I have been thinking too much about old stories.

Once again, I turn my attention to the world of books.

I often read the first half of the book by force of habit. I feel that nothing happens in the first half of the book, and that the book often only stirs up my expectations.

The highlight of this horror novel I was reading was the middle part of the book. The story moves one after another, and I can’t help but wonder what the protagonist is up to.

Even when the story reached the end and the direction of the story was almost certain, the excitement still remained.


Finished reading.

Although I took a few breaks, the reading experience was almost nonstop. It was the best. The reason why I can take a lot of time is because now is the time before the school festival and I don’t have to study so much.

My motivation for the festival is clearly declining. Just being able to spend time with Rika is enough for now. What else do I want—.

In the distance, my phone vibrated. A vibrating sound was transmitted through the wall.

It was Rika.

[Masatoshi, have you finished reading?]

“Somehow. I just finished it a while ago.”

[Really !? I don’t know if it’s telepathy, but I just had a feeling.]

“You’re like a robot anime. It’s amazing.”

[Well yeah. Childhood friends are like that.]

First of all, she asked me to tell her what I thought of it.

I’m not very good at telling stories, but I tried in my own way. I pushed my thoughts to the forefront, and she was surprised at how well I did.

“…I guess it’s like that.”

[Thank you. I can feel the energy just by listening to Masatoshi’s stories.]

“I’m really happy to be able to be a nourisher for you.”

[Fufufu. I’m next.]

Rika’s story had a strong pull on me.

Her face is not visible. Her voice alone told the story.

The sense of presence was tremendous. She used the inflection and rhythm of her voice and had the strength not to let go once she grabbed you.

[……In the end, there was no happy ending for the stalker.]

“Trying to do good doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a sin, huh?”

[It’s a shame. If you commit a crime, you have to see it through to the end. Random, impulsive behavior destroys you.]

“Thank you for your kind words.”

[Don’t make mistakes in a moment of passion, Masatoshi.]

“I see. So it was a cautionary tale.”

I’ve been dumped and I wish for Kisaki Saki’s demise. It’s also good to have a grudge. If you’re going to exact revenge, you’ll definitely need to be prepared.

A mere recrimination would not look good.

[You don’t have to think too much about it. If Masatoshi wants to, she will be punished naturally even if you don’t do anything about it.]

“I hope so.”

There is a saying that if you look at life in total, good things and bad things are equal to zero. I guess it is true. Those who did wrong during my hard times were punished in some way.

However, just because the total is zero doesn’t mean that the swing is the same.

One minus one is zero, and one hundred minus one hundred is zero. The number of suffering is not taken into account.

[That’s why, it’s alright this time. That woman, that woman alone…….]

“You’re really into it, Rika.”

It can’t be helped, right? It’s just terrible. Give love indiscriminately. Probably for my own satisfaction. It’s hard for me to understand.]

She sighed heavily, as if she disliked her a lot.

“I’m still in shock, but thanks to Rika, I feel much better. Today, too, I was able to forget about it and enjoy the book. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.”

[Good boy. The best thing is for Masatoshi to be happy. Do you think you can do it tomorrow?]

“Yeah. I’m happy just to have Rika by my side.”

I was being honest.

In the past few days, I had begun to remember how important Rika was to me.

[Well, those words make me happy. I think I’ll do my best tomorrow. I feel warm all over my body. Masatoshi’s words permeate every heart and soul.]

“I think that’s an exaggeration. It’s as if I’m a medicine for your body.”

[It’s a medicine. Once I receive it, I can’t get rid of it.]

“It sounds like an illegal drug. I thought I was a nutritional supplement.”

[It’s supposed to be shady.]

I laughed and wondered what she was talking about.

I had been taught the horror of drug addiction for a long time.

Other dependencies are generally ignored. It is more realistic for a healthy student to be addicted to something other than drugs.

I was wondering if I was addicted to something—but I was interrupted by Rika’s words.

[In conclusion, Masatoshi should not be afraid of anything and just enjoy the present day. You only need to look forward. Life will be over in the blink of an eye if you keep looking backward.]

“I don’t want to end up with nothing but my age.”

[If that’s the case, don’t dwell on it. Just forget about it and look at me the same way you always have.]

Rika’s words are always sweet.

An insect that comes to suck nectar from flowers. That’s me. An insect that is simply fascinated by the sweet nectar.


She suddenly whispers. She’s squeezing my voice.

[–I love you.]

I felt as if I had been hit straight in the solar plexus.

It was only one word, but it made my stomach churn.

The sweet words run through my whole body and seem to ruin my head and body.

[Of course, as a childhood friend.]

“yeah, yeah.”

It’s supposed to be a light joke. She’s just my childhood friend, and that’s why she’s so sweet. I’m not a man who deserves to be loved.

[Later, Masatoshi. Fufufu.]

But still, I was happy.

I was so happy to hear her say she loved me.

Even though it’s just one sentence.

It was impossible for me not to be aware of Rika.

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7 months ago

She’s making him expecting more and more, but won’t give it directly so that it is he himself that should get it