Under a cloudless blue sky. A fresh breeze blowing on the rooftop of the school.

But my heart was clouded.

“I’m sorry, Kou-kun.”

The childhood friend in front of me said short and decisive words.

In other words, I – Komaki Koichi – had been rejected by the person I had always liked after confessing my feelings to her.

“W-why ……?”

“Because I …… only think of you as my little brother.”

My Childhood friend, Kanarebashi Hazuki, said so with a sad expression on her face.

Hazuki is very cute. She has long black hair and a slender height. She has the most beautiful face in school and her sailor uniform suits her perfectly.

Her grades are in the top digits, and she is also an officer of the student council. She is a beautiful, neat and perfect girl.

But the most attractive thing about Hazuki is not her looks or her specs.

It’s that she understands me better than anyone else.

Hazuki and I live next door to each other and have had a close family relationship since kindergarten.

Ever since we were kids, Hazuki has always been very close to me, and she would say things like, “When I grow up, I’m going to be your wife, Kou kun!”

Even when I was in elementary school, she took care of me the most, saying, “It’s more fun to be with Kou-kun than with girls.”

I was small and not athletic, so people tended to make fun of me, and Hazuki always defended me by saying, “Don’t bully my precious Kou-kun!”

I didn’t always rely on Hazuki. By the time we were both in the upper grades of elementary school, my parents were busy, so I started cooking dinner for Hazuki at night. I was a good housekeeper, especially at cooking.

I liked Hazuki, and I didn’t doubt that she did too.

After all, Hazuki said, “Let’s go to the same school!” and took the middle school entrance exam for the same school as me.

Our close relationship didn’t change even after we entered junior high school. We went to the movies on our way home together, chatted at the coffee shop, and went out to the shopping center on holidays. ……

Hazuki is a big fan of the idol group “Etoile Sandrillon,” and I remember going to their live shows with her. I was fascinated by the beautiful idols, but Hazuki looked so cute and happy.

We were more than friends and less than lovers, and all that was left was for me to muster up the courage.

With this in mind, I confessed my feelings to Hazuki in the summer of our first year of high school. I had no doubt that Hazuki would definitely accept my confession.

And now, I have been rejected.

Hazuki put her finger on my cheek.

“Kou-kun, you look like a girl. You’re tiny, you’re not athletic, you have a nice face but you’re more cute than handsome,…….” 


“I’m not sure if it’s like a little brother or a little sister? When it comes to studying, You are good at humanities subjects, but not good at science subjects. Your special skills are cleaning, sewing, and cooking…right? ”

“Yes, that’s true!, but what’s wrong with that? You even complimented me Hazuki”

“I didn’t say it was bad. But you know what, I want to go out with someone manly and cool.”

When Hazuki told me that, I was shocked and froze.

Thus ended my first love.

(TL/N : This one will be the heartwarming daily life type)

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7 months ago

I don’t fault Hazuki for desiring a more scholastic and manly type of guy. That’s fine. Having a preferred type is normal and is the most realistic aspect of this chapter.

What I don’t see as realistic is the fact that Hazuki is smart, because that would mean she knew that the MC was developing feelings for her waaay in advance, and yet she didn’t do anything to dissuade him in the slightest. Over the years, she could’ve let the MC know that she wasn’t interested in him in dozens of little ways, but she didn’t. Instead, she strung him along.

The reason this is unrealistic is because now their relationship is over and Hazuki’s down a friend. Even if she doesn’t really care about the MC’s feelings (and judging by that brutal rejection I highly doubt that she does), this outcome is undesirable to her.

Thankfully for me, I couldn’t care less about what’s good for Hazuki.