“I’ve got some things to do. I also want to see Shiho chan!”



I can’t say no

Even now, I still have feelings for Hazuki.

“I’m going in, okay?”


Hazuki has a duplicate key to our house. I also have a key to Hazuki’s house since we’re all family members.

There was also the circumstance that Yayoi san, who is rarely at home, was asking me to help Hazuki.

“Excuse mee”

In no time at all, Hazuki came to the living room. Hazuki appeared in her sailor uniform and then her eyes darted around.

“T-there’s another girl here ……! A-and it is Ichinomiya Mina-san ……!?”

Ichinomiya-san looked surprised too.

“Eh! Komaki-kun had a girlfriend? C-Coming to your house ……perhaps…”

Ichinomiya san may be quite sullen and lewd.

Hazuki also blushed at Ichinomiya-san’s words and muttered, “I-I’m not his girlfriend…”

I explained the situation to both Hazuki and Ichinomiya san.

Hazuki nodded hmmm and smiled happily.

“I’m so lucky to be able to meet Mina san from Etoile Sandrillon! I’m a fan!”

“Thank you. We are the same age, so feel free to talk to me.”

“Yes! Two idols…”

Hazuki’s eyes were sparkling.

On the other hand, Shiho looks uncomfortable. 

“I-I’m not an idol any more,…….”

However, both Mina and Hazuki want Shiho to return.

No, the whole world would love to see that legendary idol, Hashiro Shiho, on stage once again.

I have that feeling in my heart, too. I liked Etoile Sandrillon.

But it would have been nice to have at least one person on Shiho’s side.

“I respect your wishes,”

She looked up at me in surprise, then nodded her head in assurance, “Thank you”.

Of course, Ichinomiya-san didn’t seem convinced.

But it was Hazuki who spoke up first.

“After all, I’m against Kou-kun and Shiho living alone together, too.”


“Because it’s not right for a high school boy and a girl to live together. Besides,……, I was the only one who was with Kou-kun.”


“N-Nothing. So, how about I live with you instead of Ichinomiya san? If I were here, Kou-kun and Shiho-chan wouldn’t be able to do anything weird, right? ”

Hazuki said something outrageous.

It is true… but I don’t understand why Hazuki would say such a thing when she dumped me,…….

Shiho tugs at the sleeves of my clothes.

“onii san said you would respect my wishes, didn’t you?”

“Of course.”

“I’d like to be alone with you.”

Shiho says sweetly in a whisper.

With those words, my decision was made.

Of course I like Hazuki. It’s a dream come true that Hazuki would live with me

But what’s important to me now is my sister Shiho.

I smile at Hazuki.

“Sorry, Hazuki. I appreciate your concern, but it’s not necessary.”


“Shiho and I are family, and I think it’s natural for us to live together. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“B-but ……”

Of course, Hazuki and Ichinomiya tried to interject.

But I said more than that.

“Even if something should happen, the Teikyu Group will be able to resolve the situation.”

“I disagree. Shiho is…”

“Ichinomiya-san. This is between me and Shiho.”

“E-even if that’s true, I’m one of Shiho’s friends too you know!?”

“If you insist on opposing this, then I have no choice but to use the power of Teikyuu.”

I didn’t want to say it, but I couldn’t help it.

I come from a family that runs Teikyu, one of Japan’s leading companies. Its power extends not only to the political and business worlds but also to the entertainment world.

No matter how popular Etoile Sandrillon is, a member of the fourth most popular group is a flash in the pan.

In fact, some of the executives of the Teikyu have famous actresses and former idols as their concubines. Just as my father took Lettie Portman as his wife.

I might be able to make Ichinomiya-san disappear from the industry, or even force her to become my mistress, if I had to.

Of course, I would never do such a thing, but I could at least force myself to live with Shiho.

I don’t think Ichinomiya-san could have imagined that far, but in the end, after thinking about it for a while, she nodded her head.

“I understand. If you insist that much, I’ll accept it for today. But …… you’ll have to protect Shiho for me, Komaki-kun.”

“Yeah, of course.”

I nodded. Ichinomiya san smiles.

I couldn’t quite understand Hazuki’s thoughts, let alone Ichinomiya san’s. I was surprised that Hazuki didn’t have anything to say to me about the situation.

I wonder if Hazuki has some reason that she hasn’t told me about.

But the two of them soon disappeared. I offered to walk Ichinomiya san to the station, but Hazuki raised her hand and said, “I’ll go! I’ll go!”

It was a good opportunity for Hazuki to get to know her idol.

Thus, only Shiho and I were left at home.

Shiho sighed with relief.

“It’s just the two of us at last, isn’t it? onii san.”

“It seemed like a storm was brewing,……, but are you sure? The thing that Ichinomiya san was worried about might happen.”

Even I am a healthy high school boy. Shiho can be more critical.

But Shiho shook her head.

“I know that onii san, who is very kind to me, wouldn’t do such a thing. Besides, if it’s onii san, I don’t mind if he does something like that for a little …… .”


“I-I’m just kidding! M-More than that…I’m really looking forward to tonight’s dinner! ”

Shiho said that with a very happy smile on her face. 

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Thanks for the chapter! Always nice to see an MC put his foot down.

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Forget about naughty stuff. The MC high school boy is more interested in cooking than in girls so I highly doubt it will go in that direction. In fact there should be a cooking tag on this novel. Since the MC loves to cook.