Episode 37 – Childhood friends are unbeatable



“…… What kind of child goes to bed tired of playing?”

I muttered to myself as I watched Kasumi sleeping next to me.
So Kasumi and I went to the beach together, and it was really fun. It may be an overstatement to say that we both went back to our childhood, but when we went to the rocky shore to hook each other with water and swim purely ……, we almost did something a little like that, but we held back there with a spirit of steel.


On the way home after playing like that, Kasumi fell asleep with her head on my shoulder as we were being rocked by the bus.
…….It was really fun
No matter how much time I put in, I always had Kasumi next to me, today was a happy time.

“I’m really sorry …….”

I mouthed this while stroking the cheek of a sleeping Kasumi.
Anytime I think about it, I feel like I’m being punished for having stayed away for a few years from a girl who loved me so much. Even if my own feelings were there,……, and if Kasumi hadn’t stepped up to the plate like she did, I’m sure we wouldn’t have been able to build this relationship.

“I know it’s not relevant now, and I’m sure Kasumi will laugh at me for even bothering with this stuff.”

That’s actually true. …… Well, so much for negative thinking.

“Really, why is Kasumi such a wonderful girl?”

The more I spend time with Kasumi, the more I think so. That’s why I feel like I have to do my best to live up to her. The more wonderful she is, the more I sometimes wonder if I’m good enough for her, but in the end it’s up to us.

“…..So why are you so cute?”

I don’t know if she is sleepwalking or if she is secretly awake. Kasumi squeezed my hand and leaned in even tighter. It was a little tight, so I asked her to untie my arms from her embrace and put my arms around her shoulders.

“Hey, Kasumi.”

You’re sleeping, right? Then let me tell you something.

“Marriage or not, I honestly don’t know yet. But how was it from …… Kasumi’s point of view that she made him say it? After all, that kind of thing usually from me …… right?”

That might be my only slight regret.
Well, but it only makes a difference which one said it, and that’s what Kasumi’s going to laugh at me for not caring.

“’Don’t worry about it at all. It’s a decision to get married, so the only difference is which one of us said it first. …… or something like that.”

No, I’m sure I’ll said it
That’s why I can’t betray Kasumi who likes me like that. It’s a big responsibility, but I don’t …… mind it, in fact, I’d prefer to be able to use my time for her.

“……Marry, let’s do it. We’ll get married in the future.”
“Yes, we will.”

There was a voice that responded to my mutterings.
I half-expected her to be awake, but when she said that,……, she opened her eyes and looked at me. I’m not sure if she was awake after all, but I guess that’s one of the cute things about Kasumi.

“Okay, okay.”
“You treat me like a child. …… but I want you to do it because I love you.”
“that’s love”

I pat Kasumi’s head and she squints her eyes pleasantly.
And so our excursion came to an end. I had one more memory with Kasumi.

In this way, daily life with Kasumi continued.
After a few months had passed, my father’s schedule finally came to an end and he and my mother returned to their home. However, Kasumi’s house was just a stone’s throw away, so it was only natural that we could see and touch each other anytime we wanted.

And today, time passes with Kasumi again.

“and then you know? Mai was awful–“

I phase through the stories of Kasumi’s friends.
Since then, the girls have become reasonably close friends to me, even calling each other by name now. At one point, Kasumi showed a hint of jealousy, but she soon got used to it and now she even thanks me for being friends with them.


Well, we both know it’s not going to be like that, but still, Kasumi couldn’t help but keep the girls in check, and the way she kept snarling at them was …… amusing, to say the least.


As I was thinking back to my time with Kasumi, I saw her patting her stomach with an indescribably kind expression on her face. It wasn’t like she was in pain or itching, of course, but why was Kasumi patting her tummy? I was thinking back to the time when I was with Kasumi, and she was patting her stomach with an indescribably kind expression on her face.

“……, the fruit of my and Kazuki’s love♪”
“…… what?”

That’s what it means to stroke the belly of the fruit of Kasumi and myself, the fruit of our love.
However, I was more concerned than happy. Because we were still kids in our second year of high school, and more importantly, I had been very careful when doing it with Kasumi.

“Lies, jokes.”
“…… is heartbreaking, seriously.”

As much as I’d like to do that eventually, I seriously thought my heart would stop.
Kasumi giggled when she saw me even breaking out in a cold sweat, said she was sorry, and hugged me.

“Is Kazuki happy to be with …… me?”
“What’s wrong with that? Isn’t it natural?”

It really is a new word.
When I replied, Kasumi happily murmured, “Me too,” and moved her face closer to mine and kissed me. The kiss was just a sweet touch, but it was still a kiss that spread happiness in my heart. I feel happy to hold her in my arms, and I know that the days I spend with her are truly wonderful.

“Childhood friends never lose.”
“Childhood friends, you know? They never lose.”
“…… yeah i think so. That’s right.”

At least that was the case with me and Kasumi.
If something had not clicked, we might not have had a future together like this, but we are together now. We were childhood friends, but we became lovers, and we were able to nurture our love to the point where we promised each other a future.

“I am glad I kept believing in myself that I fell in love with Kazuki. That has led to such happy days.”
“….. that’s me too. I didn’t believe in myself, but now I want to believe in myself for liking Kasumi again. And it’s all thanks to Kasumi.”

Well, it’s like I was taught that above all else, it’s important to have confidence in yourself.
We are free to love someone, and we don’t need permission to be there for them. What we want to do is the most important thing.

“Kazuki, I like you.”
“Me too, Kasumi.”

We’re all good now.
No matter what happens in the future, …… we will support and complement each other, and in this way we will go as far as we can.

I will continue to walk through my days with Kasumi for years to come.

(TL/N : Oh my god…It ends…it’s sad but at the same time so relieving. It was probably my first time to translate a wholesome and fluffy WN like this one, and I think I’ll translate more of this kind later on, so by then, see you on the other chaps !)

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This is the end of the story.

It was difficult to write a story about childhood friends, but I managed to finish it.

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  1. Thanks for the translation! Its short but to be honest, most of the other novels if this type are just way way too long. They start adding unnecessary drama or the author just loses motivation. So I like this.

  2. Short but sweet, like many other novels from this author. It was refreshing to see a one-on one romance from this author, as he usually does harem. The childhood friend thing… It’s neither a draw for me nor do I have anything against it. It’s just like any other romance for me.

    The translation quality left to be desired, but it got better towards the end. Otsukeresamadeshita~

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