It was a good decision to consult with Yui san. For a while I wondered what would happen, but the result was all right.

Dear God, Yui sama. I will seize this chance.

“Yui, she invited me.”

As I thought, Yui was aiming for this. Thank you in many ways.

“The truth is, I asked Yui san for advice. that’s why….”


“Yeah, I really want to convey my feelings to you, Iori, no matter what.”

Iori san kept looking down and didn’t even make eye contact. It’s the first time I’ve seen Iori san being salty.

“Do I have to hear it?”

“Of course ……um, ……would you like to walk a little bit?”


We moved to a nearby park. I’m not sure if there would be any more crowds, but I wanted to calm down and talk to her.

I came to face my feelings. No more hesitation. I like Iori san.



“I like you, Iori.”

I said it……. I finally said it. I was able to say it correctly. I was able to say it without biting my tongue.

The time it takes for Iori san to say a word feels incredibly long.

The excitement in my heart has reached its peak.

Is my heart okay !?

“Thank you, Naru….”

Finally, Iori san smiled.

But in the next moment, she was crying aloud in my chest.


“I’m sorry, Naru……, I wish I had listened to your reply sooner.”

I gently hugged Iori san.

“I got scared… even after I said something so arrogant I was suddenly afraid of Naru’s reply…… I’m sorry Naru.”

I didn’t know anything about Iori san.

The school idol and everyone’s favorite, a senior who’s always dignified and dependable.

That’s the image I have of Iori san.

But in reality, I was wrong.

Although Iori san is the school idol, she’s an ordinary girl.

Even Iori san has worries.

But I thought that I was the one who’s in pain. I mistakenly thought that I was the only one who was having a hard time.

“Iori, please go out with me.”


I was so happy that I couldn’t stop crying.

I couldn’t stop shaking.

My confession has a little spice to it in many ways.

It was very typical of me, a salty confession.

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1 year ago

Well, I’m happy that got sorted out quickly.

1 year ago
Reply to  dmntt

Me too. But man, this authors chapters are almost short enough to screenshot on mobile.