I was asleep on my side. But I noticed something unusual and woke up. There was light shining through the window of my room. The sunlight was bright.

The bed is warm. It is made of feathers and special fabrics to keep people’s body temperature down. Lately, it has been getting hotter, so I no longer use a too thick, fluffy comforter. Instead, I cover them with a thin towel-like sheet.

That usually keeps me cool. For some reason, there is heat, at my place. And it’s not warm, it’s warmer than warm, like it’s fresh. Strange, huh? It’s like I’m touching something ……. It’s kind of slippery and squishy, and every time I touch it, I hear a ‘mmm’ from the back side.

And what’s this hand on my belly? It’s pretty small. This is not my hand.

I fearfully turn over. There she was, sleeping peacefully.

“Mmm, mmm. ……”
“Whoa! W-Why !? Why are you in my bed?”
“Wake up! Get up and explain!”
“Hnn oni chan noisy……”
“Not thatt!”

I forced her off the futon.

“…… Eh?”
“Hnng. What are you doing, Onii chan…..?”
“No, …….”

Hime finally woke up and was rubbing her own eyes. Then I shouted at her,

“Get dressed!!!!”

I yelled at her.


I moved to hime’s room.

“Where are we going today?”
“Onii chan?”
“Hey, Onii chan? What’s going on?”
“Are you still mad at me? Mouu sorry, Onii chan! Forgive me!”
“Hey, why are you looking at your palm so much? Are you hurt? Does it hurt?”
“I’ll lick it for you!”
“Don’t lick it! I’m not hurt!”
“Ah, it’s a reaction.”
“Of course I reacted. Just now I was in a state of absentmindedness or just thinking about it.”

Hime tilted her head at my response. The reason for the silence is because I was thinking about …… the bed earlier. Let me start from the beginning. I was thinking of something shady. I was thinking about something lurid. I was sleeping under the covers with a popular actress and my stepsister. And she was naked.

I could only think of naughty things. Furthermore, I touched her body unexpectedly. It was not on purpose, but really unexpectedly. I don’t know where I touched her. I can only imagine it was really erotic.

Because it was ‘nnnn’, you know? No, isn’t that erotic? Isn’t this voice erotic? Did I touch a place where an erotic voice would come out?

That was all I could think about.

“Onii chan, which outfit do you think looks better on Hime”

Hime was holding the clothes with both hands. In her right hand was a T-shirt. In her left hand was a dress. Both are fashionable and cute.

“No, not ‘Ah?’ No, I mean, Which one? Which one is it?”
“The T-shirt on the right.”
“This one? Why?”
“Because I like it better.”
“Hmm. I see Oni chan likes T-shirts.”

The princess said, ‘Well, ……,’ and changed the clothes she was holding.

“Which T-shirt do you think looks better on me?”
“Eh, again?”
“Which one?”

This time, the one on the right hand side is white with letters in the middle. The lettering is right around the chest. On the left hand, it was a plain light blue one.

“On the right?”
“Because it emphasizes the breasts and it’s erotic.”
“Onii chan’s ecchi.”

She brought out the one that is often seen in cartoons. It’s a stick figure. But I could see that her face was a little red.

“Then the next one is …….”

Definitely the one on the bottom, right?

“Which one is…?”
“Oh, that’s a quick answer?”
“Denim. I think that’ll work.”
“Oh, yeah?”
“Well, let me ask you, why?”

Hmmm, I thought for a moment. A reason came to me immediately.

“Because it accentuates all of your legs and it’s very erotic.”
“You’re really perverted, Onii chan”
“Isn’t that what men are like?”
“I wonder if it’s okay to look at your sister that way.”
“It’s my duty, though.”
“Yeah. ……”

And since hime looks at me that way, I also look at …… her that way.

While embarassed, I looked at Hime. Hime, dressed in her pajamas, stood there with her mouth open, holding the denim I had chosen for her.


I thought she suddenly started moving, and Hime pushed me down on the bed.

Then she hugged me.

“Eh, what?”
“Hime? Get away from me. I can’t move”
“So you finally understand Hime’s love for you! I love you, Onii chan”
“No, seriously, get away from me.”
“Nn~~! I won’t leave you! I love you, Onii chan”

What am I doing here? I just came to Hime’s room after I finished changing. Why is she telling me? Why is she hugging me? No, she hugged me last night.

“Onii chan….”

She brings her face closer to me.

“Hime. No kissing.”

She tries to force her lips to meet mine. I avoid it.

“Nngh..! It’s okaay!”

She kept trying again and again.

“Hey, you can’t do that!”
“Hnn, ……, Chuu. …….”

I feel a soft touch on my lips. I kissed Hime. With a popular actress. With my stepsister. But she didn’t even put her tongue in my mouth. It was just an overlapping kiss.

“Heheheh! We did it!”
“Seriously? ……”
“Come on! Let’s get out of here, Onii chan!”

My body’s strength is draining away. I can’t go out in such a state that I can’t seem to do anything.

There was still the warmth of Hime’s lips on mine.

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