I think all of my classmates were taken aback. After all, the national idol Hashiro Shiho had just transferred to the school.

Hazuki, who is also in my class, was also stunned.

But I was even more freaked out than she was.

I never thought my stepsister would transfer to the same class. ……

Shiho smiled a perfect smile.

“Some of you may know me. But I’m taking a hiatus to focus on my schoolwork.”

Focusing on schoolwork is a phrase often used by idols when they graduate.

However, I believe that this is only a facade, and there are often other reasons as well.

Shiho also said to me that she has her own reasons.

Of course, in front of everyone, she never talks about such things.

“So I would be happy if you could treat me normally as classmates.”

As expected of an idol. Her beautiful voice carries well to my seat at the back of the classroom window.

The homeroom teacher, Miharashidai Risa, seemed to be in a very good mood.

“I’m actually a big fan of Hashiro san’s. It’s a pity that she’s taking a break from her idol activities, but if we can meet in this way, you’re more than welcome.”

”Thank you.”

Shiho giggles.

The male student in front of me, Hoshizaki Haru, turns around to look at me. Like me, Haru has the same features and is often mistaken for a girl.

However, unlike me, he doesn’t seem to mind it that much. He is a nice guy with a calm personality.

Sometimes when I give him my lunch box, he eats it while saying, “Yummy, yummy, yummy”. It’s a little doggy-like.

Then Haru starts whispering to me

“Why would Shiho Hashiro transfer to a school like ours? I can’t imagine. ……”

“I have no idea either. Our school is a prestigious preparatory school. Also, there are quite a few people who are involved in the entertainment industry.”

I tried to answer. Just as a popular child actor that everyone knows attended Keio’s affiliated high school, it is not hard to understand why a hugely popular idol would attend a prestigious private school.

It is a foil for both the school and the idol, and the prestigious private school’s free school culture may make it easier for the idol to perform.

However, the reason why Shiho transferred to the new school is …….

“I have a feeling there’s another reason”

Haru shrugs her shoulders as she says so.

That’s right. Perhaps the reason Shiho transferred is different.

“Then, I’ll ask Hashiro-san to sit in the vacant seat.”

An empty seat ……? There is only one empty seat in this class.

It’s right next to mine.


Shiho nodded, smiled and looked at me.

I’m a bit nervous, but no one seems to have noticed.

Shiho walks slowly toward me. The mere presence of Shiho makes the classroom look like a runway for a fashion show.

Then Shiho stops in front of her seat and looks at me tenderly.

Shiho brushes back her red hair, puts her index finger to her lips, and closes one eye mischievously.

“Surprised? Onii san?”

The classroom is quiet.

Then, the classroom becomes noisy.

“Komaki’s sister?
“But their last names are different.”
“Maybe it’s a family matter?”
“Komaki-kun isn’t really an ‘onii san’ character, is he?”

I think one of the girls said something rude, but I decided to ignore it.

The problem is Shiho.

“S-Shiho ……! You don’t have to say that so loudly ……!”

“It’s fine. We are siblings.”

Shiho said openly.

“If we go to the same school, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I’m sorry. I wanted to surprise onii san. I didn’t think we were even in the same class. ……”

In any case, now the classmates know that Shiho and I are siblings.

Haru looks at me with a shocked expression.

“Koichi,……, earlier you were talking as if you were strangers,……?”

“I’m sorry, Haru. I didn’t mean to hide…… it, no, but I did.””

“You were going to hide it.”

Haru says sulkily.

well, I hope you will forgive me. If I tell him that a popular idol is now my stepsister I’ll definitely be the center of attention in the class. So I was planning on keeping it quiet.

Shiho’s cheeks puffed out in dissatisfaction.

“You don’t have to hide it.”

“No, I thought it would be a problem if people knew that Shiho was my sister too. ……… might be embarrassed if people knew you were my sister.

I have a reasonably wide circle of friends in my class, but I am neither popular nor extremely popular.

I am too plain to be the older brother of idol Hashiro Shiho.

But Shiho shook her head.

“I wouldn’t think of such a rude thing.”

“You wouldn’t?”

“Of course not! Onii san is kind, he is cool, he cooks delicious meals, and he is …… my proud onii san.”

Shiho puts her hand on her chest and blushes a little. It seems that for Shiho, being “Komaki Koichi’s sister” is something she should be actively bragging about.

“If you say so, I’m happy to hear it, but …… after all, I don’t want it to stand out too much,……?”

“I….. see? Even though I was going to eat lunch with onii san since we go to the same school. ……”

Shiho looks depressed and looks up at me.

It’s cunning to make such an expression. The answer is decided.

“We’ll eat together as much as you want, including lunch together.”

“!? Really?!”

“Oh, of course.”

I nodded. No brother can refuse his stepsister’s request.

Besides, I wanted to see Shiho eat my lunch with pleasure.

“It’s a promise, right?”

Shiho smiled happily.

Thus, I promised Shiho that I would have lunch with her.

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