“Hashiro Shiro is quitting her idol career?”

I couldn’t hide my shock.

I’ll say it again, Hashiro Shiho is a national idol. She is at the peak of her popularity. Everyone knows her name.

For those who are in their late twenties is okay, but Shiho is only 15 years old, you could say that the real work of idolizing is just beginning.

I like …… Etoile Sandrillon too, and I was rooting for Shiho.

But Shiho said plainly

“Etoile Sandrillon is graduating and leaving the entertainment agency. So I’m retiring from show business.”

“Why …… did you say that?”

“Because where there is too much light, there is a dark shadow.”


“It’s a quote from the German playwright Goethe. That’s the whole reason why I quit being an idol.”

Shiho was not going to explain further. She asked me, “May I borrow the TV remote?” she asked me.

I turned on the TV and handed it to Shiho.

A TV Tokyo news program was just on.

“Hashiro Shiho of Etoile Sandrillon has indefinitely suspended her entertainment activities.”

I was startled. Shiho smiled sadly.

“This is what I mean.”

“But it doesn’t say she’s retiring, does it?”

“We haven’t made a decision yet. It’s just a temporary break. The other members of Etoile Sandrillon, the office, sponsors, and …… Mama have not approved it.”

In other words, quitting idol is Shiho’s personal idea. Apparently everyone around her is against it.

That’s probably true. The most people want her to continue as an idol because she is so popular.

I want to continue watching Etoile Sandrillon with Shiho.

However, I have only just met Shiho as an individual and I don’t know anything about her situation.

I don’t think I have the right to tell her anything, and I hesitated to ask her why.

Shiho smiled at me.

“That’s why I don’t mind living alone with a boy,”

“J-Just the two of us?!”

“Because my mom doesn’t come home at all…,”

Shiho looks a little sad. Shiho may not have a good relationship with her mother. Shiho’s mother, Lettie Portman, is a very popular French actress who is in her early 30s but looks like she is in her early 20s.

In other words, Lettie and Shiho are the mother and daughter of two very popular celebrities.

It is often said, Like mother, like daughter.

“Well, my father hardly ever comes home, either. But I wonder if he will come back when he gets married.”

“No, I don’t think so. It seems that onii san’s father and my mother are planning to live together in a different house.”


“From the point of view of the couple who remarried, stepchildren are an obstacle, aren’t they? We’re more convenient for them if we’re not there.”

Shiho says calmly. I wondered where in the world there could be such an insane parent, but it could be my father.

My father is indifferent to me, through and through.

The problem is Shiho’s mother. Did she really think it was a good idea to let her daughter, who was an idol at that age, live with a man?

Even if the mother and daughter were to separate, she could have chosen to live alone.

There must be a reason.

“Does she really intend to let her precious daughter live with a man she doesn’t even know?”

I don’t intend to get into Shiho’s personal situation, but this is a matter that concerns me as well.

But Shiho giggled and fiddled with the ends of her red hair.

“It’s not true that I don’t know who you are. You’re the son of the Komaki family, aren’t you?”

It was my turn to be silent.

The Teito Express Railway, or Teikyu for short, is the largest private railway company in the Kanto region. I am a direct descendant of the founder of the company, Kazumi Komaki, and I am a candidate to be the heir to the Komaki family.

In that sense, I was born into a prestigious family. But that was a burden for me.

Shiho looks at me. Shiho apparently does not intend to answer my question head-on.

She just says, “Thank you for the food. It was really delicious.”

Then she looked up at me a little shyly.

“Um, Onii san. Can I borrow your shower? It’s so hot and sticky. ……”

It was summer. Even though this room is air-conditioned, I was probably sweating by the time I got here.

“Of course.”

With those words, I stood up. I led Shiho to the bathroom.

This townhouse is a four-bedroom apartment, so I think again that it is too big for two people to live together.

But it would still be a little smaller. That made me a little happy.

Walking down the hallway, we came to the bathroom. I was going to leave before the changing room, but Shiho opened the door to the bathroom at the back of the changing room.

“Wow, it’s so spacious! It looks like there’s plenty of room for two people. ……”

Shiho looked shocked after mumbling that.

Then, she turns around and looks nervous, her cheeks turning red. In this situation, I imagine Shiho and me to enter together.

“Onii san……, umm …….”

“I know. Of course, I won’t peek at you.”

“No, I believe onii san would never do such a thing, but thank you …… for your help.”

..At that time, I never imagined that less than a month later, Shiho would say things like, “I want to take a bath with onii san!”

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