Today is finally the start of the second semester of summer remedial classes, which means the summer vacation is practically over. I went to bed early last night because it had been a long time since I had been to school, so I woke up quite early in the morning.
When I looked at the clock, for a moment I thought about going back to sleep, but it would be a bad idea to oversleep and be late on the first day of make-up classes.
Although it is called a remedial class, it is a normal class, so there is a possibility that I will fall behind from the very start.
If that happens, I may be in danger of being expelled from school again, and I want to avoid that at all costs. So I gave up sleeping twice and got up from bed.
And while I was heading to the dining room to have breakfast, I met Mio with a depressed expression on her face in the hallway.

“Good morning, Onii chan. It’s unusual for you to wake up at this hour.”
“Good morning, I went to bed quite early last night. More importantly, you have a very gloomy expression on your face since this morning, what’s wrong?”

I could guess the reason why Mio was looking so gloomy, but I dared to ask her. Then Mio opened her mouth in a low tone.

“Of course it’s because the second semester of supplementary classes starts today. Compared to junior high school, summer vacation is too short. ……”

Until junior high school, there were nearly 40 days of summer vacation, but since I became a high school student, it is practically only half of that.

“Well, my school is an advanced school. Oh, yes, I heard that the summer vacation for third-year students is further reduced to half due to preparation for entrance examinations and mock exams.”
“Eh, and it’s still going to decrease from here!? I’ve heard such bad news since this morning causing the tension to increase.”

While walking and talking like that, I arrived at the dining room, so Mio and I started eating bread baked in the toaster.

“…… Speaking of which, after the remedial classes, weren’t there preparations for the school festival?”
“Oh yeah, it’s really dull because it’s mandatory participation.”

The school festival of our school is held for a total of three days: two days for the cultural part of the festival and one day for the physical part of the festival.
I have to cooperate with my classmates to prepare for the festival, which is a painful time for a loner like me.
I still remember that last year, because I was a loner, I was the only one who was not properly informed about the event, and I suffered a lot of bad things.
I still remember the trauma of waiting at the original location for the choir practice and the class relay practice, which were changed before I knew it, and being embarrassed because the information was not shared with me.

“Well, that’s depressing, isn’t it?”
“Well, let’s both do our best to be reasonable.”
“..Well to say be reasonable”

Mio was a bit taken aback, but since this is who I am, it can’t be helped. Then Mio finished eating breakfast and left the house ahead of me.
Mio, who had friends in her class, probably had a lot of things to do in the morning. There must be friends that she hasn’t seen in a long time, so they might talk about their memories of the summer vacation from the morning.
I have no classmates other than Reona and Riona that I can talk to properly, so there is no merit for me to go to school early. For a while, I spent my time playing dungeon rounds of a shadow game.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Ryoya, good morning.”
“Well, now that Ryoya is here, let’s get ready for school.”

I picked up Reona and Riona from their house, and the three of us started heading to school together. The stares from people around us were still intense, but I had gotten used to it since I had been with them a lot during the summer vacation.

“Since we are second-year students, we have to put on a play at this year’s school festival, don’t we?”
“Yeah, we have to prepare props, costumes, and scripts, so it’s definitely going to be harder than last year.”

The first-year students are in charge of class exhibitions, the second-year students are in charge of plays, and the third-year students are in charge of creative dances, but to be honest, I think the preparation for the second-year students’ plays is the most troublesome.

“We also have a test after make-up classes, so we’re pretty busy.”
“I see, come to think of it, that’s one of those things.”

Riona’s words reminded me of the test. The test is a test of homework assignments from the summer vacation homework, and it is also related to the grade.

“It’s getting really tedious to go to school, I honestly want to go home and sleep again right now.”
“I don’t doubt that feeling, but you can’t run away from reality.”
“If Ryoya wants to run away, I will definitely catch him.”

In response to my tweet, Reona and Riona commented to me that they would definitely catch me. Well, you don’t have to worry about it because I’m not going to run away from it from the beginning.
I don’t think I can run away if Riona is chasing me. If she wants to catch me, she will chase me to the ends of the earth.
While walking with such a conversation, I arrived at the front of the school and tried to run away using the restroom as an excuse, since being with the two of them would most likely make me look bad.
I tried to use the bathroom as an excuse to escape, but they seemed to know what I was up to and wouldn’t let me go. On the contrary, they forcefully crossed their arms from both sides, making me stand out like a dead man.

“……Hey, come on, give me a break.”

I could only mumble quietly to Reona and Riona, who looked satisfied.

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