I was astonished at the offer of Leila, the Pope.

She had asked me to hold a wedding ceremony in the Holy Land of Grateka in three days’ time with her and the girls.

It was too sudden a development to have been summoned out of the blue!

I was not the only one surprised.

Of course, the five beautiful girls were also surprised with their mouths wide open. Even Pairon looked stunned.

Only Hina and Shabazo tilted their heads as if to say, “What’s going on?”

“Well, Seti-san, everyone. We don’t have much time. We have a costume fitting for each of you, so please get ready.”

“No, Pope Leila.”

“Leila is fine. I am your mother-in-law, but I am still your mother. mother-in-law is fine with me, Seti san”

Leila-san’s cheeks are dyed with a little bit of happiness.

She’s pretty and cute as she resembles Fiala, but this isn’t the time to think that way.

“Well then, Leila san. I have to ask you, why do I have to have my wedding here in Grateka? And isn’t it half compulsory?”

“Let me answer you. I heard from the magus that Seti and the others are going to the continent of Euros.”

Queen Eliza asked me, and I nodded honestly.

The next opponent is the “Emperor of Japan” who rules the continent of Euros now that I have defeated Mors.

He is the one who has wronged my father Atum, killed my mother, and has done many evil deeds in the past.

He is more than enough of a villain to be dealt with for the sake of the people who still live on the oppressed continent of Eurus, as well as Hina and Master Io.

“…… so?”

“Then you will not be returning to the Grand Line continent for the time being,…… and therefore their parents are all very worried. Magus next door, as well as Pope Leila, everyone from the King of neighboring Woana to the King of Spirits is voicing the same.”

Queen Eliza says and shows me the petition through Duke Murand.

The content of the petition was about “the request for the engagement and wedding of Lord Seti and their daughters.”

At the bottom of the petition are the names of all the parents, including Queen Eliza and King Rokatta.

It is rare to find so many signatures of prominent people.

In a sense, it may have enough enforcement power to force a change in the country’s laws.

But what an elaborate …….

“Well, I know we relatives are pushy ……, but we are all concerned for the well-being of our daughters. Seti kun, please make Manisa happy.”

“I also beg you, Seti san. I am sure that King Woana and the King of Spirits, who cannot come here, feel the same way. That’s what this petition is for. ……”

Magus-san and Leila-san bow deeply to me.

Frankly, my heart is shaken.

It’s not that I don’t want to settle down.

Living together with everyone forever is more like a wish that will come true…but…

“…Um, is it okay if I tell you honestly how I feel?”

“Please, whatever you want.”

Queen Eliza gave me her permission, so I calmed down and took a deep breath.

“I am very happy that you wish me so much,……, but at the same time I am anxious about it.”

“What are your concerns?”

“To put it bluntly, it’s about finances. Because I am marrying five beautiful girls at the same time,……, there is a certain amount of profit in the lunch wagon, and I can manage for now, but I am not sure if I will have children or not in the future,…… yes.”

The air was filled with murmurs of “Oh~” from everyone around me, from the king and queen to the ministers.

That, I thought, is not the place for murmurs.

“Seti is a firm man, isn’t he?”

“No, queen. With all due respect, isn’t that normal?”

Is it because she is a royal who has never known hardship that she is out of sync ?

The queen Eliza nodded her head and tried to convince.

“What do the brides think? You, who are all pure white and have never experienced it before, please give me your opinion.”

“I don’t need to be asked. I wish to marry the Seti Dono.”

“Yes, that is my long-cherished desire as well.”

“I want to marry Seti! I beg you!”

“There is no room for hesitation. I have made up my mind from the very beginning.”

“We are going to make a baby tonight!”

Kalina, Fiala, Miriel, and Manisa each confide their feelings.

As for Pairon, she has only mentioned that she wants to make a baby. As usual, she is a girl who never wavers.

Their confession elicited gasps of admiration from those around them.

Queen Eliza nodded her head happily and looked convinced.

“I fully understand everyone’s feelings. So how about this? In recognition of your past achievements, Seti—-let’s give you a title and territory.”

“A title? In other words, are you asking me to become a noble?”

“Yes. It is not unnatural for a nobleman to have several wives. We have already prepared the territory to give you.”

As I recall, that a citizen who has contributed to the country can become a quasi-baron.

But hey, …….

“I appreciate the sentiment, but I have my own lunch wagon. I don’t have time to manage a territory if I am suddenly given one, and as you know, I will be heading to the continent of Euros for the time being.”

“Why don’t you leave the administration to someone else? Of course, you can still go around the world with your lunch wagon for the sake of making the world a better place. I’m sure the needy people will need your help.”

“Haa,…… but I don’t really feel that someone like me is a ‘quasi-baron’,……”

“Huh? What are you talking about, Seti? The title I’ll bestow on you is ‘Earl’.”

“Haa, Count!?”

What!? Count is that thing, right?!

A count is a middle-management position in the nobility, second only to a marquis!

(Note: Seti’s biases are included.)

According to Queen Eliza, there is an untouched land on the border between the Holy Land of Grateka and the neighboring Kingdom of Woana, and in order to continue the good relationship between the two countries, it needs to be ruled by someone who everyone can agree on.

So it seems that I, the husband of Fiala and Manisa, who are the daughters of the proud and influential people of Grateka, and Karina, the princess of the neighboring country, and Miriel, the daughter of the king of spirits, would be suitable for the job.

It was not an idea that came to my mind.

“How about it, Seti? This is not only a reward, but also a special treatment in recognition of your abilities. By placing your name in the territories of Grateka and Woana, those who hide behind the scenes will not be able to threaten us. It will lead to the development of both countries.”

I see, it also has the meaning of keeping the villains in check.

Queen Eliza is still as bright as ever. Her intelligence is still strong.

If the territory is developed, people from Grateka and Woana will come and go, and they will eventually live there.

It could become a bit of a third country.

Hmmm? Wait a minute, ……, does that mean I might become a king now that I’m a lord?

No, that would still be a groundless fear.

Well, either way.

As for me, as long as I can run the lunch wagon I inherited from Master Io, that’s all that matters. ……

“——I understand! I will accept your proposal!”

My reply was met with cheers from everyone, including the girls.

“Thank you, Seti. Now everyone will be able to see you off with peace of mind.”

“Yes,…… but first, the queen, the king, and all the lords,…… may I ask you to turn away for a moment?”

At my request, Queen Eliza and the others, who were named, began to turn around and say, “Haa, I don’t mind, though …….”

At the same time, I stood up and asked Karina and the others to stand with me.

In the quiet audience chamber, the girls and I faced each other.

I took a deep breath.

And then…

Karina, Fiala, Miri, Manisa, and Pai! I love you all! I love you all with all my heart! So marry me!”

I bowed toward them and extended my hands. 

Instantly, multiple hands, fluffy, fine and soft, gently squeezed, and then tighter.

When I looked up, the girls were holding my hands with moistened eyes.

“Yes, Seti-dono. I have been looking up to you for a long time.”

“It is my pleasure, too. I love you, Seti san.”

“Of course, Seti. I love you.”

“I’m so happy… Thank you, Seti-kun. I love you so much.”

“Hehhehhe, I love you too Seti. Finally, we can make a baby with dignity.”

Karina, Fiala, Miriel, Manisa, and Pairon also agreed.

They all looked like they were about to cry and tears were already falling. 

I was happy too.

I finally got to share my feelings and communicate with everyone, and my tears are about to overflow.

In the midst of all this.

Hina casually tugs at my pants.

“What’s wrong, Hina?”

“Hey, Seti onii chan, what about Hina…… ?”

She looks at me anxiously.

She looked very sad because she was the only one that nothing was said.

I didn’t mean to make you an outcast, but…

“Of courseI love you, Hina. I will always be with you.”

“Yes, I love you too, Seti onii chan!

Hina hugs my leg with a big smile like a sunflower.

She is as cute and lovely as ever. …… I vowed to protect her all the time.

Thus it was decided that I and the girls would get married, and we would hold the ceremony three days later.

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1 month ago

Interesting move, it was a little awkward, but considering how serious and indecisive Seti is, it is a suitable move. Finally Seti said it! And he didn’t neglect Hina!