The Case Where I Told My Childhood Friend, a National Idol Who Was About to Commit Suicide, “I’ll Be Whatever You Want Me to Be,” and the Next Day I Became Her Husband



This is the story of one man —–, Amou Nagi, who saves the girl he loves.

Kisaragi Reona is a popular national idol who is a current high school student.
She is my childhood friend and lives next door to me.
One day I saw Reona about to jump off the rooftop.

—I’m afraid of being called a lot of things in the entertainment business.
When I heard Reona’s reason for trying to kill herself, I looked her in the eye and told her instead of confessing.

“—- I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

These were the words I told her because I didn’t want to let my precious childhood friend die.
And the next day.

“—— And the next day, the national idol retired and Nagi became the idol’s husband. Congratulations”
“How is that possible!”

What is this?
This is a story about a man who saves the girl he loves! (? )

Episode 1 – Suicide, retirement and ….marriage?

Episode 2 – Favorite type

Episode 3 – No cooking, ever

Episode 4 – Omurice is a visitor’s prediction

Episode 5 – Message and Marriage

Side Story 1 – Strawberry and Sponge Cake

Episode 6 – Disguise and corner room

Episode 7 – declaration of marriage

Episode 8 – Come to think of it, I don’t know

Episode 9 – Shackles of the elite

Episode 10 – Chain of Honors

Episode 11 – Past, Future, and Present

Episode 12 – Her Root

Episode 13 – What I can do