The next day after the call between the two of us.

Kisaki was back to looking decent. She was still in a strange state. She had been sinking in a negative direction, but now she was in an unusually positive one.

“What you should have is a precious friend.”

I heard her talking with the girls around her.

Speaking of friends for her, it must be Kisaragi. I wonder if she was consoled. Her tone of voice was as irritated as ever, though not to the extent that it would have been better if she had sunk to the bottom of the earth.

[We’re on your side too, you can count on us.] [We were worried about you.]

Kisaki burst into tears as she was tapped on the shoulder.

“You guys……”

It’s not a sob story. There’s no emotion. That’s what I thought.

The fact that there are girls who are eager to hang out with Kisaki shows that she has a certain amount of popularity. At least more than I do. I can’t say for sure, though, because I don’t know the true feelings of the girls surrounding her.

In the morning, when I was in class, Kisaki was very outspoken. I guess the joy she feels when she crawls back to the positive side is tremendous because she once swung to the negative side.

At lunchtime, she would say that her boyfriend had called her. With light steps, she slipped out of the classroom.

The boys around me just laughed and wondered what the hell was going on. After I broke up with her, I began to feel that the way they looked at Kisaki was not always favorable.

They say love is blind. It seems that when we are immersed in our own world, we don’t care about our surroundings.

She didn’t come back for another 15 minutes.

I was imagining that they might have been making out or having lunch together.

It was a while before I stopped thinking about it. I got up from my seat to go to the bathroom and walked down the hallway.

The restroom was at the end of the stairs. There was a blind spot there.

“Nagai kun……”

Kizaki, her eyes bright red and swollen, suddenly hugged me at my feet.

“What’s with you all of a sudden?”

“Don’t you see? Nagai kun.”

“I’m just a little suspicious of you hugging me without explanation.”

“Then, come over here.”

The eyes of the people around me are bothering me. Since it was lunchtime, there were a few people in the hallway. If she’s being hysterical any more, it will only be troublesome. I decided to follow Kisaki’s words.

I was assigned to an elective classroom. It was different from the empty classroom where Rika and I had spent time together, but there were almost no people there either. Unless it was before or after class.

“So, what happened?”


“Your voice is too small.”

“…..I got dumped.”

“By who?”

“Kisaragi Hikaru, duh !”

I suddenly opened my eyes.

I could not believe it. I couldn’t believe that Kisaragi would so easily tear away the woman he said he felt sorry for.

“I thought you were on good terms with him.”

“It was my imagination. Hikaru was deceiving me.”

“It may be harsh, but tell me.”

It started with the introduction that it was going to be long.

The story began with how the two became acquainted.

Kisaragi was the man Kisaki fell in love with at first sight. Kisaragi was a rare case for Kisaki, who was usually approached by men.

After an intense approach, the two fell in love.

Kisaragi was more approachable than any man she had ever met. Apparently she felt that way. He would comply with most of her requests. Not only does he give her little surprises, but he is very attentive to her needs.

Apparently, the only downside was that she was often turned down even when she asked for help.

“He was pretty much the ideal man for Kisaki, wasn’t he?”

“Yes, he was ideal for me.”

Kisaki and Kisaragi’s relationship, which had seemed to be going well, was not going well at all, as I found out today.

The reason why Kisaki was summoned was for no other reason. It was to say good-bye.

[You’re not a bad girl. You tried to be beautiful and do your best for me. I’m happy to have a cute girlfriend by my side.]

Kisaragi’s words, which began as a concession, took a turn.

[But that’s enough. Let’s end it. I want to break up with you.]

[Why? Hey?]

[Because I’ve realized that there’s no point in continuing to be on your side now that it’s over.]

Before Kisaki had time to explain herself, Kisaragi began to talk volubly.

[I knew who you were before we started dating. One of the guys you dated was a member of the soccer club. He’s not in the club anymore, but I have a connection with him. When I asked him to tell me about you, he opened his mouth generously. He seemed to be telling me a long story.]

He hesitated for a moment before opening his heavy mouth.

[It’s roughly like this. Kisaki is a cheap woman, and if you ask her, she will forgive you right away. I wouldn’t go as far as calling you cheap–that was very low. But that’s probably how most of the guys you’ve dealt with feel. You were so taken with his facetiousness that you probably thought of him as second best. Satomi Yoshiaki.]

Kisaki knows that she has feminine charms and has used them. Still, when the man she was dating told her in no uncertain terms that she had been treated quite lightly, it seemed to come as something of a shock to Kisaki.

[I feel so sorry for you. You thought you were taking advantage of him, but you were the one being taken advantage of. Above all, you pretend that you don’t notice it. It’s ridiculous when you look at it from the outside.]

Before she had time to argue with him, Kisaragi continued,

[The person who appeared in front of you was Nagai kun. He’s different, isn’t he? He is not someone with a wicked heart who wants to take advantage of you. He is a man who fell in love purely, without knowing anything about you. He must have been a special person who you could spend time with without selling yourself short.]

As she listened to him talk, she seemed to think back to Nagai, in other words, that he was an important person to her.

[However, in terms of ranking, there’s no way he can beat me or Satomi. Naga kun must have been about third or fourth. That’s why I decided to shake him once, because of the dance at the cultural festival. Unlike your other boyfriends, Nagai kun wouldn’t know that you were multiple-timing him.]

Kisaki felt that Kisaragi could see right through her, and she had no choice but to listen to his story.

[By dumping Nagai kun, you were able to immerse yourself even more in me, your true love. You looked so refreshed. You don’t have to cheat anymore. You have me, who accepts everything.]

Kisaragi continued.

[You are fine, but I am ruined. I’ve come to think that I’m being unfaithful to you by staying close to you just because I feel sorry for you. It all started with the appearance of the monster named Kamisato Rika.]

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