I, Who Was Cheated on, Want to Drown in the Love of My Yandere Childhood Friend ~ for Those of Who Have Fallen Due to Codependency, It is Already Too Late ~

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Nagai was cheated on and dumped by his girlfriend. Nagai’s heart is healed by Rika, a childhood friend from whom he was somewhat estranged.

Nagai is immersed in Rika’s tenderness, just as he had been in the past. His childhood friend’s expressions of affection gradually escalate. By the time Nagai realized that this was a bad idea, it was too late.

[Masatoshi, all you have to do is look at me.]

As Rika, who has mastered the art of yandere, affirms him, his anger toward the girl who dumped him has disappeared, and he even begins to take pleasure in his downfall.

Cultural Festival Part

Episode 1 – Discovery of an Affair

Episode 2 – At My Childhood Friend’s House

Episode 3 – Fall Into a Hug

Episode 4 – Ex-girlfriend Never Changes

Episode 5 – Rock, Paper, Scissors All Won by Childhood Friend

Episode 6 – Cafe

Episode 7 – Horror Novels to Choose From the Bookstore

Episode 8 – Everything For Masatoshi [Rika Side]

Episode 9 – Past And Memories

Episode 10 – Whispered by Words of Sweetness

Episode 11 – I Love [I, who spread love] [Kisaki Side]

Episode 12 – Advice From Her Favorite Boyfriend

Episode 13 – Max Energy in Haunted House

Episode 14 –  After the Argument, I Left the School Festival

Episode 15 – If You Whisper in My Ear and Brainwash Me

Episode 16 – Bondage And Teasing

Episode 17 – The Brainwashing is Lifted and the Memories Disappear

Episode 18 – Holding Hands With the Lonely Princes [Kisaragi Side]

Episode 19 – Rnka’s Confession, Expectations for Kisaki’s Downfall

Episode 20 – Kisaki’s Incident, Rika’s Fever

Episode 21 – Making Porridge, Aahhn

Episode 22 – Rika’s Interruption On Treatment

Episode 23 – Quietly Cornering Kisaki [Rika Side]

School Trip Part

Episode 24 – School Trip is Near

Episode 25 – Let’s Keep Our Distance For Now

Episode 26 – 5 Seconds Before Kisaki’s Punishment [Rika Side]

Episode 27 – 5 Seconds Before Kisaki’s Punishment (Part 2) [Rika Side]

Episode 28 – The Two Will Reconciled

Episode 29 – Kisaki’s Karma, the reason she got dumped?

Episode 30 – Unable to save Kisaki, she falls to the ground

Episode 31 – People Misfortune Taste Like Honey

Episode 32 – Put Your Lips Together

Episode 33 – Horror Movies And Dealing With Kisaragi

Episode 34 – Two People Riding Bicycle at Night

Episode 35 – Love Love  Love  Love  Love  Love  Love  Love  Love  Love 

Episode 36 – Stay Up All Night And Morning

Episode 37 – The Dere Part of Yandere

Episode 38 – Kisaki’s Followers Should be Punished

Episode 39 – The NIght Before School Trip

Episode 40 – Unstoppable Notification Sound From Rika: Over Three Digits

Episode 41 – Rika’s Addiction Accelerates

Episode 42 – Aiming for the World With Only Masa Kun [Rika Side]

Episode 43 – Free Actions, Changing Feelings

Episode 44 – A Childhood Friend Who Won’t Disappoint

Extra Part

Extra Part – Labour Thanksgiving Day