Shiho is mortified and blushes.

“T-that’s …… such a …… date! Does it look that way to you, Minna?”

That’s what you’re concerned about…! ?

I was surprised too, but Ichinomiya san seemed angry.

She Puffs out her cheeks. As expected of an idol. Her angry expression is also cute.

“You don’t want to looked like you’re on a date, do you? Dating a guy would be a scandal.”

And then Ichinomiya-san glared at me.

“If you do anything to Shiho, you’ll be in trouble! It’s insane to touch an idol!”

“No, I–“

“You put on a pretty face and flirted with Shiho!”

I am a …… man who is told I have a pretty face by an idol. ……

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m Shiho’s brother.”

“Eh? Shiho’s brother,……?”

Ichinomiya-san looks at me confused.

She looked at me puzzled. We didn’t look alike at all, so it was understandable that she thought it was unnatural. I introduced myself briefly and explained my background.

I also proved that I was not an enemy of Ichinomiya-san.

Ichinomiya-san made a face and said, “Oh no.” 

“I’m sorry …… um, Komaki-kun.”

“Never mind.”

I smile softly, and Ichinomiya-san looks relieved.

I guess she’s not a bad kid since she can honestly apologize.

However, the problem has not been solved.

For some reason, Shiho is looking at me and Ichinomiya-san with a bit of dissatisfaction.

“Even if onii san were my boyfriend, and we were dating, what would be the problem? ”

“I told you earlier, didn’t I? Shiho is an idol.”

“I’m not an idol anymore. I quit.”

“I’m saying I don’t accept that!”

“Why do you have to say such a thing Mina?”

“Because we are members of the same Etoile Sandrillon! We’re colleagues , aren’t we?….”

Ichinomiya-san looks at Shiho uneasily. Shiho stared back at Ichinomiya-san.

Her ruby eyes shook with loneliness.

“Well yeah. We used to be …… buddies.”

”Are you really going to quit ……?”


“Without Shiho, Etoile Sandrillon will be destroyed. Please come back.”

Ichinomiya-san begs Shiho to leave the attitude from earlier. If she doesn’t, she’ll kneel on the ground and beg Shiho to come back.

The center of the Etoile Sandrillon was always Hashiro Shiho, who was always the most popular person in the group. Second place finisher Kawahara Kotone is not even close to Shiho in terms of singing, dancing, talking ability, or appearance.

That is why it would be difficult for them to maintain their popularity once Shiho was gone.

But Shiho’s resolve seemed firm.

“No matter what you say, I have no intention of going back.”

“But everyone has high expectations for Shiho. The group, the office, the TV station, and the sponsors all have high expectations for Shiho. And even Shiho’s mother was so happy about her success.”

“I’m not a puppet of my mother!”

Shiho let out a loud voice that made Ichinomiya-san tremble. It was the first time I had seen Shiho become emotional like this.

I’m a little surprised too. After all, Shiho may be having some sort of trouble with her relationship with her mother.

Well, I don’t have a good relationship with my father either, …….

Shiho’s mouth was pressed shut with a shocked expression.

“Hey Mina. Can we talk about this later? Right now, I want to have …… a nice lunch.”

Saying that, Ichinomiya-san also decided to back down as expected.

However, at the end, Ichinomiya san whispered in a whisper.

“I transferred all the way to this school to bring Shiho back. I will never give up.”

With these words, Ichinomiya-san walked away.

Then Shiho sighed.

“I’m sorry to have shown you the unsightly side of me, onii san. I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for. I knew Shiho was needed by everyone..”

Shiho is different from me, who is just a high school boy.

She is so essential to Etoile Cendrillon that Ichinomiya san bows her head and begs her to come back.

But Shiho has a melancholy look on her face.

“If I’m not needed by the people I really care about, then what’s the point?”


“It’s okay. Hey, Onii san. Shall we have lunch? Right now, the food that onii san cooks is much more important to me.”

Shiho smiled as she said this.

Shiho puts a piece of beef in her mouth and immediately smiles.

If the bento I made made Shiho happy – if she needed it even just a little bit – then I feel honored to be a part of it.

Maybe Ichinomiya-san and the others needed Shiho, but they couldn’t become the person Shiho needed.

So Shiho had to quit being an idol. That’s how I felt.

It was the evening of the same day that the idol Ichinomiya Mina visited my house.

To make matters worse, I was the only one there!

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Julian Robert
Julian Robert
6 months ago


6 months ago

Well, it’s a really easy problem to solve. Just kiss your Onii-san and that’s it. Idol fans are trash anyway, something like that’ll be enough to destroy your idol career for good, haha.

(No seriously, I hate the fact that idol fans can’t allow idols to have lovers. A girl in love is much cuter than someone who puts on a front…