I dressed up as a woman and bumped into my mother by accident in the hallway at school.

There are probably few people who had the same experience as I have now.

How do you feel? If you ask me, all I can say is this.

In any case, I’m embarrassed …….

They often said that when you’re embarrassed, you feel like your face is on fire.

My face is so hot that it really feels like it’s on fire.

My heart is throbbing in a different way than from being thrilled by Iori.

If there was a hole, I would want to get in it.

“Rin, you’re here?”

Huh? That means she’s here with Rin.

“M….mother, why are you here?”

“Eh ! That voice… could it be, Naru?”


My mother mistook me for Rin, but better late than never. I came out to her without any deception.

My mother approached me with a stern look on her face. I wondered if she might slap me.

When she came up to me, she relaxed her expression and suddenly hugged me tightly.

“What’s going on, That’s so cute.”

She rubbed her cheek against mine.

“What’s wrong? Did you do it yourself? Did someone else do it? Tell Rin how to do it too.”

“Stop it, Mother, you’re embarrassing me…..let me go.”

My mother is a police officer, so she’s very strong.

“Isn’t it too late to be embarrassed after dressing up like that?”

……It’s just as you say.

“So, who are those ladies over there?”

“They’re the seniors in my club.”

They all exchanged greetings lightly.

“Hey, Naru, your girlfriend is among them, right?”

So sharp…….

“Ah, don’t tell me. I’ll guess it.”

My mother checked everyone’s faces one by one.

“It’s you !”

It was Iori. She was indeed a police officer.

“Mother, how did you know?”

“Look, she’s the only one with bright red ears.”

You’re looking very carefully…….

“Nice to meet you, mother. I’m Kubota Iori.”

My mother’s eyebrows wrinkled when she heard Iori’s name.

“……Hm, Kubota Iori,……Kaori and Gaku’s daughter?!”

“Do you know my father and mother?”

“I’m more than knowing them. Kaori is my best friend. I introduced Kaori to Jin and Gaku.

What an unexpected development. My mother was the cupid for Gaku san and Kaori san.

“You guys used to play together when you were little, you know? You may not remember.”

“Eh ! Is that so?!”

So that means that Iori is also my childhood friend.

The connection between the Otonashi and Kubota families……I thought that Iori as my girlfriend was already unbelievable.

“Mother, why are you at school today?”

“Well, it’s for Rin’s transfer procedure.”

Rin’s transfer procedures…….

‘E–! Rin, she’s going to transfer here?”

“Of course, because she’s staying in Japan for your sake, you know?”


“Jin threw his responsibilities to me, even though I’m busy too……”

Because of me, I kinda feel sorry for everyone…..

“Oh, right now, you’re feeling kinda sorry because of you, right?”

“Eh, you know?”

“Of course I know, because we’re family, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

I feel a little better now. Thank you, Mother.

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