Episode 39 – The NIght Before School Trip



“I’ll be with Masa kun during the school trip, okay?”

Rika reminded me as we walked from the rooftop back into the school.

“I don’t need you to tell me.”

“I just wanted to make sure.”

“What would I do if I didn’t go with Rika?”

The case was over. Thanks to that, I could think only about the two of us. Of course, I can’t say for sure that there will be no interference like the trio surrounding Kisaki, but I can say that it’s mostly over.

A school trip is the best way to spend time with Rika. I’ve thought about all the advantages. I don’t need to remind myself of that now.

“I’ve got it all planned out.”

“Oh, you’re going to tell me?”

“It’s a secret. You’ll have to wait until the day of the event to find out.”

“What a waste.”

“I want to surprise you. Unless you absolutely have to know what I’m doing.”

“I’ll wait and see.”

I’m looking forward to the surprise from Rika too much. There was no reason to refuse.

“So, that’s that.”

Rika moves briskly in a high tone. It was still out of character for her. I knew I shouldn’t care, but I couldn’t ignore it.

Am I looking for those eyes with the missing highlights? Am I missing the vindictive manner in which she dispelled the maggots that clung around me?

Am I twisted–no, is it wrong to be twisted?

When I suddenly calm down, the devil whispers to me all kinds of unnecessary things. Don’t you like Rika who saves you from your pitiful self? Isn’t happiness inappropriate for you?

“Masa kun?”

“Sorry, I’m lost in thought.

“You seemed very serious. Have you been pondering the meaning of life?”

“You’re not wrong.”

“You can count on me when you are in trouble. I’m your ally, Masa kun.”

While she was saying this, she went out toward the shoe box. I set out on the same route to school and headed home. But that’s it.

The image of Rika blurs as they exchange unimportant conversations. Rika is the person I understand the most, but sometimes I can’t see the whole picture of her.

What do I think of her? The Kisaki relationship came back to me, and both Rika and I were losing our minds. I guess that’s why. Both Rika and myself are vague.

I am always tired at times like this. I can’t help it. It might have been the result of an all-nighter.

“See you tomorrow!!”


On this day, two days before the school trip, I couldn’t do much. All I could do was eat, take a bath, and go to bed. I understood that it would be better that way, and if I followed my instincts, it would come naturally.

The day before the school trip.

The students were in high spirits. The whole school was in a fluffy mood. The person in question had been absent before and would not be attending the school trip.

Her cronies were acting as usual, as if they had forgotten about yesterday. They were not aware of me.

Perhaps it was in the name of preparing for the day before, but I unusually went to class in the morning. I guess it’s a lot of work when you’re leading a group.

“…..So, it’s rare that you’re in my home today, why?”

“I thought it would be harder for you to get ready than for me.”

“You mean I’m not good at keeping things neat and tidy?”

“That’s half of it. The other half is that I don’t want you to see the mess you made by having you over.”

“I understand.”

It was after school that she asked me to help her pack at my house. My house isn’t that luxurious, and I didn’t think I could invite many people over.

Rika insisted that she wanted to go, so my house became a special venue.

“It’s okay once in a while. I feel bad if I’m always at Rika’s house.”

“Right ! I’m the one who wants to invite Masa kun. You’re a boy living alone, right? I thought there must be a thing or two you wanted to hide, so I refrained from doing so.”

She looked around my house with a licking gaze.

Like Rika’s house, it is a two-story building. My room is on the first floor, as is the living room. I can spend most of my time on the first floor.

“Is there something you want to hide?”

“I’m old enough to have those games and books.”

“I’m not such a frustrated monster.”

“So you’re filling them with me?”

“Fill it all at once”

“Is that what you think?”

“I neither deny nor confirm. No one will be happy if you talk like that.”

“I’m having fun. I’m happy to see you like that, Masa kun.”

“I don’t like it when you say that with a smug look on your face.”

So, I decided that there was no use talking nonsense, so I started packing up my things.

“What should I do with my clothes….”

“I’ve already decided.”

“For the whole day?”

“Of course. I want Masa kun to wear the same color as me.”

“Like twins. We can’t wear the same clothes, so we have to match.”

My clothes were automatically decided according to these circumstances. I don’t have as many variations of clothes as Rika, and some of them are a little too similar.

“The match rate was about half.”

“You’re still going to match?”

“One item. Do you still have the souvenirs from the school trip?”

Rika’s backpack had a strap attached to it. It was in the shape of a flower. I rummaged through her room and somehow found it.

“We bought them together, didn’t we?”

“Yes.. When you go on a school trip, you put the things you bought on the trip together.”

The more I packed, the more the items looked like Rika’s belongings.

“We’ve made a lot of progress.”

“That’s good.”

“It’s amazing to look at it like this. It’s a very similar set of belongings.”

You can’t tell because they look so different, Rika said. She also told me that it was a good thing.

“It’s finally tomorrow. I guess I’m getting a little excited.”

“Me too.”

“I’ll make it an unforgettable trip.”

“It’s scary when it’s announced. I’ll do my best to make it a precious memory for Rika.”

“You’re getting good at that, Masa kun.”

“I’m not there yet.”

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