Now, enough ginger has been grated.

“Thank you, Shiho.”


After receiving the ginger from Shiho, I separated the ginger fibers from the squeezed juice with a cloth.

The fibers are thrown into a pot and put on the fire along with water and brown sugar.

The mixture is brought to a boil and then simmered over low heat.

“By the way, I didn’t know there was a ginger drink other than ginger ale.”

“Ginger can be used for everything. It can be used to season meat like gingerbread, or eaten as is like red ginger, it is also an herb.”

“Is ginger an herb? When I think of herbs, I think of rosemary or something like that. ……”

Ichinomiya-san said.

I nodded.

“By herbs, I mean plants that have been used for cooking and medicine in Europe for a long time. In that sense, ginger is also an herb, though in that case it might be called ginger.”

“Oh, I see. Ginger ale, gingerbread, and so on.”

“Yes, yes. It has been used in Japan and China since ancient times, and is also an ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine.”

After the ginger ale has been boiled down, I strain it with kitchen paper to remove the ginger fibers.

The liquid, ginger juice, and syrup are put back into the pot.

Stirring with a ladle, I let it boil down.

Then I held a machine in my hand. It has a black handle with a metal tip.

Shiho looked at it curiously.

“What’s that?”

“A refraction sugar meter.”

“A refraction sugar meter?”

“It’s a machine that allows you to check the percentage of sugar. You can see how sweet it has become.”

“T-that’s really something. ……”

Well, I don’t think that most houses have one of these.

But it’s something you can buy for about 3,000 yen at the most, and it’s not bad.

“Now I’ll boil it down until the sugar content is about 63 degrees, and it’s just right …… Yeah, it’s done.”

It looks like candy now, and it’s ready to go.

After this is cooled down, it can be kept as undiluted solution and then split with cold water to make a chilled candy.

Shiho looks up at me a little shyly.

“Onii san, …….”

“W-What is it?”

“Um, I don’t mean to be greedy,……, but I’d like to have another drink.”

Maybe she saw me making it and wanted a refill.

When I looked at Ichinomiya-san, she too nodded with a laugh.

I’m glad she drank so happily, and I’d love to serve her another round of drinks.

“Um…I’m sorry, but it’s going to take quite a while to cool this down…”

“Ah, …….”

Shiho and Ichinomiya-san seem to have noticed, and they look disappointed.

Since it was boiling until just now, you’ll have to wait a while to let it cool down and put it in the refrigerator.

“It’s a shame. ……”

“Well, you can drink it if you want it warm.”

“Eh. Can I drink it warm?”

“Of course. The chilled version is called “chilled candy,” but the drink with hot water is called “ameyu”.”

In the Kansai region, this drink is used to warm the body in winter.

Shiho says, “I’d like to try that!”

“But it might get hot, okay?”

“The air conditioner is working now, so I’m fine.”

Ichinomiya-san agreed with her.

I prepared a cup of boiling water. I prepared boiling water and put the undiluted solution of the chilled candy I had just made in a mug and mixed it with the hot water.

This time, it was for three people.

“Here you go.”

I offer it to them, and they say, “Thank you!” “Thank you!” and they start to cool it down with their breath.

Two popular idols are sipping hot drinks in the kitchen of my house. ……

It’s a scene that has no sense of reality.

Shiho took a sip and let out a breath.

“It tastes much gentler when it’s warm. It’s sweet, and the taste of ginger also …… makes me feel very peaceful.”

“I’m glad you like it.”


Shiho smiled softly.

The expression on her face was very happy.

And then she murmured.

“I wanted …… to have such a peaceful time.”


“I don’t want to be an idol, I want to be a normal girl. I think I can do that if I’m next to onii san.”

Shiho lowered her eyes shyly and said that to me.

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