“I-It’s beef. ……!”

Yes. Shiho is right.

Our bento box is a simple one-sided rectangle.

The majority of the box was filled with beef. Other side dishes such as tamagoyaki (fried egg) and imoni (stewed sweet potato) were also in the box.

Underneath the beef was a bowl of fluffy cooked rice, so it looked like a beef bowl.

“But this is no ordinary beef bowl,”

“Huh? If you put it that way, it looks like there are two kinds of meat. ……?”

The beef is different around the halfway point of the bento box.

“One is minced beef and the other is stewed beef, so you get two different tastes.”

“Heee ……! I can’t wait to see the difference. ……!”

I’m hungry too. I’m a healthy high school boy, so during my lunch break all I can think about is food.

Both Shiho and I forgot about worrying about being seen as a couple and were engrossed in the bento in front of us.

Shiho looked like she was about to drool out of her mouth.

Then she made a huffing expression.

‘’l-let’s eat it as soon as possible……!”

“Yes, let’s!”

“Father, I take this meal in thanksgiving for your mercy. Bless what you have prepared here, and give us food to sustain our minds and bodies. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

Shiho crossed her arms across her chest and picked up her chopsticks excitedly, “Now.”

“Let’s start with the soboro…..”

Shiho then proceeds with the chopsticks. She tastes the beef minced beef and white rice together, and says, “Mmmm~ Delicious!” Shiho’s cheeks relaxed and she murmured

“The beef stew is also delicious! Both have a sweet and spicy taste, but they taste a little different. …… So you can enjoy twice the deliciousness in one bento.”

“I’m glad you’re pleased. I’m relieved.”

It is a pleasure to have someone try my cooking, but the fear of what if it doesn’t suit her palate doesn’t go away every time.

Fortunately, Shiho’s reaction shows that she is not flattered but thinks it’s delicious.

She is a good girl with a lot of expression and her reactions are easy to understand.

Hazuki and Haru are also happy with my cooking, but Shiho is the only one who exaggerates how delicious it is.

I think the fact that Shiho enjoys my cooking is more important to me than the fact that she is a national idol.

“Even though it’s cold, it tastes better than a warm beef bowl. ……It’s like an ekiben. ……!”

“Yes, yes. That’s exactly right, it was originally an ekiben.”


“It’s called [Beef Doshinchu[ and it’s a famous ekiben at Yonezawa station. It is sold by a store called Shinkineya and is apparently one of the top three most popular ekiben in the country. I made my own version of it.

“If it’s one of the top three, I’m interested in the other two as well……!”

“I’m going to try to make them next time.”

“I’d love to try them!”

Shiho said with a bite in her voice. I smile bitterly at Shiho whose eyes are shining brightly.

“Of course, I’ll make one for you too.”

“Yes! Let’s eat together again!”

Shiho is as happy as a child, and my cheeks relax.

If she’s this happy, it’s worth cooking for. ……

“The omelette is soft and just the right amount of sweet and delicious,……!”

As Shiho said, the side dishes are also made with care.

I take it to my mouth. Yes, it’s working fine…!

“Oh, it’s so peaceful.”

I remember, I was dumped by Hazuki on this rooftop.

Somehow, it seemed like a long time ago.

Although I still like Hazuki.

But Shiho is there for me as a family member. I felt my feelings for Hazuki and the shock of my lost love fade little by little.

But Shiho won’t stay by my side forever.

She is my younger sister – my step-sister who just joined our family yesterday and is not related to me by blood.

I don’t know when circumstances will change and she will have to live in a different house.

And my worries soon became reality.

I hear the girls’ happy voices coming from the bench next door.

“Oh, by the way, I heard that a member of Etoile Sandrillon transferred to our school!”

Oh, so rumors are already spreading about Shiho …….

However, my prediction was wrong.

A man sitting next to the girl responds, “Yeah”

“Ichinomiya Mina from Etoile Sandrillon, right?”

…… Eh?

You don’t mean Shiho, do you?

Both Shiho and I looked at each other in surprise.

Ichinomiya Mina is indeed a member of Etoile Sandrillon. She is a popular member, not as popular as Shiho, but she always comes in fourth place in the general election.

Shiho looks around with fear.

“Mi, Mina is in this school ……?”

Before we knew it, a girl was standing in front of us.

She was tall and slender. Her short silver hair sways in the wind.

The face is surprisingly well-defined, and is the type of beauty rather than cuteness.

She has a tremendous presence, in a different direction from Shiho’s.

She stared at us with her blue eyes.

“S-Shiho…! A date with a guy in a place like this? What a nice thing to do!”


“I won’t allow Shiho to stop being an idol!”

The one in front of us was the idol Ichinomiya Mina.

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