The next day.

I went to school as usual. The festival was just around the corner. Just because I had been rejected did not mean I could stay in my shell, waiting for my wounds to heal.

“Good morning, Nagai kun.”

“Good morning, Kisaki.”

“You’re looking good today, aren’t you? Keep it up and let’s get ready.”

The one who winked and left was Kisaki Saki.

I was surprised that she could talk to me smilingly even though it was the day after she dumped me.

I tried my best to smile at her while hiding my dark inner feelings. My inner feelings and my behavior are two different things.

She told me that she had multiple boyfriends. So what happened to the boyfriends other than me and her true love?

Did he reject her in the same way? Is he still in a relationship?

…I guess it can’t be helped even if I think about it. Even if I think about what’s already over.

I should think about those who are still present.

–Kamisato Rika.

I was shocked to receive a hug from her after a long time.

Even after I got home, my body was still enveloped by the lingering scent. I was drowning in euphoria.

The happiness did not last long. Gradually, I awoke from the dream. For a moment I had almost forgotten about it, but then anger began to boil over.

When Iwas being hugged, I can clear my mind. Otherwise, I would be thinking about things.

I had just finished and returned home, but I wanted to be hugged again. Once I reacquainted myself with that hug, it’s hard to return back.

On a day like that, I decided it was best to fall asleep and got under the covers early. Because if I stayed awake, I would think of unnecessary things.

“She’s not in my class…….”

I’ve not been in the same class as Rika since I entered high school. The only chance I will have is next year.

I just couldn’t stop talking to myself. We were estranged until recently, right? Even though we’re not in the same class.

“Nagai ! Don’t just stand there, come and help me !”

My consciousness was pulled back to reality.

We are currently working on the festival.

From this morning, we work until the end of the day without a homeroom. I’ve been too absorbed in my thoughts since I got to school.

“I’m on my way, I just need a minute.”

“You’re going to have to work a lot for that !”

I gave my classmates a thumbs up and got to work.

What we will be doing at this school festival is a roller coaster. This is the first one.

We’re going to use the entire classroom to run a homemade coaster. The boys are mainly responsible for designing and fine-tuning this coaster.

It is almost ready, but there are still a few critical parts.

The second is the sales of goods. This is done outside. This is mainly run by girls.

Our high school has a somewhat unique system of assigning two events per class.

Since the assignment is different for boys and girls, we’re supposed to be completely divided—but no. The main act is the main act, but there are times when each act is supported by the other.

During the course of the assignment, the girls’ support came in.

“Nagai kun, do you think this design is good?”

“I think it’s fine, as long as we make some minor adjustments.”

At this time, too, Kisaki Saki got involved.

The people around me recognize that Kisaki and I are close to some degree. Before that happens, I can’t just turn her away.

It was a painful experience for me to have to play along with her, as I had been doing until the day before yesterday.

Just go over there and don’t talk to me.

I tried to make an appeal with my eyes, but she decided to ignore me completely.

You dumped me yesterday. I don’t understand your nerve to be involved with me without a care in the world after you dumped me for your true love.

“….isn’t this good?””

“Sorry, I wasn’t listening.”

“You;re so cold.”

“I’m going to the bathroom. Go to the support desk at the other site.”

“Eh, wait〜”

She squeezed my hand. Is she telling me not to go?

I gave her a sharp look that only she could understand, as if to shun her.

Ignoring my panic, I headed towards the bathroom. My purpose there had changed.

I wanted to wash off my hands. I don’t think I’m an overly germaphobic, and I wouldn’t have gone to that extreme, but right now I couldn’t accept Kisaki Saki.

After washing until I was satisfied, I finally returned to being a real human being. I guess I didn’t want to even physically touch the filth of the person who betrayed me. It was almost like a physiological impossibility.

Having clearly shaken off the situation, Kisaki never came in contact with me again. Thank goodness for that. I would have been annoyed if she had not.

“You were somewhat indifferent, Nagai.”

“I’m the same as usual. It was just your imagination.”

That’s what I was told after I finished the work.

He’s not wrong. You know exactly what I mean.

But I have to act like it’s all in his mind. Until the time comes when it is no longer necessary.

Perhaps it will be the time when Kisaki Saki shows signs of ruin. It would be unbearable to end without any struggle.

I could endure the temporary humiliation. If I knew that it would be beneficial in the long run.

And if Rika would continue to support me.

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8 months ago

Being hugged by a cute girl everyday… How envious. Lol