Ann Mayer was looking into me?! I’m the world’s most melodic guitarist?! What the hell did she mean by that……

“Naru Otonashi, i’ve never heard of him…….”

I lied. How could I tell the truth when I dressed like this?

“I see….that’s too bad.”

Yes, that’s too bad that the guy who dressed as a woman in front of you is Naru Otonashi.

“I had a little hope that I might be able to see him this time in Japan.”

Seriously….she wants to see me that badly….

Wait a minute, it could be a person with the same name……I’m going to dig in a little bit more.

“How do you know such an unknown guitarist?”

“Hmm—we were in a competition together, and he wasn’t famous, but his father is a famous guitarist, Jin Otonashi.

“I….I see.”

Now I’m sure it was me.

“He was really great, you know? His technique was way better than mine.”


“Honestly…..I was jealous of him.”

“That much?…..”

“And the melodies he played were really beautiful. I still don’t know of any guitarist who can match that spark and sense of style.”

What a high rating……I wonder if my performance stung her….

“However, his performance doesn’t have a soul to it. He was still an amateur and a kid……. I thought He’d be a great guitarist by now and famous in Japan.”

I realized that myself from back then. My performance was really bland.

I could see from every word that Ann was not satisfied with that victory. I felt like I was slightly saved, but that was the result. It doesn’t change the fact that I lost.

To avoid confusion, I led Ann to the side entrance.

Just as we were about to arrive at the side entrance, her manager rushed up to us. My role ends here.

“What is your name?

“It’s Runa.”

“Here is your ticket for today’s performance. Come and see if you like !”

Conveniently, there were five tickets.

“Yes, I’d love to.”

I answered without asking about everyone’s circumstances.

I wanted to see her play purely as a guitarist.

And that feeling was strong.

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