I proceeded to cook, feeling somewhat embarrassed, and after about ten minutes, a warm omelette was ready.
When I took ketchup out of the fridge, Reona’s face lit up and she said, “Give me that!” She took the ketchup in her hand.
With her cheeks relaxed, she told me to keep my eyes closed, and there was no way I could resist.
Then, after a few seconds, she gave me permission to do so.

“Fufu. Nagi, take a look.”

I looked at Reona’s face, which was in some kind of a good mood, and shifted my gaze downwards.
Thinking that I didn’t have that much time, I looked down and saw a red liquid ……………, ketchup if you will, on top of a steaming omelette. I was so happy to see it.

[Amou Reona]

That’s right, Reona’s name was written on it, only the “Amou” part was double lined, and there were stars and hearts drawn on it.
I stopped moving for a few seconds and then crouched down with a groan.

Too cute

“Eh, what’s wrong!?” I couldn’t raise my head, though, because I was afraid my hot cheeks would boil even more if I saw Reona’s panicked face.
As expected, I couldn’t let her see my face, I thought idly, and then raised my head to lower the heat that had gathered in my face.
The air conditioner was on, so a cool breeze hit my face.
After all, it is still June in summer ……………, but I reconfirm that air conditioning is a must.

I looked next to Reona, who was writing something in ketchup on another omelette with a serious, yet happy look on her face.
As I stared at her profile, I wondered if she had noticed my gaze or if she had finished her work, and she looked up.

And as I was watching her face slowly turning red when her eyes met mine, she suddenly pushed her hand out in front of her face, and then the chime of the house rang, which was kind of dumb.
My mother made it the sound of entering Family tv show because it’s “funny,” and before it finishes ringing, there’s the sound of the door opening with a clang.

With a bad premonition ……………… or rather conviction, I looked at the only door in the living room and saw the person who had set the chime, “Nagi, How are you doing?” She appeared.

My mother, —– Amou Kasumi, is a career woman who works hard despite having a husband who works overseas.

The person, who looks to be in her late 20s despite having a son in high school, steps into the living room with the grandly opened door intact.

And the moment she saw my face, she said, “You’ve grown up! You’ve grown taller, too!” She ruffled my hair.
Incidentally, the last time my mother met me was three months ago, so I am sure I have not grown that much taller.

When she saw Reona standing next to me, she looked much happier than when she found me. It was quite rude of my mother.
Then she ran to Reona and hugged her with her face shining.

Reona’s face was buried in my mother’s, who was a little taller than she was, and she looked up at me with a pout.


Neither my mother nor Reona’s mother likes to be called “auntie” or “00-chan’s mom”.
Therefore, both Reona and I had been calling our respective mothers by their first names since we were very young.
And Mom loves Reona, and Reona also is fond of Mom.

I took one look at them playing like a parent and child for a while and then went to my seat to eat my omurice.
Reona saw this and as if she noticed something, she shouted, “Wait a minute!” I turned my head to look at her.
I looked back in surprise, and after making sure my eyes were looking back, Reona lifted up one of the two omelettes.

Then she snapped a picture of it with her phone, and after a few seconds of manipulating it, Reona took the omelette to my mother.
The omelette that Reona held up to her mother said “Nagi & Reona got married!” was written in ketchup.
When I gasped at the bomb that was dropped so easily, my mother next to me gasped and her face lit up.

“Aararararara! At last! You’re finally doing it!?”
“Yes! I got married to Nagi today! We’re getting married, aren’t we? Right?”
“Ara, congratulations! Well, you can’t leave Nagi out of it!”

Reona is really, really cute, though, tilting her head at me innocently and with a full-blown smile on her face.
My mother, who is not surprised by the additional dynamite dropped on her, but rather welcomes the marriage by saying, “this one this one~”.

Please, as a parent of a high school student, stop it.

Knowing that even such a natural thought would not reach her, I put a somewhat resigned look in my eyes.

“Mother …………”

But she didn’t care about such a look and at the end of the day, she carefree muttered, “You have to make Reona-chan happy!” The mother, who carefreely muttered, looked at her own watch and screamed, then ran to the front door with a thud.
I threw the chicken rice I had grabbed while I was making the omelette toward my mother, who was moving around busily.
My mother caught it without difficulty and put it in her bag.

“I’m sorry, Reona-chan! I’m running out of time, I’m going back!”
“You should be thanking me for making dinner for you.”
“Where do you want the wedding!”
“Ignore me?”

After successfully ignoring her son’s words, my mother, who is always so cute with Reona, started talking about the wedding venue.
But Reona, being Reona, replied with a twinkle in her eye,

“Preferably in a foreign country!”
“Leave it to me! How about Hawaii?”
“Don’t be so hasty. First of all, let’s think about the schedule.”

In response to my unintentional rush, Reona said, “I don’t care about the details!” and smile
That was a relaxed and reassuring smile,…………… and it was too bad I wasn’t the one who made her do it, but that smile was cute enough to make me think, “Well can’t help it”. It was so —– cute.

My wife, she was beyond cute.

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