The boss of the assassination organization “Gauron” (Dark Nine Dragons) who suddenly came alone.

Heiron (Black dragon)

I should say that I got more than I bargained for. Or is he underestimating me?

Either way, he is fearless.

I had already told Karina and the others about Heiron’s characteristics.

He may look ordinary, but a “Chan bao” is a rare robe on this continent, so we noticed his presence.

I was also shaken for a moment, but quickly changed my mind. I shook my head lightly and asked everyone to remain calm.

Heiron sat down at a seat set up for one, guided by Miriel, who was dressed in a maid’s uniform.

He rested his elbows on the table and stared at Hina, who was serving customers in the distance.

Of course, everyone else is taking care not to let him get too close to her.

And Shabazo, who is sleeping in the back of the carriage, is not barking.

The fact that the young dragon, which has excellent danger-sensing abilities, is quiet is proof that Heiron has no desire to kill.

I left the cooking area to Fiala and decided to serve him.

If he does anything bad, I’ll kill him right away.

“What can I get for you, sir?”

“—Are you Seti the God of Death from Hades?”

Heiron asked straight after opening his mouth.

“It’s Ex, sir …… . As you can see, I am now a cook who runs a kitchen wagon. Don’t tell me you’re the one from the Dark Nine Dragons who’s after Hina?”

Yes, I am Heiron. The boss of the Dark Nine Dragons (Gauron)…… organization.”

He easily reveals his identity.

Like Mors, he is the boss of a large organization and had a great way of talking, speaking from a superior position.

He is not much older than I am, but he seems to be a big guy.

“N-No way, you who control the continent of …… Eurus, why are you here?!”

I intentionally feigned surprise.

I can’t say, “I’m actually here to get rid of you”

Heiron smiled with a smile on his face.

“I’ve been in Ovacina for a while now,……, but I didn’t expect you, the target, to come to me.”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have come all the way here,…….”

That’s a big lie.

“Why are you here, boss? Are you alone? Where are your men?”

“I’m the only one here. I can call up my men at any time, so there is no problem. I came here because I wanted to see the man known as [Seti, the God of Death] in person. …… Oh, by the way, the order right? One ramen.”

Heiron orders brazenly..

Apparently, the bosses of assassination squads tend to be very blunt.

“Is it okay? I might poison you.”

“If that happens, I will transfer the poison into the body of another customer. A hundred of my men will appear at the same time, and this area will be a sea of blood. … won’t be able to open a lunch shop anymore.”

This guy …… can also transfer the poison absorbed in his body?

I see, I can understand his relaxed attitude.

It seems he’s trying to say that he’s holding the customers hostage.

“I’m just asking ……. Don’t worry, I’m proud to be a chef. Besides, the customer is God.”

“The rumor that you betrayed the organization and are being hunted seems to be true,…… so you’re not an assassin anymore?”

At his sarcastic question, I grinned, nodded, and left.

He was not aware that I had come to this country at the request of the organization’s boss.

I could tell that Mors also had some sort of agenda, and that he really wanted to get rid of this man, Heiron (the Black Dragon)

Soon after, I put the cooked ramen on the table.

The black dragon, being from the continent of Eurus, finished his meal with ease using chopsticks.

“—It was delicious. It’s Japanese food as good as the real thing.”

“T-Thank you very much.”

I thought it was going to be a bad comment, but I feel happy when someone who knows the authentic taste says something about it, even if it’s my enemy.

“So, there is one more reason why I am here.”

Heiron began to talk.

“What is it?”

“Seti, the God of Death, would you like to work with me? I have a high opinion of your abilities. You can protect yourself from Hades.”

I couldn’t believe my ears at the unexpected suggestion.

However, I did not show any upset and calmly let out a sigh.

“I told you earlier, …… I’m not an assassin anymore.”

“But your skill is still there. No, being targeted seems to have sharpened your skills.”

Hm~, you’re a good judge of character, aren’t you?

“I don’t intend to be swayed by the organization that killed Master Io. I also ask you not to go after Hina. I have no reason to fight with you people.”

“…… I can’t do that. That is exactly what you have not heard from Io. The girl named Hina is an important girl for Japan or even the continent of Eurasia.”

“No, not that far. …… What kind of a girl is Hina? I have only heard that she is the daughter of royalty.”

“I’ll tell you. But first, I will need to explain the situation on the Eurus continent. …… Japan is the central country for the Eurus continent and is a powerful country that virtually controls the entire continent. Io killed all the royalty of that country and escaped with only that girl Hina alive. You know this so far, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master offered his left arm as a punishment to the organization, but you didn’t accept it.”

“Of course. It’s not about one assassin’s arm. These days, the minister is now the king of Japan, and he has a large influence over the entire continent of Eurus. …… That person is the one who asked the “Dark Nine Dragons” to eliminate the royal family.”

“What? I see,……, I’m beginning to read it.”

The black dragon’s mouth corners lifted up in a grin at my words.

“He’s afraid,…… that Hina will grow up and become old enough to take over the throne. He thinks that she might eventually take back japan…and I have been asked to get rid of the traitor Io and that girl. There are also circumstances in which the prestige of the organization is at stake. You know right?”

“Yeah, and now I’m in the way, so it’s all been a bit of a setback. …… something like that?”

“Yeah, I guess. So I thought I’d bring you in to serve a purpose. ……”


“Well yeah”

“If you want to get rid of Hina, you’re going to have to kill me – let’s settle this tonight, shall we?”

The black dragon looked up at me, his expression tightening at the suggestion.

“…… It’s true, if we keep on going after him, we might just end up getting our man killed. In any case, it seems that we have no choice but to settle the matter – fine, let’s have a single combat.”

I gave it a try, but you’re on board in a way I didn’t expect.

The fact that he was willing to do that, he must have a lot of confidence in his own abilities.

Thus, in an unexpected way, I ended up going head-to-head with the black dragon.

But after all, he is an assassin who is all about killing.

There was no way that he would play it straight.

It was time to cross the stone bridge–

After putting Hina and Shabazo to bed at an inn at night, I headed to the designated place.

It was an abandoned factory near the pier.

I heard that it was being used as a base for the “Dark Nine Dragons”.

I opened the iron door. It was pitch-dark inside the factory, but I could see that it was a spacious place.

Suddenly, the lights came on and I could see into every corner.

Right in the middle of the room stands a black dragon.

He is still smiling with a smile on his face, as if he has plenty of time to spare.

“Hello, Seti the Reaper. Looks like you’re all alone, huh?”

“Solo, originally. I’ve never teamed up with anyone for an assassination before.”

I went into assassin mode and changed my tone.

“Okay. Let’s begin…”

The black dragon snapped his fingers as he said this.

Then, from directly above him, a magic circle-like pattern of double circles with several glowing lights emerged.

From the center of the circle, a human foot appears and descends directly below.

Assassins, all clad in black.

At a glance, there are at least a hundred of them.

It seems that the “circle” is the “transfer gate”.


“This is my “instantaneous transfer” skill, Tenshinpan.”

What a mouthwatering name for a skill.

“I thought it was a …… one-on-one battle?”

“First of all, let’s see how the most powerful [Hades], the renowned [Seti, the God of Death], does.”

Hmmm, there you go. I knew you would.

What’s with the “my men will just get killed for no reason”?

I’ve already expected most of them.

“I don’t care, but don’t run away in fear! Limiter deactivated!”

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