I can’t thank my parents enough for giving me such a great name as Kisaki Saki.

And I am even more grateful to them for giving me the qualities to be popular with men.

I am at the peak of my happiness right now.

“Mr. Boyfriend, you look so happy today.”

I grinned when I saw my boyfriend posting [Fragrant] posts on social media.

I have more than one boyfriend. I have several. If I were to add them up, it might be more than double digits.

And I have had more than two boyfriends at the same time. This is something I’m proud of. It’s going to be on the test, right?

The country of Japan has a monogamy system. I don’t know what that means. No matter how popular you are, your final partner will be one person.

As for me, as a person who is drawn and numerous, I guess I feel like I can choose any man I want, but that’s not the case.

A person who has the quality to be loved by many people has to be loved by as many people as possible. And then, they should spread love.

Nagai Masatoshi was one of my beloved boyfriends. I use the past tense because he is becoming a person of the past. Although it is not completely in the past.

He proposed to me.

He has a nice face, and although he is a bit quiet, he is good enough for me.

He looked very pale, like a wilted puppy. So I decided to pick him up.

–Why don’t you go on a date with me?

–How about a fireworks display?

He wasn’t sure how to ask me out, and it was a poor attempt, but I took it. I loved him for that and for his naivete.

I didn’t kiss him or anything beyond that. If it had been another boyfriend, I would have given it up with a whimper.

I couldn’t do it.

The aura in the air kept me from going beyond that. It seems silly to think about it now. But that’s how I felt.

It was a strange feeling, as if I was being protected not only by Nagai kun, but by other people as well.

Rather than being protected, was it more like being cursed?

I have Nagai kun as a boyfriend, and I had no problem letting the strange feeling pass. There is no real harm to me. As long as I had a healthy relationship, I enjoyed being with Nagai kun.

The problem arose in the last few weeks.

We talked about what to do about the dance for the school festival.

There is a jinx that says the man and woman who dance together will get married. I laughed at first because it was indeed too absurd.

In the first place, if they are so close that they agree to dance together, it would not be surprising if they stay together for a long time, right?

I was taking this cold look at the dance, but then the story changed. My boyfriend wanted to dance with me.

The tension went through the roof. Of course I said yes right away. I told my other boyfriends that I was sorry I couldn’t dance with them. Most of them understood because they were my boyfriends.

The problem was Nagai kun. He is a pure boy. Even if he knows what it means to doubt, he doesn’t understand it.

–Would you like to dance with me?

He was so naively asking me if I wanted to dance with him, that I had to give him the okay. This was before I got a call from my true love. At that time, I wasn’t too keen on dancing.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t want to dance with Nagai kun. That’s all.

I forgot about my promise to Nagai kun and got in touch with my true love. By the time I realized it, it was too late.

I wondered what to do. It was kind of hard to say to Nagai kun that I have another boyfriend.

It was not the first time. I had broken up with someone before because he was furious with me for having several boyfriends. At that time, it was hard for me to say it. I was just aware that it was bothersome.

Unlike those, I felt unusually guilty.

In the midst of my blurred feelings, I decided to dump him in a huff. If we’re going to break up over this, that’s it.

If he still wanted to be with me, I would have gladly accepted. There is nothing wrong with my philosophy. I don’t know if it’s socially or ethically acceptable. Everyone would be happy to be loved, wouldn’t they?

As a result, Nagai kun did not accept me.

–I can’t go out with you. This is my request. Our goals are too different.

He cut me off. I didn’t think he was the type of person who wouldn’t fit in this well. If you had accepted me, I would have continued to love you……

It’s no use regretting it now. So I’ll love someone who loves me. Even if I can’t have all the boys in the whole human race, to the extent I can, to the one to whom I want to devote my time.

What a meaningful way to live !

My life is full and I can afford to feel that way. I am such a kind person. For Nagai kun, who didn’t understand, I will give you one last chance. It’s a grace period.

The day may come when you realize that I am important after all, just because you gave in to your temporary feelings.

I will wait patiently for you. It would be a waste to give up on you so easily.

“Oh, here it comes♡”

I feel satisfied when I see the notification field of my messaging app filled with numbers.

I know that I am someone who is needed. I spread love around. Such a life makes me so happy.

That’s right, Mother. Even though I’m not needed by you, I am needed by so many men.

That’s why I’m not lonely.

I’m really looking forward to dancing with my true love…… It’s kinda making my body sizzle.

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8 months ago

So she was actually in love with him, but doesn’t realize it. I can’t say this is an unexpected development in this kind of story.

8 months ago

Certified 304 !

she really belong to the street or rather in the dump site

7 months ago

Her mindset is astonishing… I guess I can admire that dedication. But still, what a betch

2 months ago

D1 delusion