The wedding was to take place at the Mersana Temple.

Before that, there will be a rehearsal, costume fitting, and other meetings.

The most difficult part is for me.

After all, I was to welcome five brides at the same time.

Besides, all of them are daughters of famous and influential people.

Some are royalty, some have different religions and customs, and some have cultures unique to other races.

In other words, I had to change my clothes to match the bride and perform each ceremony.

It’s like a bridegroom’s version of a color change.

On the first day, as I welcomed the beautiful brides, the men around me looked at me with envy and jealousy.

However, as I had to move around at a dizzying pace, I gradually began to hear voices of sympathy, such as, “Uwaa, ……, you don’t look so good.”

As I was making my final costume fitting, the door to the waiting room was suddenly opened with a bang.

“Seti onii chan, look at me!”

Hina enters.

She is dressed in a pure white dress and looks very beautiful and pretty.

Huh? Isn’t this a …… wedding dress?

“What’s wrong, Hina? You’re dressed like that,…… as I recall, it’s a normal dress for relatives, isn’t it?”

“Yes. But I was told that Hina will be in the wedding tomorrow as a bride.”


As Hina was explaining, the maid of honor in charge of her outfit came running.

I asked the maid of honor, “What do you mean?” I asked her.

“Yes, Hina-sama is not related to Seti-sama by blood, so we decided that she should be together.”

What was that messy explanation and reason?

It’s terrible.

Who are you to say such a thing?

“But Hina is only 9 years old, so I’m not sure about marriage. …… I mean, isn’t that a regular crime?”

“That would be out if Seti-sama actually messed with her, but I don’t think it would be a problem if you live together as a family. Of course, she is at an early age for marriage, but above all, Hina-sama is highly desired. Because of this… it would be helpful if Seti-sama could also do it.”

The maid of honor says that Hina saw the wedding dresses of the other girls and said, “I want to be a bride myself.”

Hina is usually very rarely selfish.

The girls love her very much, and they all seemed to be in the same mood, “Well, then, why don’t you and Seti get married together?~”

I also proposed to Hina in front of many people the other day.

I didn’t mean it that way. ……

After all, as Kale says, you’re treating her as the “sixth wife,” aren’t you?

Well, it can’t be helped. I’ll just think of it as a social lesson for Hina and let it go.

“I understand. I’m not lying when I say that I want to be with Hina all the time.”

“Yeah! I love you, Onii chan!”

Hina jumped into my chest.

I held her in my arms and gently stroked her head.

But only as an older brother.

I’ll just chalk it up as a rehearsal and a stand-in until She get a boy she really like someday.

However, I also feel sad about that. ……

The next day, our wedding took place.

Since I was suddenly given the title of Count, many nobles were in attendance.

Magus and Leila, the king of the Kingdom of Woana and the king of the elven spirits were present as relatives.

Also present were Queen Eliza and King Rokatta. I was particularly interested in the sight of King Rokatta, who was the first to eat some kind of feast.

In front of the altar of the chapel, I wait in a simple black tuxedo.

A few moments later, the doors opened and six brides appeared, each in a beautiful wedding gown.

Karina was dressed in a gorgeous princess dress with a billowing skirt, as if she were a princess of a country. Her dress was very different from the princess knight dresses she usually wears, and gave off an impression of purity.

Fiala is wearing a long veil embroidered with the emblem of the Virgin Mersana and a loose, baptized dress.

Miriel wears a crown made of beautiful flowers on her head and a mystical costume dyed in the jade green color unique to the elves.

Manisa is non-religious and wears a pure white wedding dress with a long skirt. The costume itself is most ordinary, but she has an outstanding style, and her curves, which boast a golden ratio style, are amazing.

Pairon is a folk costume with unique embroidery from “Central Land of China,” and her long white hair is braided into a bun and tied into two buns. With her beautiful face, she looks very pretty as a bride.

Hina was wearing the same outfit she showed off yesterday, and Shabazo, wearing a bow tie, was walking next to her with a smug look on his face.

“You all look so beautiful.”

I smiled and welcomed the brides.

The wedding ceremony was a modest affair, but I was the only one who was busy.

The wedding went off without a hitch, thanks in large part to the shadowy support of my maid of honor, Pomple, who, for various reasons, did not want his face to be recognized.

For various reasons, he was not allowed to reveal his face, so he put on a mask and acted as a man of black.

He certainly contributed greatly, especially during the costume change.

Thus, the wedding ceremony ended without incident.

At the exciting wedding night.

As the Count, I was to stay at the most luxurious accommodation in the Holy Land of Grateka, thanks to Queen Eliza’s arrangement.

It seems that tonight is the only night I have the entire place to myself.

In other words, I was expected to work hard and hard through the night.

Again, thanks to Pomple’s ingenious arrangement, we are sleeping together in a room far away from the suite where we are sleeping.

Kale, the self-proclaimed seventh wife, was also complaining that she wanted to be in the same room with us, but we sealed her up with the “magic cloth” and got her to shut up about it.

I thought we were ready to go, but then …… a problem arose.

“Hey, guys, let’s have a fair game of rock-paper-scissors here. No complaints!”

“I reject the proposal. Karina may use her reflexes and put up a fight later. Let’s decide on the counting song, As Our Lady Mersana says!”

“I don’t want to do that~! I don’t know, but …… I’m sure Fiala will win on her own because of her faith anyway, right? Manisa, do you have any ideas on how to make it fair?”

“I understand, Miiri. I think it’s fair to draw lots. I thought something like this might happen, so at the same time I was preparing a stimulant for Seti-kun, I created a lottery ticket using magic! If you draw and guess, you’ll be the first! ”

“The booby sorcerer is planning to cheat with bloodshot eyes! You guys should decide on the order quickly! If you can’t decide, I’m the newcomer and I’ll start making babies with Seti first! Are you sure?!”

It seems that they are arguing over who will be the first to share the bedroom with me.

“…Umm. It’s a sensitive subject, so why don’t I wait in the hallway?”

“””””That doesn’t make any sense!!”””””

For some reason, they get very angry.

I’m like, “Hii!” I squeal and shrink back on the bed.

Then the first order of the day was decided, and the nightly activities began.

I can’t go into details. I’m too embarrassed.

All I can say is that it was a very wonderful and dreamlike time.

I think it was the first night that deepened our love for each other.

As I watched the sun rise from the window, I realized that I had become more than a man in body and mind.

One week later.

We finally set off for the continent of Euros.

“We would have to travel by boat on the way. But there was no need to stow away. Let’s enter Japan with an open mind and see the face of the emperor first.”

“Seti, you are so bossy now that you have become a husband. Is it because he lost his virginity? Now he is known as unequaled Seti.”

“It’s not nice, Pai ……, you’re my wife too, so can you please stop trying to call me by a street name that humiliates your husband? Besides, the emperor will know I’m coming anyway, right? If that’s the case, the best thing you can do is incite fear to your heart’s content.”

“I see, so you’re going to try to upset him first. But first, I want you to meet the “dragons” of the Nine Dragons. Of course, I will introduce you as my husband. I’m sure they’ll all be surprised to see you.”

“Let’s keep the promise we made. And we’ll definitely settle the deal… for the sake of Hina and the people.”

While I was making my oath, Karina and the others were approaching.

“My husband, we are ready to leave. Whenever you are ready.

“Thank you, Karina. That’s helpful”

“Dear, whatever path we take, we will walk with you forever.”

“Yes, Fiala ……, I’m a hundred times better off with you by my side.”

“Darling, let’s clean up and go home.”

“Of course, Miri. But I’m a little embarrassed to be called darling.”

“As you requested dear, I will mark it once we reach Euros. It’s for Transfer Magic. If we do that, you will be able to move the wagon freely.”

“Really, Manisa? That would be great!”

To my delight, Hina stares at me with a curious expression.

“Seti Onii chan, will you be operating a lunch wagon over there as well?”

“Of course I do. …… a synonymous with the slow life for me. Of course. It’s the same wherever I go. With everyone.”

Everyone nodded in agreement with my words.

I was so happy that I naturally smiled.

I looked up at the cloudless azure sky.

The continent of Euros is an unfamiliar continent, and you never know what awaits you.

There will surely be irregularities.

But with the bond with my family, there is nothing to be afraid of.

No matter what the obstacles are, we will overcome them.

Besides, I hear that when I come back, I will have a lot of work to do as a lord.

I’ll have to be involved in it while working on the lunch wagon.

I have to work harder from now on in order to achieve a slow life with my wives.

I let my heart beat.

“Well, let’s go on to the next adventure…”


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