Suddenly, I have a partner.

Oh no, of course, it’s not like Satoru of Bokemon.

My partner, my so-called “wife” is—– not a school, but a national idol, who won the “number one ranking I want as my wife” in all of Japan Kisaragi……….. no it’s not. —– it’s Amou Reona.

“Hey Reona ……………, are you serious?”

“Of course!”

Reona is sitting on the floor of my room, eating a Hagen she bought at a nearby convenience store on the way home from registering at the city hall.

Such a national idol smiled and nodded at me, speaking an old phrase that was a little behind the times.

Her face was indeed pretty, but I was more concerned about what happened after that.

The media was hanging around on the way back —–, and fortunately Reona was wearing a wig and they didn’t seem to know where she lived, so we’re good for a while. But.

I glanced at Reona’s work phone, which was ringing incessantly, and there were a frightening number of notifications on it.

I almost reached for it, but I managed to restrain myself and stop myself.

Seeing my somewhat restless state, Reona turned off her phone and puffed out her cheeks.

When I muttered, “You’re as cute as ever,” as if it was a routine, Reona immediately blushed.

“Nagi! I’ve been telling you not to do that kind of thing for a while now!”

“What do you mean by that kind of thing, …………?”

“You’re going to make me tell you that!?”

Gan! After yelling like a barking dog, Reona got up on her knees on my bed.

With the somewhat shaken look on Reona’s face, I was taken aback and fell silent.

“Even though I’ve been suiting Nagi’s type all this time,”

“Type? what’s that………?”

No matter what my type is, I’ve been in love with Reona ever since I can remember.

As expected, such a confession cannot be made after marriage,…………, or rather because of the marriage, but anyway, I pecked the swollen Reona’s cheeks and waited for the rest.

“Stop it” She said, firmly slapping my hand away, and then spun the words with her cheeks puffed out.

“I haven’t even dyed my hair once.”

“Come to think of it, your manager said you should dye it for idol work or something.”

“And I’ve been growing it out at my waist for a long time.”

“Even though She told you to cut it off because it would be hard to take care of your hair and stuff.”

“I don’t even have any makeup on.”

“If you do that and still cute, I’m impressed.”

“Something’s wrong at the end! Something’s wrong!”

While looking at my childhood friend, whose cheeks once again turned red at my words, I looked back at Reona, who was looking somewhat angry.

After staring at me like that, Reona opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.

“All of that, I did it because Nagi said that kind of girl was your type!”

“…………… Eh?”

When I was so taken aback that I couldn’t say anything back, Reona glared at me with an expression that was still red, and began to speak at a furious pace.

“You said that women who look good with their natural hair are good, that you like long hair, and that people who don’t even wear makeup are more beautiful! Other than flashy people, you likes people who look neat and clean, and you likes people who look good in skirts!!”

“That kind of thing ……………”

No, I said that. I’m sure I did say that.

I think I said that when I was looking at magazines before Reona became an idol.

With such a small and old memory, I wrinkled my brow in admiration of Reona’s ability to remember things.

“But that’s only if it suits the person. I didn’t want to force Reona to look like that, and I’d hate it if I was limiting her activities.”

“Then, I wonder if it’s possible for me to always look just the way I am?”

But, I don’t know if it suits me or not… Reona muttered something like that, and after a while, the usual tension returned as if she had recovered.

I said, “Reona-san, are you back?” and she said, “Leave it to me!” I was met with the same words as ever.

I turned to Reona, who was humming a popular humming song in a good mood.

Sitting on my bed, Reona tilted her head with a puzzled look on her face.

“But Reona, why were you trying to be my type?”

I asked as I suddenly remembered, and Reona’s face turned redder than any of her previous ones, “Nagi a thickhead!!!!” and she shoves her borumon cushion in my face and squirms.

I couldn’t say, “That’s my cushion,” because I was somehow pressured by Reona.

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