Ichinomiya-san stands up, looking panicked.

“S-Shiho! This is different!”

“What do you mean, what’s different?”

Her eyes were glaring at Ichinomiya-san.

Indeed, if you look at the situation alone, it seems like I brought Ichinomiya san into the apartment. 

“No, it’s not that I became friends with Ichinomiya san–“

“It’s terrible to have a girl other than me in the house.”

What a surprise.

I sm treated as if I was a cheater. No, in fact, Shiho called me a cheater.

We are supposed to be just step brother and step sister ……

“Ichinomiya-san came to our house because she had something to do with Shiho,”

“Eh? Is that so?”

That Ichinomiya-san came to our house to persuade her to come back as an idol. I explained to her that it was too hot and she didn’t want to get heat stroke, so I brought her home.

I explained briefly.

Shiho blushed.

“I-I’m sorry I spoke too soon. ……”

“Shiho, did you feel hot on your way back home too? Do you want some barley tea?”

Shiho nodded sharply.

The same is true for idols who can’t beat the heat.

I poured barley tea into a glass with ice and offered it to Shiho, who drank it down in gulps.

And then, a look of relief comes over her face.

“It’s delicious. ……”

The barley tea is very particular about its taste. I explained to Shiho, just as I had explained to her, that the barley tea was a special kind of tea.

This barley tea is a luxury item, a bit of a splurge, but a trifle in the context of the Komaki family’s fortune.

Shiho was impressed.

“I didn’t realize onii san is so specific about his tea.”

“Because I have free time.”

I’m a homecoming club member and I don’t have a girlfriend. 

I have a part-time job, in case you are wondering. The money is given to me by my father, who is a hands-off kind of guy, but it’s something I do for the social experience. But it doesn’t take up much of my time.

In short, I can cook elaborate meals because I am a man of leisure.

Shiho looked at me with admiration.

“You must have a lot of free time,……looks good,”

“I don’t think it’s something to be envious of, you know?”

“I’ve always worked hard as an idol. Isn’t it the same for Mina?”

Ichinomiya san also nodded with a slightly troubled look on her face.

Ah, well, being an idol while being a student must be incredibly busy. Especially if they are popular idols like Shiho or Ichinomiya san.

Shiho smiled.

“But from now on, just like oni san, I can take it easy, too. I’m quitting the idol business.”

“S-Shiho! I told you I don’t approve of that!”

Shiho sighs at Ichinomiya-san, who is getting closer to her.

If this keeps up, it looks like they are going to get into another fight. Ichinomiya-san isn’t a good negotiator either, I think to myself.

There must be another way to approach this, but this just leads to a parallel line.

I rush to intervene.

“B-by the way! I’ve got some delicious snacks I’ve made in my spare time.”

It was embarrassing to say “delicious” myself, but I did it to get the attention of Shiho and Ichinomiya-san.

As I intended, they turned to me and their eyes lit up.

“”Delicious snacks!?””

Their voices hum together. After all, they are good friends, aren’t they ……?

“I’m really looking forward to your treats, onii san!”

“Are they that good……?”

Shiho says with a big smile in response to Ichinomiya’s question, “The food onii san makes is so delicious!” Shiho said with a big smile. Ichinomiya san also murmured, “Wow, I’m looking forward…..!”

The hurdle has been raised… But I’m happy to hear you say that.

I chuckled and said, “Wait a minute.”

Then I take out something from the refrigerator and pour it into two glass cups. It’s a simple clear glass cup, a little retro. And then I fill them with cold water. Yeah, that’s enough for two people. ……

When I brought them out and put them on the table, they looked at the cups with great interest.

The cup is filled with a beautiful amber liquid.


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