Episode 2 – My house is an idol’s house!?



“Manly, manly ……”

Mumbling to myself, I went back to my apartment.

Despite the shock of my broken heart, I had gone grocery shopping, so I had a plastic bag in my hand.

It has become a habit.

I have no family except my father, who rarely comes home.

My house is too big for that.

It is a rather large and luxurious townhouse.

My father is a manager of a huge railroad company in Tokyo. So was my grandfather. It’s a family business, and the Komaki family has a lot of money.

But the really important things—a mother and sister–were lost from this family.

“Haa …….”

I sigh.

Even though I cook, I’m alone. Come to think of it, Hazuki doesn’t come over to our house for dinner as often as she used to these days.

When I think about it, Hazuki’s heart may have already left me.

Is it such a bad thing to be feminine? It’s true that I am short, and sometimes I can’t keep up with the boys’ banter.

I am not good at sports. What I am good at is languages and housework.

My room is clean and tidy.

And, as Hazuki said, I am a good cook.

It’s strange to say it myself, but my cooking is good. I’m particular about it.

But no matter how good my food is, it tastes a bit bland when I eat it alone.

“It would be nice if there was someone to share it with.”

It would be great if that someone was my first love, my childhood friend.

But I’ve already been dumped by Hazuki, and as expected, she won’t be coming to this house.

I would like to have a family.

Well, I don’t expect to have a family anytime soon.

But then…

The front door is unlocked. Is it because my father has come home for a rare occasion, or did he forget to lock the door?

I turned on the light in the living room and to my surprise, there was a girl sitting on the chair at the dining table.


She screams in surprise. But I was the one who was surprised.

Why is there a strange girl …… in my house?

“U-um, I’m …… …….”

She stood up and looked at me with a confused and anxious look.

Unexpectedly, I gulped.

S-She’s so …… cute.

She looked so lovely that I couldn’t help but feel protective of her. She has long, beautiful crimson hair and crimson eyes that are as mysterious as rubies.

Her skin is as white as snow.

Not only is she a beautiful girl, but she has an overwhelming presence despite her small size. She is wearing a sailor suit from the same school as mine, but when she wears it, it looks like an idol’s outfit.

Hmm? Like an idol ……?

I think, and I gasp.

I’ve seen this somewhere before!

“Are you Hashiro Shiho, the …… center of [Etoile Sandrillon]?”

“Yes. Yes, that’s right.”

She nodded her head.

Etoile Sandrillon is an idol group that is very popular among men and women of all ages throughout Japan. Hazuki is also a big fan.

Among them, Hashiro Shiho, the high school girl who plays the center role, is immensely popular.

She is a half-French girl.

She is not only cute, but sings, dances, and talks perfectly. And her slightly fragile, protectively protective atmosphere may be the reason for her great popularity.

Hazuki spoke enthusiastically. “She is amazing even though we are the same age!”

Nowadays, there is probably no one in Japan who has not heard of Hashiro Shiho.

Why is she in my house?

“I-I’m not trespassing! Please don’t report me!”

Hashiro-san said desperately, looking up at me with her crimson eyes.

“I know that no one likes trespassing in a high school boy’s house. Except maybe at the home of idol Hashiro Shiho.”

Hashiro-san nodded her head at my words.

“Umm, but isn’t Komaki-san cute too, so there must be people stalking you to your …… house?”

“N-No, there aren’t you know….?”

I broke out in a cold sweat. I remembered something I didn’t like. When I was in junior high school, a boy in my class once approached me …….

“You see. The door was unlocked, so I thought you should be a little more careful. So that you don’t get attacked by men.”

“Thanks for the valuable advice. But I won’t be attacked.”

“No, I would be in trouble if I was attacked….”

This conversation was not going to work. Why is Hashiro-san worried about the security situation in my house?

I had a bad feeling about this.

“From today on, this will be my home.”

Hashiro-san told me this as if it was a matter of course.

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