Shugetsu High School (officially named Shugetsu Private High School) is a prestigious academy for students of distinguished family background and financial resources.

It is an integrated elementary, middle, and high school, with elementary, middle, and high schools, and the young lady is an internal student who has advanced from the elementary school.

In addition to internal students, Shugetsu invites applications from outside, and students with excellent grades and high internal scores are admitted to the school.

The conditions for admission are, simply put, that those who excel will be admitted, and they do not require the family background and financial resources required of internal students.

On the surface, the school claims to be a place of freedom, equality, and philanthropy, but in reality, there is a gap between internal students and external students, and it is said to be a class society where discrimination occurs due to differences in status.

The school’s grounds are the same size as Hokkaido University, and rumor has it that some students have been reportedly lost in the school.

The school is equipped with a variety of facilities, including sports grounds for various activities and entertainment facilities such as a movie theater. It can be called a town at this point.

It seems that some students live at the dormitory, so it is not difficult for them to live alone. However, it seems that most of them have a caretaker, and it is said that only outside students really live on their own.

Anyway, it is not easy to say that I have excellent grades and a high internal score, but for some reason, I was allowed to enter the school.

On the other hand, Yuzuriha-san is the complete opposite of me and is probably an excellent person in spite of his behavior.

I declared that I was going to enjoy my youth, but I really didn’t think I would be able to have fun in this school where discrimination was rampant.

While I was rejoicing, Yuzuriha-san looked around the campus with a hopeful expression on her face. The young lady, who is standing in the center of the room with the commoners by her side, is in a state of shock.

Where did her behavior of a moment ago disappear to?

The essence of the young lady, which I thought had vanished, was on full display, and she was looking regal and beautiful.

The surrounding students were horrified and gave way to the young lady.

Just like a woman of iron, the young lady was a force to be reckoned with in the school.

The other students are pressured by the intimidation of the young lady, who is infamous for being a fresh-blooded princess, and they are scattered.

The young lady does not utter a single word as she continues on her way to her classroom. The path to her destination was vague and she almost got lost, but as her servant, I kept up appearances by guiding her behind her back.

“So, the number of sheets means…Are you listening to me, Hozuki-san?!”

I had made the mistake of being attracted to the young lady, so I was not listening to what Yuzuriha-san was saying next to me.

“Ah, of course I’m listening.”

“That reaction is a lie! lies are…….meee!!”

Yuzuriha-san held out her index finger to me as if she were scolding a child.

That cute gesture healed my wounded heart, and the young lady suddenly turned around and glared at us. Hiii………

Yuzurija-san, pressured by the young lady’s eye holes, shrivels up behind me.

“You, …… don’t flirt with my precious servant, will you? What’s with that “Mee!” ……. That’s a great trick for someone who knows she’s cute, right? It’s so cute it’s giving me hives.”

“Hiiii… N-no, I’m not using that! First of all, why do I need Izumi-san’s permission for Hozuki-san and I to get along?”

“Listen? Akane and I have a bond deeper than the Mariana Trench. I can’t help but laugh at the idea of ​​a horse-skeleton who pops out trying to get along with Akane. From now on, when you talk to Akane, please go through me first.”

When I tried to calm the young lady who harbored hostility toward Yuzuriha-san, she continued.

“First of all, Akane is my fiancée. Will you stop being so familiar with other people’s husbands?”

“I’m not your fiancée.”

“LL-look! Hozuki-san himself denies that you are lovers! I-if you’re not dating, I don’t think there’s any problem! ”

I was caught between the young lady who was trying to get Yuzuriha-san in front of me and Yuzuriha-san who was desperately trying to hold my back.

I, wanting to avoid the escalation of the argument, admonished the two heated people and went to the classroom again.

I was sandwiched between the young lady who was holding my right hand and Yuzuriha-san who was holding my left sleeve, and it became a flower in both hands, which did not make me happy at all.

The two are as incompatible as water and oil.

Yuzuriha-san’s first impression of the young lady has vanished, and she tells me, “I hate Izumi-san …….”

The young lady is a young lady, too, and she said to me, “That pink girl in your brain must be in heat all the time, so be careful,” and asked me to look in the mirror.

–Where did my youth go?

I thought the three of us, me, the young lady, and my new schoolmate Yuzuriha-san, were supposed to be enjoying our school life together.

What should I do to bridge the gap between the two of them? Wasn’t it the young lady who had started it all in the first place?

I don’t understand why the young lady, who likes people who adore her, would be so hostile to Yuzuriha-san, who would have adored her.

…I wonder if there was something that happened between the young lady and Yuzuriha san in the past, and she is still dragging it behind her.

In the meantime, we arrived at our destination, the classroom.

The young lady and I were in the same class, and coincidentally or not, so was Yuzuriha-san.

I showed the young lady where to sit and I sat in my seat. She took her seat with a look of regret for having been separated from me, and she was dissatisfied.

On the other hand, Yuzuriha san, who was sitting in front of me, said in a friendly manner, “I didn’t realize that our seats were in front and behind each other”.

While I have a wonderful location at the very back of the classroom, by the window, the young lady has a great distance from me, at the very front, on the corridor side. It appears that I have found peace.

“I’m going to blackmail Sensei into letting me be next to Akane. ……, so you’ll have to put up with us being apart for a little while.”

The young lady suddenly appeared and sat on my lap and stroked my cheek with her cold hand.

The surrounding ladies cheered loudly at the black-rose maiden’s strange behavior, while young master’s gave a vindictive glance.

The young lady’s strange and eccentric behavior draws attention to me at once. Unlike the young lady, whose face is well known as an insider, I, an outsider, am a newcomer to the school.

Who is that man who can do such a thing to that famous young lady? It was as if such a question was bubbling up in my mind.

“Maybe I should move into Akane’s lap after all. ……”

“Will you forgive me already?”

The young lady was going to stand up and comply with my request, but there was one person who condemned the young lady’s behavior.

“It is disgusting to see you flirting in front of me, you arrogant woman. Can you please stop it?”

arrogant woman …….

The person in question was the young lady’s related partner, Okashira herself.

The head, with a condescending sneer and two of her followers in tow, confronts the young lady.

“Ara, look who it is, it’s Okashira. We are in the same class. It’s …… strange, because I used to be the kind of person who would have bit back and forth, but now that I’m in the safe haven of Akane’s lap, I feel a tremendous sense of superiority. Is this what you call the privilege of having a boyfriend?”

“Don’t be so weirdly convinced on your own, just get away from Hozuki-san! Hozuki-san is also annoyed!”

Yuzuriha-san tries to pull away the young lady who is feeling superior. I also try to push the young lady out of the way, but she resolutely refuses to move away from me.

In such a strange situation, Okashira, who was out, distorted her face, while two of her cronies were holding their stomachs.

What is this situation? I whispered in the young lady’s ear to put an end to this

“If you don’t stop this, I won’t give you a lap pillow for the rest of the year.”

“Hahi …… Y-yes …… I’m leaving. ─ ─ So, what can I do for you? Oda Maki san? I ask again, what can I do for you?””

The young lady, who had left my lap with regret, clears her throat and returns to her interesting appearance.

Yuzuriha-san and the trio couldn’t believe their eyes at the instantaneous switch, which didn’t seem like the person who had been raging on my lap just a moment ago.

The young lady acts as if the whole molestation thing had never happened, and we are impressed by her mental toughness.

“Oh, by the way, you committed a crime against Akane, whom I love very much. You must pay for that crime with death…”

As I try to calm the young lady who is about to bring down the hammer on her, Okashira, who has regained her composure, looks at me. Then, with a pitying smile, she turns to me.

“Haa? What are you talking about ……? I look closer and see that you’re the boyfriend of the arrogant woman. What is it about this woman that makes you fall in love with her? you got terrible taste.”

As I was feeling a little annoyed at how many times I had to withdraw the name of her fiancée or boyfriend, Yuzuriha-san was hiding behind my back and giving me a covering shot.

“NNN-no! Hozuki san is not Izumi san’s boyfriend!”

“Yes, he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my fiancée.”

“You’re confusing things a little too much, so please shut up for a second.”

“Uboha ……”

Lightly consoling the downcast young lady, I feel like I’m missing the main point of what’s going on, but I object, fighting with Yuzuriha-san, to change the perception

“If you’re not her boyfriend, then what, maybe a slave? Ugh, I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for you, being a slave to this bitch.”

I’m exhausted by this pervert who time-leaped . And you feel sorry for me and sympathizes with me…?

“Well, I have a wonderful offer for you. Be my lapdog. I can see it in your submissive nature. You’re an M, aren’t you?”

It’s true that I had suspicions of being a masochist, and I felt a strange sense of stimulation in the behavior of the former young lady. However, the current young lady does not feel that kind of charm.

“Please don’t call him a boyfriend, a pet dog, or anything else that disregards the will of Hozuki-san!”

The young lady has turned into an eerie black-and-white figure. Its miserable state shows not the slightest hint of its former glory.

I wondered if I had the responsibility to go along with this regrettable person, who invades people’s bedrooms, tries to take away their chastity, and now unleashes falsehoods.

“Haa? You’re an outsider too, aren’t you? I’m talking to the dog there. You commoners should stay quiet and stay back. Or what? Are you picking a fight with me?”

“III-I’m fighting you! I don’t like you either!”

“Heee, well, I thought I’d let you off the hook since you’re an outsider, but do you know where I live? You know my family? We’re different from you commoners. I could put your parents in the street with one word from me. I’m generous, so I’ll give you some advice. Are you still going to fight me?”

She put her hand on Yuzuriha-san’s shoulder as she confronted her head-on, unafraid of her and the two scornful people by her side.

Although she was trembling, I was in favor of her courage to speak for me, and when I tried to put an end to it – the resurrected young lady stopped me.

“I told you, ……, Akane doesn’t have to do anything.”

“But Miss…”

“Who do you think I am? I am Izumi Hisako. the young lady whom Akane respects and loves.”

However, young lady and Okashira are not a good match.

I was concerned about the precedent of being beaten back by Okashira, and I tried to avoid another mental breakdown by the young lady, but she was determined not to budge.

“….. please.”

The young lady was so overwhelmed that I left her to her own thing.

“Even so,…… I will not retreat. Hozuki-san is neither Izumi-san’s boyfriend,…… nor your dog,……! Please withdraw ……!”

“How many times have I told you that he is not my boyfriend, but my fiancée?”

The young lady was caught between the two, glaring at Okashira and, for some reason, at Yuzuriha san. Her glare made Yuzuriha-san shrink and made Okashira and the others brace themselves.

Yuzuriha-san, who was intimidated by the lady, hid herself behind me again. I think this person is on your side, in case you are wondering.

“Tch…… Now Izumi Hisako? What are you doing coming out now? Or what, are you jealous that I’m about to take your self-proclaimed boyfriend away from you?”

“I’m stunned, where is the element of jealousy in you? Akane and I are one in the same, and we have a mutual love that is like a peach orchard oath. If you understand, please excuse yourself and let it go.”

“Please don’t say that to Yuzuriha-san as well.”

I blamed the young lady for being so hostile towards Yuzuriha san, but she did not stop her onslaught.

“I’m in a very bad mood. First, the pink lady over there is acting the part of a timid woman to get Akane’s attention, and then she’s exploding with taunts. I’m going to kill her.”

“I-I’m not acting …… like that, I’m not even taunting ……!”

“And second. Oda Maki, you tried to seduce Akane after you splashed him.” (You know what kind of splash)


The lady’s figure of speech is strange.

The young ladies and young masters, who were watching the surrounding events, started to make a fuss at the young lady’s meaningful remark. Okashira herself turned red in the face, and the two on her side blew out their laughter.

“Hozuki-san ……! Umm, what, um..! Did you get splashed ……!”

“Well, some coffee.”

Me and Yuzuriha-san whispered to each other and continued to watch what the lady and Okashira were up to.

Can you give me a break already?

I declared that I was going to enjoy the school life, and this is what I got. I am stigmatized as a pervert along with the young lady and the head.

However, there was no time to intervene in their heated argument, and the other students were watching their every move. It’s a fierce battle between the Black Rose Maiden and Okashira. They probably don’t want to get involved by mediating.

It was inevitable. I would be deeply wounded, but I was the only one who could mediate their quarrel.

“What’s all the commotion?”

A person who attracts all the attention.

That person is a white-haired woman in a wheelchair. She is as intimidating as the young lady, and her single voice brings silence to the classroom.

She lets out an exclamation of admiration for Yuzuriha san, “She’s beautiful …….” There was an air of mystery about her that almost made me agree with her.

─ ─ Our gazes meet.

I wondered why.

It was supposed to be the first time I met her, but I was under the illusion that it wasn’t.

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