Episode 17 – The Brainwashing is Lifted and the Memories Disappear



The long awaited hypnosis.

My clear hearing caught the music playing outside. It was the sound of guitars and drums. Vibrations were faintly transmitted to this classroom.

“The after-party has started, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah. It has nothing to do with us.”

There is not the slightest sign that anyone is coming. Truly, the time that flows here is just the two of us.

My body was seeking for Rika’s affection. For me now, love is nothing more than a hypnotic cure.

“I’m going to start, Masatoshi. Please come back properly.”

With a hand that could not move much, I made a small thumbs-up.

“You are going to sink into the vastness of the ocean. Deep, deep…….”

This is where it began.

Rika’s words had a penetrating power that seemed to be delivered directly to the brain. I sank deeper and deeper. A floating sensation hit me, and freedom was taken from my body.

“It’s not just your body that’s sinking. Your consciousness was also sinking.

My body was completely ruined. The target this time was my consciousness.

“The inside of your head is melting into mush. If it’s already melted, it will turn into liquid and evaporate.”

My head was a mush. Wandering around in a sweet dream. The illusion that I am omnipotent. The illusion of assimilating into the air.


“Yes. The inside of your head becomes scuzzy. The empty head, the miscellaneous thoughts that slip out. It becomes nothing. At first, thoughts flow like wild waves. But gradually they subside.”

Festival, rain, flirtation, Kisaragi Hikari, distrust, loneliness…….

The words flow one after another. Swallowed by the torrent, superfluous words are driven away. The sharp words are cornered and carefully selected.

“Forget everything. You don’t have to remember anything unnecessary. I will carry it with me.”

The water in his head drains away. The body is sinking into the deep sea. A beautiful contrast.

“You become empty, you lose your sense of self. Your heart becomes empty, it becomes transparent and clear, and it becomes fragile like glass.”

The dirt in the body and mind is scraped away. The mind moves toward emptiness. The ego is lost. Who am I, who am I, what in the world am I doing here for……..

“A heart without stagnation will assimilate with you. You will rise from the depths of the sea. I will support Masatoshi’s falling body.”

“My body.”

“Yes. And it gets darker and darker. The sunlight from above disappears and the world turns dark.”

Already my vision is pitch black. Even in my imagination, the light finally disappears.

“A lonely, lightless universe. In the midst of it all, there is what you were born to be.”

“There is only me…….”

“There, Kamisato Rika suddenly appears. I, too, am just as I was born. I’m floating around, slightly glowing.”

Rika’s well-proportioned style. A fragile figure reminiscent of a spirit after death.

“Our transparent bodies approach each other while floating. And then we overlap as one. Assimilate.”

The two move in parallel as if in an embrace. I am not embraced. Rika is sucked into me and disappears.

“After assimilating, what flows through you is information about me. It flows into your empty head without end.”

Just as she said, Rika’s information floated in like bamboo shoots after the rain. The strings of letters simultaneously cover my vision as they please. The words that come to mind are read out in Rika’s voice at the same time.

I’m not Prince Shotoku, but I can hear dozens of Rinka’s voice at the same time. Subconsciously, all the information enters my mind.

“Masatoshi is me, I am Masatoshi. It is a supreme experience to be together as one spirit.”

“M-Masatoshi is me, I am Masatoshi.”

“That was wrong. [I am Rika, and Rika is me.] Repeat.”

“I am Rika, Rika is me…….”

“Repeat, repeat.”

“I am–“

Over and over again, I chanted like an incantation.

The empty head becomes even clearer. The words penetrate deeper and deeper. It was imprinted on me, as if it had been a given from the beginning.

“Good boy. The next is the last. [Rika is on my side.] That’s it.”

“Rika is on my side, Rika is on my side–“

I repeated it as often as I could. Rika said it, so I obeyed. I felt calm when I did so.

“You did well.”


“Great job, Masatoshi.”

Pon, pon, pon.

Three times she put her hand on my head.

Pon, pon, pon.

“My lesson is that if I hit your head three times, you must remember. You don’t have to recall it directly. It is enough if your subconscious mind reacts to it. I am Rika, Rika is me. Rika is my friend.]”

Pon, pon, pon.

My head shook. I am Rika, Rika is me. Rika is my friend…….

“That’s all for today. It looks like we’ve gone quite deep. Well, I have to go back.”

She said, and my consciousness was lifted up. Rika in my imagination disappears. My body is lifted out of the deep sea, and……

* * *


When I came to, I was sitting on a chair. My hands are clasped behind my back.

“Did you sober up?”

“How did I end up here……?”

I was feeling good. I was mildly aroused. It seemed to last a long time.

“You ran away from the festival. Then you came here.”

“I came here, and Rika suggested…..hm, I can’t remember after that.”

“You were sleeping. You’re sitting in a chair and taking it easy.”

I rotate my hands behind my back. A string-like mark remained.

“What’s this?”

“It’s just your imagination. Did you hit something?”

“No, I didn’t……”

“Nothing happened. Nothing happened to Masatoshi.”

Pon, pon, pon.

When I was hit on the head three times, I started to lose consciousness.

The moment, the pleasure of the bubble.

I looked at Rika again. Rika looked so cute. More beautiful than ever.


“Fufufu, Masatoshi, you’ve become so calm.”

“That’s strange. When I got hit on the head, I almost jumped.”

I had a strange feeling of rejection coming from my body, but I didn’t know why.

I was just sitting on a chair and just lying there. I was just sitting on a chair and sleeping.

I was afraid that I could not believe it.

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