In order to eliminate the enemies in front of me, I activated 《biological enhancement》.

Ancient magic spell words appear on the skin of my entire body, and the letters glisten red.

My pupils turn red, and the power in my body is filled to the brim and amplified.

The uncontrollable urge to attack makes every cell in my body leap with excitement.

The form of my face transformed into a sharp and cool-headed one.


The black-robed men surrounding the black dragon let out a stifled cry.

It is only natural. There aren’t many people who can maintain their sanity when faced with such murderous intent.

The “god of death” is holding the blade of a scythe to your neck.

–Death will surely come to anyone who sees it.

That is my “bio-enhancement” activation mode, which has turned serious.

“What are you waiting for? Kill him!”

The black dragon shouts in agitation in the middle of the 100 assassins standing there.

The black-robed assassins, who had been stiffening under instructions from the boss of “The Dark Nine Dragons,” are slowly closing the distance between me and them.

In their hands are swords, spears, and other weapons that they seem to be familiar with.

I drew two daggers from my waist and held them in a backhanded grip.


With an earth-shaking yell, an avalanche of black-suited assassins came pouring in.

“Rush to your death huh …… fine!”

I sprinted undaunted.

A moment later, a red flash of slashes ripped through the necks of the black-clad assassins.




One after another, the assassins’ heads and torsos are cut off and sent flying.

The speed of the beheadings increased, drawing sharp and ferocious curves, and in a sense, the beheadings were so vividly artistic.

It was truly genocide.

“Hiiiii, monster!”

“D-don’t come here!”

“No, help me!”

In spite of the overwhelming fighting power, screams and arguments flew from the black-robed people, and even those who lost the will to fight and begged for their lives came out. 

But I have no mercy.

The person who judges it to be an enemy is exterminated without mercy. It is because it is “Seti the god of death”.

The only thing they are allowed to do is to despair and regret the recklessness that stands before me.

Soon after, the battlefield fell silent.

Numerous headless bodies lay on the ground.

A head separated from the torso.

Arms, legs, and other unidentifiable chunks.

It was a gruesome scene, as if a ferocious monster had devoured them all.

In the center of it all, there was the figure of me standing there, clutching two daggers.

At first glance, I am covered in blood, but this is only the returned blood of the black-robed men.

I’m perfectly unharmed. In fact, I am not even out of breath.

In just a short time, I have slain 100 assassins of the “Dark Nine Dragons”.

“…… Seti, the God of Death, I never expected this much.”

The black dragon cannot hide his agitation as all of his men have been wiped out.

With a sharp look in my eyes, I took one look at him.

I’m going to go through the corpses of the bad guys and approach him on the sidelines.

“You’ll be my partner next, right? If you run away like this with your teleportation skill, the boss’s name will be ruined.”

“Of course.”
The black dragon takes out a small sword from his pocket.

At that moment, the small sword suddenly disappears from his hand.


I guessed something.

With a high-speed afterimage, I took a half-step to the left side.

Then, with a clunk, the small sword falls to the ground.

That was where I was walking, right under the heart.

“Did you use my heart as a coordinate to ‘transfer’ the small sword? Whew, look out, look out.”

“So intuitive …… or are you reading me? You saw the moment of the transfer attack by the way I looked at you and the slight movement of my muscles?”

“That’s the point. Especially when ‘Biological Enhancement’ is activated, my five senses are sharpened, and my intuition, which can be called a sixth sense, is also sharp. It would be impossible for you to Transfer someone who moves at super high speed, right?”

Meaning, he shifted the coordinates of his ” transfer ” to my heart, and I avoided the attack.

Of course, there was the enhanced intuition and physical ability, but more importantly, I was able to anticipate the attack based on the information I had received from Mors, the boss of the organization, in advance.

I thought the black dragon would be frustrated at having his prized abilities detected, but instead, he smiles cunningly with a grin.

He still seems to be hiding something, but it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to kill it in the blink of an eye!

I brace myself to accelerate.


“Certainly! But it doesn’t matter!” 

The black dragon strips off his long robe.

Inside the opened robe, there were nearly a hundred small swords hidden in a row.

At the moment I thought of that, all the small swords had vanished with the “transfer skill,” countless “transfer gates” appeared above my head.

The small swords appeared from the gates and fell down with sharp edges right below me.

“No matter how quickly you move, I wonder if there’s enough range to escape!”

The black dragon sneers. Judging that it is impossible to “transfer” into the body, he is trying to attack from a wide area with violence of numbers.

Certainly, such a small sword, normally, it would not be able to lose all of them. It would have pierced the top of my head and I would have been out.

However, if it were me right now…..

“–No problem!”

“Whaa! What the hell?!”

I sprinted at super-high speed, approaching the black dragon quickly and closing the distance without even giving it a chance to blink.

Naturally, that is a safe area where small sword attacks cannot reach.

To the Black Dragon, my speed must have seemed like “instantaneous movement”.

With the dagger in my left hand, I swung the blade to slice his throat.

But – Fu

My dagger disappeared with my left hand.

“What is this?!”

“Too bad, god of death! Die from your own attack!”

The black dragon shouted with delight.

Suddenly, a “transfer gate” opens from right behind me, which is a blind spot from me. A dagger in the left hand appeared.

The dagger is in the form of a pressing dagger, and the blade is attacking the neck vertebrae.

“—-I don’t need that.”

I cut off my own arm from the left forearm with the dagger in my right hand.

“What the hell?!”

I quickly went behind him and strangled him with my dagger, leaving the astonished Black Dragon in the dust.

The left arm holding the dagger still rushes forward through the “transfer gate”.

I forced the black dragon to bend over, and the blade went straight into his head.


“…….hou. Even though the blade has reached his brain, can he still connect his consciousness? As expected, people with grace abilities are stubborn…I’m the same way though.”

Well, there are many times when an arrow or other object is lodged in the brain and the person is still alive.

By the way, there was no bleeding seen at the amputation site on my left arm. This is because the bleeding has been stopped with《Biological Enhancement》

I throw the black dragon and cut off both of his arms at the same time with my dagger.

The dagger is still stuck in his head as he rolls to the ground, and if I pull it out too hard, he will die.


“Don’t yell. I lost my left arm too, but I didn’t make a single sound. Oh, it hurts~”

It actually doesn’t hurt at all. Similarly, the sense of pain is also controlled by ‘biological enhancement’.

“Damn it, damn it! Don’t think you’ve won now, Reaper!”

“What can you do with that? If I leave you like this, you’ll die. If you want me to let you live, get your hands off Hina! And don’t come near us again!”

“Gghh ……, what….?”

The black dragon, lying face down, looked up at me with his body trembling slightly.

His face is severely distorted from humiliation.

Normally, I wouldn’t let this kind of trash live.

It’s just that it’s annoying that things go exactly as the boss…or rather, Mors plans.
I thought it wouldn’t be too late to extract a little bit of information from this guy and then slaughter him.

Even if he is the boss of an assassination organization that controls the underworld of the Eurus continent.

He might know how to kill the organization’s Mors.

“Ugh… what you’re saying it’s impossible! The current japan… no, the powerful people in the entire continent of Euros think it’s inconvenient for that girl called Hina to be alive!”

The black dragon desperately pleads.

I thought he was going to lie and say something like, “Okay, I promise,” because he wanted life.

Well, it’s easy to see the lie in his sweaty skin and pupil movement.

On the contrary, the “Black Nine Dragons” side seems to have a situation where they have to deal with Hina, the last survivor of the Japanese royal family, judging from the fact that they are so honest about it.

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