The day before the festival.

As usual, Kisaki Saki was sometimes involved with me. Now I was able to go through with it without much emotional reaction. Seeing that I returned her message so coldly, it seems that Kisaki Saki is giving up. It has become easier to pass it off.

My involvement with Rika continues. There haven’t been any hugs or whispers in days. These things, even if they are done once, are vividly remembered.

I ruminated on the feeling of a calming hug and a whisper of [I love you]. Even though Rika was not by my side, I could still feel her. It was a comforting feeling, and it was becoming fully imprinted in my brain.

“Masatoshi, do you enjoy cultural festivals?”

Rika looked me in the eye and asked.

I was talking with Rika in an empty classroom after school. She said she couldn’t go home with me today because she had something to do, so we decided to talk for a while and then go home.

“I guess it’s something like that. I’m not so much a fan of the festival. I’m excited about it, though.”

“And the after-party?”

“I don’t want to go to the dance. Who am I going to dance with?”

“You don’t want to dance with me?

“It seems like I’ll be showing off to everyone around me, so I’m hesitant.”

“I guess you’re right.”

If I could dance with Rika.

I guess I’ll be happy. There may be a future like that. The problem is that it makes a strong appeal to those around me. I didn’t want to be questioned as to whether I was in love with Rinka.

“Love is stronger when it is kept secret, isn’t it? Showing it off is vulgar. It is enough if only both parties know about it.”

“As expected of Rika’s philosophy.”

“Well, I guess so. And so, the conclusion. I want to dance with Masatoshi. But not in front of everyone.”

“You want to dance in secret?”

Rika whistled and snapped her fingers.

“I’m going to get out of the festival before the after party, what about you Masatoshi?”


The festival is on the second night.

“I’m leaving. At the very least, I won’t be attending the after-party. I don’t want to see Kisaki Saki dancing with her boyfriend.”

“It’s no wonder.”

The first day of the festival is the whole day, and the second day is the middle of the festival.

When would be a good time to leave? I can do it whenever I want. I have not been entrusted with an important role such as being on the school festival executive committee.

The absence of one cog in the wheel will not cause a fatal flaw in the management of the festival.

“I feel like I’m doing something wrong by leaving the festival.”

“There are some people who take the whole festival off. So it’s fine”

“The problem is what happens after you leave…….”

Rika mumbled in a whisper.

“Nn, what did you say?”

“Nothing. I’m just starting to look forward to it. Savoring the spice of immorality.”

“I hope it’s not too spicy and won’t hurt your tongue.”

“If I can’t go back, it’s over.”

Leaving the festival in the middle of the day.

I found myself feeling more excited about that than the school festival itself. To be honest, I was surprised. A few weeks ago, I was looking forward to the festival itself.

The change of heart is really drastic. It’s not always the same. Tomorrow, my mindset may have changed again.

“I’ll enjoy the spice in moderation. Rika, aren’t you in a hurry?”

“Maybe it’s about time. I enjoyed being with Masatoshi. Thank you. See you next time.”

She waved her hand elegantly and left.

Rika is still Rika. I feel secure in the knowledge that her core is unshakeable.

I went down to the shoe box and changed my shoes.

“Hey, Nagai Masatoshi !”

A stranger put his hand on my shoulder. I pull my fingers out of my heels and turn around.

He was tall and handsome. My instincts suggested that he was the type who would be stubborn. I don’t think we’ve ever met. But I had a sense of déjà vu.

“Who the hell are you?”

“You don’t know who I am?”


“Kisaragi Hikaru. I’m one year older than you, and I used to be on the soccer team.”

A person from a world that has no connection to me. In fact, the aura emitted from the surroundings was different. It’s a positive aura unique to people who have lived a smooth life.

“What on earth do you want?”

Kisaragi and I have no contact with each other. Is he trying to randomly hit up on affordable people and try to solicit them for some sort of service?

“You’re scaring me, aren’t you? Relax, relax.”

“What do you want?”

“Let me get straight to the point. I’m Kisaki Saki’s boyfriend.”


I knew what the deja vu was all about.

Kisaki Saki was showing off a photo of her boyfriend. One of the pictures from that time showed a man who looked very similar to Kisaragi.

“I don’t have anything to do with Kisaki Saki anymore. I broke up with her. I couldn’t accept the mentality of a person who doesn’t feel guilty about multiple-timing.”

“I see. So that’s what you are.”

“What do you mean?”

“You have to be careful with your words, Nagai kun. Even if you hate someone, courtesy is essential.”

I will not break down. While I was distraught, he did not show the slightest sign of agitation.

“The only reason I contacted you this time was because I wanted to apologize.”


“I’m the one who dances with Saki.”

In other words, a declaration that he is Kisaki Saki’s true love.

The guy with full of energy in front of me?

“I’m sorry that I took your spot.”

Kisaragi bowed deeply. When I remained silent, he didn’t move. He was not going to look up until I told him it was okay.

“I’m sorry…even if you apologize, I won’t forgive you or not.”

“That’s harsh.”

“I’m just saying that’s how I feel about it. I don’t care about it.”

“Honestly, I’m surprised you don’t care. Saki isn’t a bad girl. I can’t overlook the fact that she’s being treated so innocently.”

Kisaragi’s expression is not clear.

“Once the school festival is over, she wants to go back to her previous relationship with you. That’s what Saki says. I agree. I guess it’s no good after all.”

“I don’t think so. Cheating and things like that aren’t okay.”

“I understand. If you feel like it, I want you to pet Saki again. She’s…a poor kid.”

Well then, Kisaragi said and quickly left.


–That girl….she’s a poor kid.

I didn’t understand what he meant. What is it that made her a poor child?

“Those who don’t understand the meaning of each other are a good match.”

I told myself, and headed home.

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6 months ago

Kisaki seems to be having a dark past. But venting it on a morally bad way.