Episode 7 – Please make miso soup for me every morning ?



And so, as promised, I served Shiho breakfast.

Shiho is sitting at the dining table with an excited expression on her face.

She is expecting a lot…….

I’d like to live up to those expectations.

“Yes, yes. Is there anything you dislike like Pakchoi?”

“As I said yesterday, I don’t have any food that I don’t like. Besides, I love pak choi.”

Shiho smiles proudly.

Shiho is really a wonderful person to have as a food recipient.

Pakcho, also known as cilantro, is an ingredient used all over the world. From Thai and Vietnamese cuisine in Southeast Asia to Mexican cuisine in the U.S. and Portuguese cuisine in Europe, it is indispensable.

It is not too much to say that it is a representative herb.

However, it is not a familiar ingredient in Japan, and although it is widely used these days, there are many people who do not like it.

I like it, and I am glad to hear that Shiho likes it too.

I cut up some green onions and pak choi, then got a frying pan ready to dry-roast some sakura shrimps.

“But Pakchoi for breakfast is very unusual, isn’t it?”

Before I knew it, Shiho had left the dining table and was standing next to me in the kitchen.

I was surprised to see Shiho standing next to me in the kitchen with her hands folded behind her back, leaning forward slightly and giggling.

“I couldn’t wait to see you, so I came over.”

I was startled by the soft, sweet smell of a girl.

Having the ultimate beautiful girl nearby might not be good for your health …….

“W-well, I could have had the standard Japanese-style white rice, natto and miso soup.”

“Oh, I like that kind of breakfast too. You know, in Japan, people often say, ‘Make me miso soup every morning,’ when they propose to someone.”

Shiho says in a playful tone. Shiho, who is half French, is a beautiful Western-style girl on the outside, but she is completely Japanese on the inside.

I laughed.

“I don’t think a man who says such male dominated things nowadays would be able to get married”

“Is that so ……? Isn’t that kind of selfish person popular?”

Well, maybe they are. People who are manly but masculine and aggressive are popular.

I lack that kind of manly (?) part. I think that’s why Hazuki rejected me.

Shiho puts her finger on her cheek and smiles.

“But I don’t want to marry a man like that. I prefer a kind man like onii san”

“…. Eh?”

“It’s just a generalization, a generalization!”

Shiho blushes and says quickly. I’m sure she’s embarrassed. But still, it’s thought-provoking and heartbreaking …….

But I was a little happy, and at the same time I wanted to tease Shiho a little.

“If it’s for Shiho, I can make her miso soup every morning.”


“As a big brother, you know?”

Shiho made a “what” face when I said that.

“I thought you were proposing to me.”

“I thought you were proposing to me, too.”

“W-well, we are siblings, you know.”

Shiho said calmly, but even her ears were red. So she’s the type of person who gets upset easily…

While thinking about this, I put soy milk in a pot and heated it up.

At the same time, I put chicken soup granules, black vinegar, Chinese pickles, and stir-fried sakura shrimps into the bowl.

Shiho’s face lights up.

“It smells good. ……!”

“It’s the smell of sakura shrimps. The smell of sakura shrimps is very appetizing.”

“Heee,……, what are you going to make anyway? I have no idea. ……”

“Well, well, well. It will be ready in a few minutes.”

“You’re very good at teasing, Onii san.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

The soy milk, heated to just before boiling, is transferred to the bowl, sprinkled with green onions and pak choi, and topped with raayu (Chinese chili oil).

The black vinegar and the red color of the raayu and sakura shrimps float in the pure white soup.

Shiho gasps.

“I-Is this ……?”

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