I will not betray you–.

These are the words I often say to Masatoshi.

After years of being childhood friends, I have learned that Masatoshi is prone to bad luck.

I don’t think it is just a coincidence. I believe that he is a poor child born under such a star.

I have tried to be a hope for Masatoshi, who is not blessed with good relationships. Even though I thought it was nothing but self-satisfaction, I kept on doing it.

At first, the reason was that I was in love with Masatoshi. It is really quite obvious. I guess I felt at an early age that I wanted to be able to fill the void of the man I fell in love with.

Gradually, my reason became distorted.

I began to think that I wanted to make a difference to Masatoshi, whose heart had been continually betrayed and was becoming more and more broken. Unfortunately, with today’s technology, there is no such thing as a spiritual exchange.

I realized that becoming indispensable to Masatoshi was the only way to get as close as possible to my wish.

“I will dye Masatoshi with my colors.”

From a certain point onward, my principle of action was based on that single principle.

I became able to recognize his personality, likes, dislikes, and even the slightest quirk. But this is a line that even an ordinary childhood friend could have reached.

I didn’t settle for anything and aim higher.

I tried to know as much as I could about what Masatoshi would accept. If I could relive the same experience, I could get closer to Masatoshi.

Without choosing a word, I began to act almost like a stalker. Masatoshi’s ex-girlfriend, Kisaki Saki, is another subject of investigation. She is one of the key elements that have made up Masatoshi’s recent life.

“Fufufu. Masatoshi finally understands……”

I stretch out on the bed in my room. The joy of knowing that luck has come my way runs through my body like an electric current.

I had long since figured out that Kisaki Saki was finished as a human being. I even felt frustrated at times, wondering why Masatoshi was attracted to her.

Perhaps Masatoshi was trying to find what was missing in himself. Instead of trying to fill in the missing pieces, perhaps he wanted to project himself onto someone who was the opposite of himself.

For a time, I wondered what would happen, but it didn’t work out properly.

It was by chance that I met Masatoshi in the pouring rain. I had assumed that the time would eventually come, but it was an unintentional coincidence.

–Let’s hug.

I invited him. In the past, when Masatoshi was in pain, I comforted him in this way.

I never offered my body to comfort him. I am the type of person who leaves the desert until the last minute.

When I felt Masatoshi on my chest, I was pleasantly surprised. His big, burly body and his masculine scent nearly drove me crazy.

I kept my mind normal and continued to talk sweetly to Masatoshi.

–Masatoshi, you don’t have to think about anything right now. Just bury yourself in my chest and forget about it.

–He doesn’t have to think about it. Just leaves everything to me and turns away from reality. It’s a wonderful thing. You’ll see it soon enough.

I’m spoiling him too much.

But this is fine. It’s good.

You’ll be stuck in my deep and heavy love. The outer moat is carefully dug out. When you realize it, you will be dragged into a bottomless swamp from which there is no way out,

I’m such a cunning woman. I took advantage of Masatoshi’s troubled and narrow-minded state of mind to lead him down a path of corruption.

I have nothing to regret. I have already made up my mind long ago. From the day I vowed to dye Masatoshi in my own colors, I have been guilty and have begun to commit crimes,

If I’m going to commit a crime, I will do it thoroughly.

Until the day when I will not let Masatoshi leave me, in order for me to become Masatoshi.

“Oh, what a bliss……”

When I think about Masatoshi, my mind is dominated by Masatoshi.

Masatoshi, Masatoshi, Masatoshi–.

I feel myself getting aroused. The more I think that I shouldn’t get excited about this, the more I can’t stop myself from getting excited.

“For now, I need to deepen my relationship with Masatoshi. And then.”

To lead the hated woman, Kisaki Saki, to ruin.

This is also Masatoshi’s wish.

There is no need for Masatoshi to get involved in dirty work. I have to [exterminate] the pests just as I had done in the past.

“Where should I start? Let’s break her down, destroy her, and leave her stunned. Ah, how beautiful we humans are.”

I can’t even fathom the idea of dating more than one person.

The people that Kisaki Saki calls [boyfriends] are said to tolerate the fact that there are other men out there. Is it really that easy to admit that?

There are billions of men on the earth. Some of them may be okay with it.

But it is just unnatural. There are many girls who are better than Kisaki Saki.

“There may be more to it than that.”

She may be playing with the men, but she is being played by them for their own convenience.

This is just a theory.

“I’m so clever. I guess it’s all thanks to Masatoshi.”

The woman who stole a few months of Masatoshi’s life. The crime is serious.

In order to bring her to justice, I commit and bear yet another sin.

Everything is just a plan to create a happy world where I can spend time alone with Masatoshi.

I will use whatever I can.

I will do whatever it takes for Masatoshi.

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