After a few moments of Reona’s threats, we continued our conversation in a rambling manner.
Just when I thought it was almost noon, I heard a loud rumbling sound from Reona’s stomach.

Reona blushed a little and looked down, so I got up from the floor and went out to the hallway.
Keeping pace with Reona as she paced after me, I went downstairs to the first floor.

“What are you doing?”

I asked her curiously, “What do you want to eat? I asked her while rummaging through my apron.
Her face lit up and she said, “Wait a minute!” then returned a few minutes later and returned in a few minutes.
In her hand was her favorite apron, which she probably brought from her house next door.

I glanced at the clock in the room as Reona put on the apron.

“Uh, it’s going to take about ten minutes to make, okay ……………?”
“Hey Nagi, I haven’t told you what I want to eat yet. Are you listening to me? What I want to eat is…”
“Omelette rice! right.”

Reona bit her lip somewhat regretfully when she saw me taking out the familiar ingredients from the fridge.
However, it was somewhat curved, indicating that Reona was not angry.
To her, I firmly remind her as I always do

“Reona. ………… don’t hold the kitchen knife. Don’t touch pots and pans. And no frying pans.”
“Wait a minute! Then I can’t do anything! I’m always getting Nagi to cook for me!””

While refuting this, Reona’s well-shaped lips pouted in a cute way.

—–The parents of the Amou and Kisaragi families are generally not at home during the day.

This is because both of them have been riding the elite career track without missing a beat and are too occupied with work …………

So we had to cook for ourselves from a very young age.
But at the age of five, I was faced with a tragedy.

“—— you, you can’t cook!”

Yes, Reona was a devastatingly bad cook.
No, bad is not the right word, her cooking skills are so bad that every ingredient Reona touches is transformed into something terrible.
To be more specific, her cooking skills are so bad that in cooking shows, the staff members literally pour blood, sweat, and tears into their work behind the scenes to make it look as if Reona made the food.

However, Reona seems to have a yearning for cooking, and she does not give up on it easily.
Once she makes up her mind, I usually go along with her, but ……………… I couldn’t give in on this one.
At any rate, my life is at stake.

Well, I’m not an evil person either, and I’ve tried to teach her how to cook.
But I only realized that Reona’s culinary sense was a level above the rest of us.

When I said, “Wash rice,” she would get out the detergent and start washing.
When I said, “Make a fire,” she would just turn it into charcoal.
When I said, “Pour oil on it,” she would use up all the oil in a 1-liter bottle.

Who could teach such a person patiently?
Or perhaps the correct answer is that I tried to teach her patiently, but he didn’t improve.

Still, I didn’t want to see Reona in a depressed state.

“Why don’t you leave these things to me? We’re a couple you know ………….”

After some hesitation, I muttered the last word and Reona’s face flushed red in an easily recognizable way.
But even I myself felt my cheeks burning, and I regretted it a little.

I glanced to the side, however, and saw Reona holding her loose cheeks with a smile, saying, “I see. couple huh~~~”
I was glad I said it, I thought a little ——– a little. I was a little bit happy to say it.

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