki family’s fortune.

Ichinomiya san looked at me as if she was looking at something terrifying.

“You’re really rich. ……”

“It’s just that my parents are rich.”

“But I envy you. I’m just a regular person.”

Like Shiho, Ichinomiya-san is also half-Japanese. Apparently her mother is of Russian descent. That’s probably why she has silver hair and blue eyes.

And even if they are from a normal family, they must be reasonably wealthy since they can transfer to our school with its high tuition fees.

However, unlike Shiho, I have not heard that her mother is a famous celebrity, so I am sure that she is from an ordinary family.

I open the door to the room and show Ichinomiya san in.

“S-sorry to bother you. …….”

Ichinomiya san entered the room with a look of timid.

“you can sit there”

I tell her to sit down at the living room table.

Ichinomiya san sat down.

A popular idol is in my house. It’s the second one.

…..I’m nervous.

“For now, would you like barley tea to drink?”


Mugi-cha (barley tea) is a staple of hot summer days. This morning, I made some barley tea in the refrigerator and kept it chilled.

I was looking forward to it when I came home.

I put ice in it and put it in a clear glass rocks glass.

The dark color of the barley tea would look beautiful in this glass.

“Here you go.”

I smiled, sat down and sipped the barley tea myself.

Yes, this special barley tea is good after all. ……

Ichinomiya-san seemed to agree with me.

“Y-this barley tea ……! It’s so delicious! Both the aroma and the taste are so different from barley tea,…….”

“As expected of Ichinomiya-san. You have good taste. It’s different from ordinary barley tea.”

I said in a playful manner, and Ichinomiya-san nodded her head.

“What do you mean it’s different from ordinary barley tea?”

“It’s made from grain tea leaves produced at a mill in Tokyo, using only Rokujo barley from contract farmers. But there is one more important point: it is made by a method called ssunagama roasting.”

“Sunagama roasting?”

Ordinary barley tea is made by exposing it to hot air. But this barley tea is made the old-fashioned way, by passing the barley through heated sand.

The tea is delicious because it is made from high-grade tea leaves, but I also try several times to find the best time to boil it, and the taste is pure because it is strained through a dish towel.

I said these things. I thought she might not like my nonsense, but she nodded happily and said, “I’ll try to buy some next time. ……!”

Shiho and Ichinomiya san are both good and honest girls.

I thought idols would be prideful and harsh, but these two are not like that at all.

“Haa~ I’m coming back to life~!”

Ichinomiya san breathed a sigh of relief. It must have been really hot.

“Do you want some more?”

“I’d love to have some more!”

Ichinomiya-san giggles and says,

I take her glass and pour myself another cup of barley tea.

“Thank you.”

Ichinomiya-san looks at me suddenly after saying that.

I was surprised to see her staring straight at me all of a sudden.

“Hey, Komaki-kun.”

“W-What is it?”

“Take care of Shiho, will you?”

“Eh ……?”

“Even if she quits being an idol or continues to be one, Komaki-kun is still Shiho’s older brother. I want you to support her. If Shiho quits being an idol, I won’t be able to do anything…”

“Of course, I’ll help Shiho as much as I can. But, Ichinomiya-san, you can also help Shiho, can’t you?”

“I… it’s no good. Shiho and I are just friends of Etoile Cendrillon. If Shiho quits being an idol, we won’t have any relationship.”

“……Do you feel the same way, Ichinomiya-san?”

“I consider Shiho to be an important friend. But Shiho probably doesn’t feel the same way.”

In the daytime, Ichinomiya san was rejected by Shiho at school. She was probably shocked by that.

Ichinomiya san turns her head to the side.

“I envy her, I am jealous of her, but I also respect her. She is an important friend. That’s why I want her to come back. But ……”

Shiho said she would quit being an idol.

Her resolve seemed firm.

I don’t know exactly why Shiho is quitting her idol career. I thought that whatever Shiho does, it would be better for me to know the reason.

Otherwise, as her older brother, I would not be able to help Shiho.

Suddenly, the door to the hallway opened.

Then I heard the sound of luggage falling out.

I turn around in surprise and see a beautiful girl with red hair and red eyes.

She stares at me.

“… Onii san’s a cheater!”

Shiho said such a thing with puffed out cheeks.

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