My head was fluffed up. Lips were being lapped and heads were being thumped, and I was losing all sense of reason and judgment.

But that didn’t stop me from getting into a sexual encounter with Rika.

At one time, I had been a beast, floating in the heat and moving according to my impulses. Now it was different. I was happy just to be with her.

“When shall I go to bed today?”
“I don’t want to sleep. I want to talk all night.”
“Physically, can Rika do it?”
“That’s what drinks are for, isn’t it?”

The purchase included not only soda, but also energy drinks. Rika had asked for them, and I had assumed that she was buying them to supplement her regular drinks.

“I thought that if I take this drink, I can stay up all night.”
“Of course. The power of chemistry is great.”

As I was going along, I slowly drank the entire can. This is my first time drinking Energy drink. My veins are throbbing and screaming. I can clearly tell that my body is forced to move

“I think I can do at least a full night.”
“It’s okay if humans don’t sleep for a while. As long as you reduce your life a little.”
“That’s good.”
“You have to catch up on your sleep debt another day. I’m just saying.”
“I just felt like the wording was strong.”

We watched a movie, played, and chatted. Surprisingly, the days passed quickly.

“A quarter of a day more and it’ll be morning, right?”
“Do you want to play a game?”
“No, not yet. I want to catch the night breeze.”
“I’ll go with you then.”

I haven’t even bathed. I’m still in uniform.

“If we keep going like this, we’re going to have to be arrested.”
“Even if we are found, we still have a way out.”
“Run as fast as you can?”
“As long as we don’t get caught.”

At first, I had planned to walk, but that changed when Rika spotted my bicycle.

“You want to ride it?”
“Is that a no?”
“There’s only one bike. And there’s two of us. One of us has to walk.”
“Why don’t we both ride?”
“We’re heading into an out road.”
“If a high school kid gets one out for going out at night and two out for riding with two other kids, it won’t make a difference.”
“You’re desperate.”

However, I was fully willing to ride for two.

I held the handlebars and Rika hugged me from behind. Rika’s presence was huge, even just sitting on the saddle and holding me in position. I felt a soft touch on my back.

“I have big tits.”
“What cup do you think you have?”
“….I didn’t think Rika would be the kind of pervert to question me about breasts size.”
“You’re not being honest.”

It tightens even more tightly. She clings to my back and begins to assert herself.

“I know you’re a bit of a pervert, Masa kun.”
“…..I’m a man, too. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me. But you can’t give away your body so easily.”
“You’re so strict.”
“Let’s stop joking and get to it.”

The bicycle started out with a wobbly start. The steering wheel was more ineffective than usual. It was natural, but I was a little nervous.

There were almost no cars on the road, and the road was very wide. We biked slowly through the residential area at night, lit by the streetlights.

“The wind feels good, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah. Only at night.”

As the bike moves along at a brisk pace, my mind becomes emptier and emptier. The loose head was becoming clearer and clearer.

I was no longer worrying about unnecessary things. I share the same time with Rika like this. I was secretly praying that these days would become eternal.

“It’s like youth, isn’t it? Riding together late at night in uniform.”
“This kind of thing is so stereotyped. it’s like a worn-out emo.”
“You’re a bit cold, aren’t you, Masa kun?”
“No. It’s a new experience for me, even if it is worn out. When I was walking with Rika along the almost empty road, I felt as if I was spending the night with you.”

I looked up and saw the moon. It was clear today. I wonder if it will be sunny tomorrow, and I hope it won’t be cloudy.

“We’ll spend the night together, won’t we? I think it will be the same when the world is destroyed and we are the only ones left.”

I was caught up in the atmosphere described as [emo].

“When I think about it, I feel like what I just said was a little too harsh.”
“It’s okay to have a day like that.”
“Just treat it as a late-night tension.”
“[I feel as if I’m spending the night with you.] You are a poet, Masa kun.”

She even resembled the tone I used when I was intoxicated with myself to the point of disgust. I was so pained by my objectivity that I couldn’t help it.

“Ah, I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you.”
“It’s true that you’re a poet, but I’m so touched. I can’t believe I’m hearing you say that, Masa kun.”
“Hey, hey, hey, don’t put your head on my back ! You’re making me lose my balance !”
“It’s an expression of affection.”

I was more concerned with avoiding danger than being happy. We decided to take a break at a nearby park.

I put the coins in my pocket into the vending machine. The change was enough to buy a can of coffee for both of us.

Sitting on the bench, I called out to Rika.

“Here, it’s warm.”

Rika’s cheeks puffed up when I put a warm spot on her cheek.

“Don’t suddenly put it on me.”
“I just wanted to play a prank.”
“Masa kun is so mean. I’m going to tell the teacher.”

Rika made a fox shape with her hand. She gave him a bump on the cheek. It was a way of repaying the coffee.

When I opened the lid of the coffee can, a cloud of smoke rose from it. A streetlight in the park illuminated the two of us.

“It’s already autumn, isn’t it?”
“Time flies. I think about it every year, and every year it gets faster.”
“You sound like an old man.”
“I’m not even old. Well, I’m young now, but I’ll be an old man in no time.”
“I don’t want to think of Masa kun as an old man. He might be a stubborn, troublesome old man.”
“You’re so prejudiced.”

Rika sipped her coffee, exhaled warmly, and continued.

“I don’t want you to be a narrow-minded old man. So I want to be with you, Masa kun. Let’s not make each other crazy.”
“I can’t say that Rika won’t go crazy…”
“No way.”
“It’s like your anger at Kisaragi. Once you get pissed off, you’ll chase them all the way back to earth.”
“…I’ll keep it down so I don’t get it into me.”
“Yeah, to other people.”

She was emphasizing the word “other people” a little.

“Hey, up there. You can see the stars, just a little bit.”

I immediately looked up.

I could see some typical constellations.

“Compared to the stars in the night sky, our lives are so short. So I want to bet everything I have on this one moment. The only coin you can bet on is all in.”
“Wise words. But then again, Rika is so poetic.”
“I guess we’re kindred spirits.”
“You look so happy.”
“It’s natural that I’m happy to be close to Masa kun again.”

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