After school, I go back to my apartment, which is a short distance from Shibuya station. It’s not much distance from the school to the apartment, but my clothes are sticky because of the summer heat.

Let’s take a quick shower, have a snack and laze around …….

As I’m thinking that, I notice a girl in school uniform wandering around in front of the auto-locked entrance.

And it’s our school uniforms. Besides me, Shiho and Hazuki, there are several other students from the same school living in this apartment.

However, the girl was not a resident of this apartment.

She looks back at me. She had an anxious look on her pretty face like an idol.

In fact, she is an idol.

” Ichinomiya-san?”

I called out, and the girl smiled as if relieved.

“Oh, thank goodness. I guess I’m in the right place.”

Her name is Ichinomiya Mina. The person who is the popular member of the “Etoile Sandrillon” idol group that Shiho was a member of.

She was disguised by wearing a different wig and glasses than usual, but I recognized her from the first glance since we had just met during the day.

“I’m sorry, but this isn’t an event hall or anything like that. ……?”

“I know! I came here looking for Shiho’s house …… your house.”

Well, I had a feeling that was the case.

Maybe Shiho didn’t tell her where her house was. When I asked her the source of her information, Ichinomiya-san giggled.

“I’m a celebrity, too, so I have all sorts of tricks up my sleeve.”

I thought what she was doing might be a common form of stalking, but for the time being, I didn’t say anything about it.

I’m more worried about the eyes of those around me.

“Perhaps, did you come alone?”

“If so, what’s the problem?”

There’s a big problem. Although not as popular as Shiho, Ichinomiya-san is also a very popular idol, so there is a possibility that she might be in danger.

Especially since there was a recent incident in which a high school girl who aspired to be a singer was stabbed and left in critical condition.

Moreover, if she were photographed, it could be misunderstood and become a scandal if she were to carelessly visit the apartment.

When I said this, Ichinomiya-san’s eyes widened in surprise.

“You’re worried about me?”

“I like Etoile Sandrillon too, and I support you too, Ichinomiya-san.”

“Hmmm…… thanks.”

Ichinomiya-san’s face turned red as if she was a little embarrassed.

“I couldn’t come with my manager or anything. Because business is business…”

“Did you come to bring Shiho back?”

Ichinomiya-san nodded. Since she was in the school, she was able to convince Shiho to come back.

“Hey. Please, Komaki-kun is Shiho’s older brother, right? Please convince Shiho to come back to Etoile Sandrillon, even from Komaki-kun!”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but I think that’s for Shiho to decide.”

I’m the one who just became an older brother yesterday.

Shiho’s mother, the actress Lettie Portman, wants Shiho to continue her idol career, but I don’t think she has been able to persuade her. I’m even less likely to be able to convince her.

But Ichinomiya san shook her head.

“I think she really attached to Komaki san,”

“Attached, like such a dog,…….”

“It’s more like a cat than a dog. If she doesn’t like the person she’s talking to, she’ll be wary of him or her and stop talking.”


“Especially if it’s a boy. You just met her yesterday, right?”

“I’ve seen Shiho on TV a lot, but I don’t think she knew who I was.”

“It seems like Shiho has opened up to Komaki-kun. Was yesterday really the first time you met Shiho?”

I think so. There’s no way I could have any contact with a hugely popular idol.

If I had ever met Shiho Hashiro, I would at least remember her.

But there was one thing that stuck out to me. From the first time I met Shiho, she had said she was my “younger sister”.

Since we were the same age, why was she my “younger sister”? Shiho didn’t even try to confirm whether we were older brother and younger sister

That means Shiho knew her birthday was later than mine. Did Letty-san told her?

“Komaki-kun is the son of the president of that Teito Express Railway, isn’t he?”

“You didn’t have to check up on me.”

“You are Shiho’s brother, so I was curious. Then, did you meet Shiho at the Teikyu party or something?”

“I don’t know. ……?”

The possibility of that happening is certainly not zero. If it had happened before Shiho became famous, it might have been possible.

Come to think of it, Shiho’s mother is a famous actress, but what kind of family is the Hashiro family? In other words, who is Shiho’s father? There is no mention of him in magazine articles or on TV.

If he is an influential figure in the business world, it would not be surprising if he was at a party at Teikyu.

I’ll look into it later.

“I’m sorry, but Shiho won’t be back for a while. She has some business to attend to.”

“I’ll wait. I won’t leave here until I convince Shiho.”

“No, You’ll wait a long time, and I think you should go back….. I’ll walk you to the station.”

I offer so. It can’t be helped that it’s dangerous for an idol to act alone.

But Ichinomiya san shake her head.

“I’m not moving from here!”

The heat was making Ichinomiya san’s face red, as if she had been waiting for quite a while already.

She seemed to be sweating a lot, and her uniform blouse was slightly transparent.

I was momentarily startled, but I was more worried that she might suffer from heat stroke.

I’d hate for her to fall ill if I left her waiting in front of the entrance like this,…….

Since she is Shiho’s guests in the first place, I have no right to forcefully drive her away.

I open my mouth with reserve.

“If so, why don’t you go up to her room and wait for her? We have cold drinks.”

Ichinomiya-san looked surprised at my suggestion and stared at me with her blue eyes.

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