Rika was buoyant. Today, the day of the school trip, the excitement of the entire school year was at its peak.

The platform of the bullet train was filled with such students. They cannot remain silent. They were buzzing with excitement.

“This, that, and the other–“

“It’s too early to get excited. It hasn’t even started yet.”

“The school trip starts the moment you leave home. And it is just before the action that you are most excited. No wonder.”

The anticipation that comes right before the trip often outweighs the feelings that come with the actual action. Rika must have had higher expectations.

“I understand. But I was afraid that if we jumped too fast from the very beginning, we might lose our grip on the project.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. If I were together with Masa kun, I can get three to four times the output. Let’s push it further from here, okay?”

“Physical strength monster is terrifying.”

An announcement was made that the scheduled bullet train was arriving. The wagons are classified. This is where I say goodbye to Rika.

“I have to go.”

“I don’t want to leave you. I wish you were sitting next to me…….”

“It doesn’t mean you’ll never see me again. We just don’t meet at Tanabata, Orihime and Hikoboshi. It’s only a few hours at most.”

“I know. I’m not a patient person at all, you know? I’m hopeless.”

“You don’t have to put yourself down. Rika is not a bad person, and you should not deny that you feel that way. You just have to accept it as it is and come to terms with it.”

Her answer was a slightly dissatisfied answer and a stern expression.

Once I was separated from Rika, I was taken in by the atmosphere. The person sitting next to me was the good-natured Nanase.

“Oops, you don’t look so happy. Isn’t that a bit out of character for a school trip?”

“Shut up. It’s my normal routine.”

“That’s a lie. My calculations are that you’re not sitting with your girlfriend and that you’re sulking.”

“Don’t speculate.”

The one who is sulking is probably Rika. Right before she got on the train, she was muttering to herself that she wanted to be with me, and it was obvious from her demeanor.

Just as I was about to shrug my shoulders, my phone started vibrating.

“Oops, a notification?”

“It’s probably a solicitation email or something along those lines anyway……”

I search through my pockets. As soon as it touched my hand, the notification sounded again. Not once, but three times in a row.

“Well, it rings a lot.”

“It’s like when you’re not waiting for a call to come in, they all come at the same time.”

I checked to see who it was from.

[Rika: Did you get on the bullet train? I’m in the wagon next to Masa kun’s.]

[Rika: What are you doing right now, I’m thinking about Masa kun, you know?]

[Rika: missed call.]

[Rika: I bet you’re not busy, why don’t you call me secretly? While we’re here.]

All of them are from Rika.

“Your face is distorted. There was a hint of joy in it. Could this be your girlfriend?”

“Well, well.”

“Shouldn’t you be a little more excited?”

The boys sitting in the seat in front of me are grinning and looking at me.

Nanase and the others, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m glad to hear from Rika. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But when they come in trepidation, it’s a bit overwhelming. The letters alone cannot convey the finer nuances of the message. I feel like a target being hunted step by step by the beast.

Missed calls and several messages are consuming me. It’s sweet poison. It’s not bad to eat, but when taken into the body, it starts to do bad things.

To some extent, it can be a drug. If I receive a series of messages, I overdose, and it has a negative effect on me. That’s the kind of thing.

“Things are not that simple.”

“I don’t mind the [I’m the only one who understands] attitude, okay? You seem to have a point. However !”

Nanase raised her finger and pointed it at me.

“The fact that Nagai is a normie is an undeniable fact. You pure love boy, don’t you know the aura that comes from being fulfilled?”

The seats in front of and behind me were staring at me with a bit of malice in their eyes. My heart aches.

“It’s absurd. I don’t mean to show it off.”

“Regardless of what you think, you’re still emitting an aura of happiness, you know? You’re welcome to it, but don’t forget that if you indulge in the unconscious system, our resentment will be machiavellian!!”

“I mean, seriously, what kind of a joke is that?”

“If you don’t understand, let’s play cards ! The four of us played cards against each other. Nagai, if you lose, you buy me a glass of juice.”

“It’s just a little bit too much.”

The result was an overwhelming defeat !

I possessed Baba from beginning to end, lost the psychological battle, and remained forever.

“Now you know, happy man !”

“I’m buying for all of you, aren’t I?”

“Consider it a study fee, Nagai. Be happy !”

I got smiles and thumbs up from all three of them. I was tickled.

A few minutes later, I stocked up on juice from the in-train vendor. I got a toast of congratulations. They made fun of me a little, but the mood was basically welcoming. It was warm.

When I thought about it, a simple question came to my mind, why am I making the object of my toast so indulgent? Let’s say I forget.

“Let’s check the message.”

Seeing that the other three were distracted by the conversation, I quickly checked my phone.

I couldn’t leave the phone on, so I put it on silent mode. There were a few vibrations, but I’m not sure how many notifications there were.

I do remember that there were a fair number. It rang frequently.

“Which one……”

I turned on my phone.

[Rika: Have you noticed?]

[Rika: Why are you ignoring it?]

[Rika: I know your phone is right next to you. So just answer it.]

[Rika: missed call.]

[Rika, answer.]

[330 other notifications]


I’ve made Rika uneasy. I’m not a good childhood friend. It goes without saying that Rika’s yandere gauge is over the edge, as she’s been in a state of shock today.

It’s not natural for her to go too far into the next car, and it would be disrespectful to Nanase and the others if I kept fiddling with my phone.

I guess the first thing to do is to go see Rika and calm her down.

“Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Are you going to see your girlfriend?”


“I see…….”

Nanase and the others seem to be looking forward to it. A quickie, lame lie won’t work, right?

“Anyway, I’m going.”

There is a fair amount of space in the wagon connection area. All I had to do was meet up with her.

“erm……sorry, I couldn’t reach you. I’ll meet you at the train yard.”

The message was read before I could even blink.

[Yeah, I’ll be right there♡”

She even added a heart. She must have been very emotional.

I started walking toward the wagon connection area. It only took a dozen seconds to open the door leading to it.

When I rattled the door open, the person waiting for me was already standing there.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Masa kun.”

Rika’s hair was shaking slightly from the vibration of the vehicle.

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